Cafeteria Sample Clauses

Cafeteria. Tenant and its employees, contractors, visitors and consultants shall have the right to use the cafeteria (the "CAFETERIA") located in the Project so long as it is operational provided such parties shall be responsible for payment of all charges for meals and other items purchased at the cafeteria. The use of such facilities by Tenant and/or its employees, contractors, visitors and consultants shall be subject to compliance with the other provisions of this SECTION 1.3. A third party provider currently provides food and beverage service in the Cafeteria. Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate the Cafeteria in substantially the same manner as it is operated now, provided, however, that Landlord shall not be required to subsidize the Cafeteria in any manner, and Landlord, in its reasonable discretion, may change the size, configuration or location of the Cafeteria area. In the event that Landlord is unable to locate an operator that will operate the Cafeteria on terms acceptable to Landlord, in its reasonable business discretion, Landlord shall have the right and option, in its sole discretion, to take any steps necessary to reduce or eliminate such costs, including, without limitation, modification or reduction of the food service, provided, however, if Landlord discontinues cafeteria service during the Term, Landlord shall provide an alternative fresh food (including breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads, but not hot food) and vending service and a seating area or facility substantially similar to that which currently exists at the Project.
Cafeteria. Landlord will cause its Affiliate to provide and Tenant will have the right, in common with all other tenants in the Park Place Project, to use the existing Cafeteria facility located in the Atrium building in the Park Place Project, at 0000-0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx in the Park Place Project (“Cafeteria”) during the Lease Term. Landlord or its Affiliate will have the right, in its discretion, to relocate the Cafeteria to another location in the Park Place Project, or to renovate, remodel or otherwise modify the existing Cafeteria, and Tenant acknowledges that the Cafeteria may be closed for temporary periods of up to six (6) months during such construction or renovation, provided that Landlord shall cause its Affiliate to use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any such period of closure or disruption to the use of the Cafeteria by Tenant’s employees. If the Cafeteria is renovated and during such renovation more than 50% of the total number of seats are not available for use by Tenants and other tenants in the Park Place Project, then Landlord or its Affiliate shall provide for a replacement food service facility (which may include a mobile food vendor) as Landlord may reasonably determine is appropriate to provide food service for the occupants of the Park Place Project for breakfast and lunch during the entire period that such portion of the Cafeteria remains unavailable for use. The Cafeteria shall have at least 500 seats following any such renovation or relocation within the Park Place Project. The Cafeteria operator shall be required to open the Cafeteria for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If Landlord or its Affiliate fails to cause the Cafeteria to be open and available to Tenant’s employees for a period of more than six (6) consecutive months during the construction or renovation, or for more than 30 consecutive days if not during such construction or renovation, then Tenant shall be entitled to a credit against its obligation to pay rent hereunder equal to five percent (5%) of the Base Rent payable for each month from the end of such 6 month period until the Cafeteria is reopened, at which time the rent credit shall terminate and Tenant shall once again be obligated to pay the full rent otherwise payable hereunder.
Cafeteria. A. A notice indicating that a permanent job opening exists, setting forth the job classification required and the location of the food service facility, shall be emailed to all food service employees by the President of the Union and posted on the District’s website for five (5) work days.
Cafeteria. The cafeteria is for the convenience of every student. In addition to the school discipline code, students are to adhere to the following: Please properly dispose of trash. Please keep your table area clean. Please remain in your assigned seating area. Throwing food, paper, or other items is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action. Students are to use the restroom in the main lobby. Students may not have food delivered from local restaurants. Please be respectful of others. The goal of cafeteria services is to provide nutritious meals, within USDA-approved guidelines, to promote optimum student performance in the classroom. Menus are published in Thursday’s issue of The Progress newspaper, and on local radio station WPHB AM 1260. Menus are posted in the cafeteria and circulated throughout classrooms and offices. Menus are also posted on the school’s web page ( At West Branch, students may choose whether or not to participate in lunch meal programs. The cafeteria provides meals via an offer versus serve system. Under this system, the student may decide not to select any one of the five lunch items required to be served on the menu. A-xx-xxxxx food and drink items are sold in the cafeteria daily. Students must have a positive balance in order to purchase a-xx-xxxxx items. Teachers and/or monitors are responsible for maintaining an orderly and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria. Shouting, unnecessary moving around, and boisterous behavior which interferes with a climate conducive to good eating habits and a comfortable environment for all are not permitted. Meal Prices and Procedures Three classifications are available for all school meals: paid, reduced-price, and free. Income guidelines are publicized annually for those interested in applying for free or reduced-price meals. Applications are available online, in the cafeteria, in the office, and are provided for all students during the first week of school. A computerized pre-pay accounting system maintains student accounts and meal data. Students are to bring or parents may send payments of cash or checks payable to West Branch Cafeteria for deposit into individual student accounts. Payments should include name, homeroom, and amount enclosed to ensure accuracy. Payment boxes are provided in the office and cafeteria and must be deposited by 8:30 AM to ensure same day credit. These accounts are debited as students purchase meals, milk, a-xx-xxxxx, etc. Students are to report...
