Cafeteria Sample Clauses

Cafeteria. Tenant and its employees, contractors, visitors and consultants shall have the right to use the cafeteria (the "CAFETERIA") located in the Project so long as it is operational provided such parties shall be responsible for payment of all charges for meals and other items purchased at the cafeteria. The use of such facilities by Tenant and/or its employees, contractors, visitors and consultants shall be subject to compliance with the other provisions of this SECTION 1.3. A third party provider currently provides food and beverage service in the Cafeteria. Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate the Cafeteria in substantially the same manner as it is operated now, provided, however, that Landlord shall not be required to subsidize the Cafeteria in any manner, and Landlord, in its reasonable discretion, may change the size, configuration or location of the Cafeteria area. In the event that Landlord is unable to locate an operator that will operate the Cafeteria on terms acceptable to Landlord, in its reasonable business discretion, Landlord shall have the right and option, in its sole discretion, to take any steps necessary to reduce or eliminate such costs, including, without limitation, modification or reduction of the food service, provided, however, if Landlord discontinues cafeteria service during the Term, Landlord shall provide an alternative fresh food (including breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads, but not hot food) and vending service and a seating area or facility substantially similar to that which currently exists at the Project.
Cafeteria. Landlord will cause its Affiliate to provide and Tenant will have the right, in common with all other tenants in the Park Place Project, to use the existing Cafeteria facility located in the Atrium building in the Park Place Project, at 3337-3353 Michelson Drive in the Park Place Project (“Cafeteria”) during the Lease Term. Landlord or its Affiliate will have the right, in its discretion, to relocate the Cafeteria to another location in the Park Place Project, or to renovate, remodel or otherwise modify the existing Cafeteria, and Tenant acknowledges that the Cafeteria may be closed for temporary periods of up to six (6) months during such construction or renovation, provided that Landlord shall cause its Affiliate to use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any such period of closure or disruption to the use of the Cafeteria by Tenant’s employees. If the Cafeteria is renovated and during such renovation more than 50% of the total number of seats are not available for use by Tenants and other tenants in the Park Place Project, then Landlord or its Affiliate shall provide for a replacement food service facility (which may include a mobile food vendor) as Landlord may reasonably determine is appropriate to provide food service for the occupants of the Park Place Project for breakfast and lunch during the entire period that such portion of the Cafeteria remains unavailable for use. The Cafeteria shall have at least 500 seats following any such renovation or relocation within the Park Place Project. The Cafeteria operator shall be required to open the Cafeteria for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If Landlord or its Affiliate fails to cause the Cafeteria to be open and available to Tenant’s employees for a period of more than six (6) consecutive months during the construction or renovation, or for more than 30 consecutive days if not during such construction or renovation, then Tenant shall be entitled to a credit against its obligation to pay rent hereunder equal to five percent (5%) of the Base Rent payable for each month from the end of such 6 month period until the Cafeteria is reopened, at which time the rent credit shall terminate and Tenant shall once again be obligated to pay the full rent otherwise payable hereunder.
Cafeteria. To the extent permitted by the Underlying Document (as the same may be modified), the parties acknowledge that the Premises may contain a cafeteria for use by Tenant and its employees, Transferees, independent contractors in the Premises, and Permitted Occupants (the “Cafeteria”). Landlord acknowledges and agrees that Tenant shall have no obligation to construct or to operate the Cafeteria. To the extent that Tenant operates the Cafeteria, such operation shall be in compliance with all Applicable Laws and Tenant shall obtain and maintain the approval of all applicable governmental authorities and all necessary permits and licenses from such applicable governmental authorities, to operate the Cafeteria. No cooking odors shall be emitted from the Premises other than through ventilation equipment and systems installed therein to service the Cafeteria in accordance with the provisions of this Section 5.6. The Cafeteria shall be for the exclusive use of Tenant and its employees, Transferees, independent contractors in the Premises, and Permitted Occupants, and in connection with Tenant’s use of the Cafeteria, Tenant shall not sell any food or beverages in or from the Premises at any time and/or serve any food and beverages in or from the Premises at any time to the general public. Prior to making any alterations or improvements to the Premises and installing any cooking, ventilation, air conditioning, grease traps, kitchen and other equipment in or for the Premises with respect to the Cafeteria (collectively, the “Cafeteria Facilities”), Tenant shall deliver to Landlord, for Landlord’s prior approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld (provided that it shall be deemed reasonable for Landlord to withhold its consent to the extent the Cafeteria does not comply with all Applicable Laws, or it adversely affects the Building Structure or the Building Systems, or the Cafeteria is not consistent with cafeterias located in Comparable Buildings), detailed plans and specifications therefor, and Tenant shall only install such Cafeteria Facilities (and make any subsequent modifications thereto) as are approved by Landlord in accordance with such plans and specifications therefor approved by Landlord. Except as expressly set forth to the contrary in this Lease, all of the Cafeteria Facilities shall be installed by Tenant, at its expense, subject to and in compliance with the provisions of Article 8 below and in compliance with all Applicable Laws and shall be conside...
