Public park definition

Public park means an area of land for the enjoy­ ment of the public, having facilities for rest and/or recreation, such as a baseball diamond or basketball court, owned and/or managed by a city, county, state, federal government, or metropolitan park dis­ trict. Public park does not include trails.
Public park means a development designed or reserved for active or passive recreational use, including all natural and man-made open space and landscaping, facilities, playing fields, and buildings that are consistent with the general purposes of recreation, whether or not such recreational facilities are public operated or operated by other organizations pursuant to arrangements with the public authority owning the public park. Public parks include tot lots, band shells, picnic grounds, pedestrian trails and paths, landscaped buffers, playgrounds, water features, baseball diamonds, football fields, soccer pitches, and similar outdoor sports fields;
Public park means a Park owned or controlled by the Corporation or by any Ministry, Board, Commission or Authority established under any statute of Ontario or Canada.

Examples of Public park in a sentence

Public park does not include trails.(((22))) (26) "Public transit center" means a facility located outside of the public right of way that is owned and managed by a transit agency or city, county, state, or federal government for the express purpose of staging people and vehicles where several bus or other transit routes converge.

Public park and other large permanent open space areas when compatible.

Public park and recreation uses such as grass, picnic areas, public open space, public parking, public recreation and meeting facilities.

Public park is a permitted use on reclaimed portions of mineral excavation sites with the MRO.

Public park and recreational facilities at water resource development projects under the administrative jurisdiction of the Department of the Army (16 United States Code 460d and Federal Water Project Recre- ation Act, Pub.

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Public park means an area or portion of an area dedicated or designated by any federal, state, or local agency primarily for public recreational use, whether or not such use is limited to certain times or days, including any land leased, reserved, or held open to the public because of that use.
Public park means land that is publicly owned or controlled for the purpose of providing recreation and/or open space for public use.
Public park means an off-site area of open space that is open to the public and maintained in its natural state or kept for recreation by the State, Local Government or Tribe.
Public park means a park owned or controlled by a public agency.