Parkland Sample Clauses

Parkland. The Owner shall convey Block(s) of Plan 57M- to the City as parkland. The parkland will be developed by the Owner to the design and specifications outlined in the engineering design drawings and the landscape plans for the subdivision and as approved by the City. Alternatively, the Owner shall pay to the City cash-in-lieu of the dedication of parkland equal to 5% of the appraised value of the Land. Such value shall be determined by an experienced and qualified land appraiser (CRA or AACI) as of the day before draft plan approval was given by the City or the most recent extension of such draft plan approval by the Director of Development Services or his designate. The appraisal report shall accompany the cash-in-lieu payment. The City is not required to accept the appraisal report and reserves the right to peer-review the appraisal report and negotiate the cash-in-lieu payment. Said amount is ($***,.**) based on the appraisal of the entire draft approved plan dated .
Parkland. Parkland is a platted tract of land designated and used for recreation or open space.
Parkland. The Developer agrees that the public park and public open space land shown on the Concept Plan will be dedicated to the District or another governmental agency. The City agrees that Developer will receive a 100% credit for such dedication against the City’s parkland dedication requirements, to the extent such requirements apply to the Property now or in the future, and the City further agrees that no additional parkland dedication or park fees will be required.
Parkland. In addition to the 25.7 acres previously donated to the City of Dripping Springs (25.7 acres parkland), an additional 345.0 acres of Parkland will be provided out of the approximately 474 acres of open space, with 80.76 acres being within the floodplain, reflected on the Concept Plan, Exhibit D, and the Master Plan for Parkland for the Land, Exhibit B. This dedication shall fulfill all parkland dedication requirements on the Project, including but not limited to the requirements of Article 28.03 (Parkland Dedication) of the City’s Code of Ordinances in effect as of the Effective Date of the Original Agreement, and no further dedication or payment will be required related to Parkland Dedication Fees other than that listed in this Agreement. Parkland will be dedicated in accordance with Section 28.03.006 of the Dripping Springs Code of Ordinances in effect as of the Effective Date of the Original Agreement and the attached Exhibit B Master Plan for Parkland for the Land. At the discretion of Developer, portions may be dedicated to the City, with the City’s acceptance and approval, the County, a homeowner’s association, or the District. Developer shall not be required to submit park plans for each phase of development to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission if Developer develops Parkland in accordance with the attached Exhibit B.
Parkland. 1.7.1 Completion of parkland in accordance with municipal standards and approved drawings. All services, facilities and items to be provided pursuant to this Agreement shall be constructed, installed and provided as the case may be in accordance with the approved plans and specifications and where not otherwise so specified in accordance with the Township’s Municipal Servicing Standards then in effect. * Trees shall be planted in accordance with the Township’s policies affecting new subdivisions. S C H E D U L E “H” THE FOLLOWING COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS SHALL BE PLACED IN EVERY CONTRACT FOR THE SALE OF PART OF THE LANDS AND SHALL BE REGISTERED AGAINST THE TITLE TO EVERY LOT OR BLOCK FORMING A PART OF THE LANDS: The purchaser/transferee covenants as follows:
Parkland. 2.11 No subdivision approval or development permit shall be granted for any parkland use except in accordance with the following provisions:
Parkland. The Developer agrees that public park and public open space land shall be dedicated in conformity with City code; and that the Developer shall dedicate park land, or contribute cash or park improvements in lieu of land dedication, or any combination thereof as determined by the City. The Developer intends that the public park and public open space land shown on the Concept Plan will be dedicated to the District or another governmental agency.