Cafeteria. A. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that there is currently a cafeteria in Building One (the "Cafeteria"). Landlord hereby agrees that so long as at least 120.000 rentable square feet of the Property is leased and occupied. Landlord shall cause the Cafeteria to be maintained and operated for the benefit of tenants of the Property. The cafeteria vendor and any changes or additions to the quality or type of food and service to be provided in the Property shall be at the reasonable discretion of Landlord. The Cafeteria may be operated. at Landlord's election with a vendor /service provider or agent. The Cafeteria shall provide breakfast and lunch, hours of operation to be reasonably determined by Landlord from time to time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord acknowledges that Tenant will bear the largest portion of the Landlord's Operating Expenses and, accordingly, so long as the original Tenant shall directly lease and occupy at least fifty percent (50%) of the Total Area of the Buildings, Landlord agrees to consult with Tenant in the event that Landlord intends to make any substantial change in the Cafeteria or its operation from that existing on the date of this Lease, which may include, without limitation, the size and layout, the identity of the operator, the type and quality of food served, and the hours of operation. Although the parties agree to act in good faith in order to agree upon any of the proposed changes aforesaid which are reasonably satisfactory to both Landlord and Tenant, it is understood and agreed that the reasonable determination of Landlord with respect to all aspects of the Cafeteria and its operation shall govern in the event of any dispute between the parties.
Cafeteria. 19.1 Whenever cafeteria facilities are to be utilized for food preparation, or food distribution, a cafeteria employee shall be in the kitchen.
Cafeteria. Subtenant shall be permitted to use the Cafeteria in the same manner and to the same extent as Sublandlord at all times during which Subtenant is a Subtenant Permittee.
Cafeteria. A . A notice indicating that a permanent job opening exists, setting forth the job classification required and the location of the food service facility, shall be posted on the bulletin board in each food service facility for five (5) work days and a copy of said notice shall be sent to the President of the Union.
Cafeteria. Landlord shall operate or cause to be operated a cafeteria on the first floor of the Building (the "Cafeteria"), consisting of at least 6,000 square feet, which shall serve 50 breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays [as defined in Section 5A]). As provided in Section 3, Landlord shall pay the cost of purchasing and installing the Generator and the costs of improving and equipping the Cafeteria, provided such costs relating to the Generator and the Cafeteria do not exceed, in the aggregate, $380,000 (and if the costs exceed such amount, Tenant shall be responsible for the excess [subject to payment from the Allowance]). All fixtures, furniture and equipment used in the operation and maintenance of the Cafeteria shall be deemed to be the property of Landlord. All commercially reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Landlord in managing, operating and maintaining the Cafeteria shall be included in Expenses. Landlord shall select an independent contractor or tenant to manage, operate and maintain the Cafeteria, subject to Tenant's reasonable approval thereto. If, after the initial opening of the Cafeteria, the operator or tenant of the Cafeteria breaches its operating agreement or such operating agreement expires or terminates, Landlord shall, within 50 days thereafter, install a subsequent operator to resume the operations of the Cafeteria (or such longer period as may be necessary if Landlord, despite reasonable diligence, is unable to locate or install such successor). Landlord shall keep Tenant reasonably apprised of Landlord's progress in locating such successor. So long as Landlord is operating the Cafeteria, Tenant agrees not to operate a food service facility in the Premises for its employees (other than coffee makers and microwave ovens). At Tenant's request, Landlord shall cause the operator or tenant of the cafeteria to cooperate with Tenant in establishing and following a program whereby Tenant subsidizes certain costs for food and beverages to be charged by such operator or tenant to Tenant's employees.
Cafeteria. A cafeteria located in Building 3 is made available to Tenant and other tenants of the Project. The cafeteria is operated by a third party operator with whom Tenant directly contracts. Concurrently with the mutual execution and delivery of this Lease, Tenant shall assign to Landlord its contract with the cafeteria operator, and thereafter Landlord shall arrange for the operation of the cafeteria through such operator or such other operator as Landlord shall elect from time to time. The reasonable costs (including, without limitation, rental subsidies, if any) associated with the operation of the cafeteria, whether operated by Landlord or a third party operator, shall in any event be included in Operating Expenses. The costs of renovating the cafeteria shall not be included in Operating Expenses. The provisions of Article 9 shall fully apply in connection with use of the cafeteria by Tenant or any other Tenant Party. Without limitation of the preceding sentence, Tenant shall hold Landlord and the other Indemnitees harmless from and indemnify the Indemnitees against any and all Claims to the extent arising from (a) the acts or omissions of Tenant or any other Tenant Party in, on or about the cafeteria, or (b) any accident, injury or damage, howsoever and by whomsoever caused, to any Tenant Party, occurring in, on or about the cafeteria. Landlord may prescribe rules and regulations for the use of the cafeteria, including, without limitation, with respect to reservations for meetings and other permitted functions, and Landlord shall endeavor to accommodate Tenant’s requests to use the cafeteria for meetings and other permitted functions. Tenant’s use of the cafeteria shall be conditioned upon Tenant’s observance of such rules and regulations. The cafeteria shall remain in operation during the initial term of this Lease, provided, however, that Tenant acknowledges that the cafeteria may, from time to time, be temporarily closed during the initial term of this Lease (or any renewal term) including without limitation closures due to (i) remodeling, improvement work or repair work, (ii) changes in the cafeteria operator, (iii) cessation of operations by the cafeteria operator, (iv) compliance with applicable law, (v) casualty or condemnation and (vi) matters beyond Landlord’s reasonable control.
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