Cafeteria. 32.1. Subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as Sublandlord may establish from time to time, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Article 32, so long as this Sublease is in full force and effect, Subtenant and the employees of Subtenant shall have the right in common with other subtenants, occupants and others, to use the existing cafeteria located on the first floor of the North Tower of the Building or, if relocated, in its then location (the “Cafeteria”). Throughout the Sublease Term, Sublandlord shall cause the Cafeteria to provide food services to the employees of Subtenant and other tenants and occupants of the Building with service levels, accommodations, staffing and menu selections and pricing similar to the Building Standard subject to reasonable adjustments to account for the occupancy of the Building (it being recognized that there shall be no requirement for subsidies to be offered to Subtenant).
Cafeteria. 26.1 Landlord, by itself, or through a contractor (the “Cafeteria Operator”) shall use good faith, reasonable efforts to operate a restaurant in the Cafeteria for the use of Tenant, its employees and invitees, and the users of Building 10 and their employees and invitees. Tenant hereby approves Café Royale as the initial Cafeteria Operator. Landlord and Tenant agree to consult and reasonably agree as to the type and scope of services to be provided by the Cafeteria Operator, including the type and selection of menu items, hours of operation and whether catering services will be provided. Landlord agrees that any service contract with a Cafeteria Operator will include a right to terminate such contract upon thirty (30) days notice. If Tenant is not satisfied with the services provided by the Cafeteria Operator, Landlord and Tenant will cooperate to change the services provided by the Cafeteria Operator to such services reasonably approved by Landlord and Tenant. If Tenant remains dissatisfied, on a reasonable, but subjective basis, Landlord will find a replacement Cafeteria Operator. The replacement Cafeteria Operator and the scope of services such operator provides shall be approved by Tenant in advance, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Once Tenant approves such replacement Cafeteria Operator and scope of services, Landlord shall enter into a service contract with such Cafeteria Operator and replace the then current Cafeteria Operator. If notwithstanding Landlord’s reasonable, good faith efforts, Landlord cannot secure an operator for the Cafeteria 42 satisfactory to Tenant, Landlord shall offer such operation to Tenant. In such event, Tenant may, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, but with no adjustment to Base Rent or Rentable Area of the Project or Rentable Area of the Premises, operate the Cafeteria for the use of: (i) Tenant, its employees and invitees; (ii) the occupants of Building 10 and their employees and invitees; and (iii) at Tenant’s election, any other users of the Project and their employees and invitees. Landlord shall perform all necessary maintenance and repairs to the Cafeteria. The cost to operate the Cafeteria, after deducting sums collected in connection with the operation thereof, shall be Operating Costs. Any user other than Tenant, its employees and invitees shall enter the Cafeteria from the Common Areas. Tenant shall be solely responsible to secure any entrance to the Cafeteria from the Premises.
Cafeteria. Subtenant shall be permitted to use the Cafeteria in the same manner and to the same extent as Sublandlord at all times during which Subtenant is a Subtenant Permittee.
Cafeteria. (2) Wall immediately adjacent to main warehouse washroom.
Cafeteria. 19.1 Whenever cafeteria facilities are to be utilized for food preparation, or food distribution, a cafeteria employee shall be in the kitchen.
Cafeteria. 1. If any Employee is interested in a particular transfer, he/she should make that interest known in writing to his/her immediate supervisor. All such requests shall be given consideration when job vacancies exist. Seniority of Employees shall be an important factor, but not necessarily the only factor, in establishing promotions and transfers. Other factors that will be considered are ability, qualifications and performance. Thus, if two (2) Employees who are equal in ability, qualifications and performance are being considered for the same position, the Employee with greater seniority would be given the position. Employees will be given the position over non-DISTRICT applicants for any vacancies which occur when the Employee and the applicant are equal in ability, qualification and performance. Managerial, supervisory and administrative positions may be filled without regard to seniority.