Monthly Installments Sample Clauses

Monthly Installments. This plan allows Late Purchasers to pay, if paid using a Credit Card only, for their Membership in equal monthly installments starting on the date of purchase and concluding on a date to be stipulated by AHLP. Monthly installments are due on the dates set out in Section 2(c). Late Purchasers will pay a lump sum to catch up to the current payment plan period before continuing with equal monthly installments. Late Purchasers may select a different payment plan for subsequent Seasons subject to the conditions set out in the above Section 3.
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Monthly Installments. Prior to the beginning of each calendar year of the Term beginning with 1998, or as soon as practicable thereafter, Landlord shall give Tenant written notice of Landlord's estimate of Tenant's PRO RATA share of Operating Expense Increases and Real Estate Tax Increases for the ensuing year. On or before the first (1st) day of each month during such ensuing calendar year, Tenant shall pay Landlord one-twelfth (1/12) of such estimated amounts, provided that until such notice is tendered to Tenant with respect to the ensuing year, Tenant shall continue to pay any amount then currently payable pursuant to this Lease. Landlord shall, within the period of one hundred twenty (120) days after the close of each calendar year, provide Tenant a statement, which shall be a line item statement, certified by an officer of Landlord as true, correct and complete by Landlord, of such year's actual Base Year Operating Costs, Operating Costs, Base Year Real Estate Taxes and Real Estate Taxes and Tenant's PRO RATA share of Operating Expense Increases and Real Estate Tax Increases. In the event Landlord fails to deliver such a statement in a timely manner, and shall thereafter fail to deliver it within forty-five (45) days of written notice of such failure (and time shall be of the essence), Landlord and Tenant expressly acknowledge and agree that Tenant shall not have any liability to Landlord with respect to such calendar year for any Operating Cost Increases or Real Estate Tax Increases in excess of payments made during such calendar year that has elapsed. If on the basis of any such statement, Tenant owes an amount that is more than the estimated payments made during any year, Tenant shall pay the deficiency to Landlord within fifteen (15) business days after Tenant's receipt of such statement. If Tenant owes an amount that is less than the estimated payments made during any year, Landlord shall credit such excess amount against the next payment(s) due from Tenant for Operating Expense Increases and Real Estate Tax Increases.
Monthly Installments. For purposes of this Agreement, a demotion or requirement of relocation from the Tampa, Florida area shall be deemed to be a termination without Cause.
Monthly Installments. (i) Borrower shall pay to the Bank, monthly in arrears on the last Business Day of each month beginning with the month following the month in which the Closing Date occurs, interest on the outstanding principal amount of the Prime Rate Loans at the annual rate equal to the Prime Rate; provided, however, that if Borrower elects to convert a Prime Rate Loan to a Libor Rate Loan pursuant to Section 3(a), above, Borrower shall pay to the Bank all accrued but unpaid interest on the Prime Rate Loan being so converted, for the period commencing on the date of the last payment date under this Section 3(b) and concluding on the day immediately preceding the first day of the Interest Period for the Libor Rate Loan into which the Prime Rate Loan is converted.
Monthly Installments. Except as provided in Section 2.6(b) hereof, Borrowers shall pay to Agent, for the account of Lenders in accordance with their respective Pro Rata Share of such Loan, monthly in arrears on the first Business Day of each month commencing with the month following the month in which the Closing Date falls, interest on the outstanding principal amount of the Loans at the annual rate equal to the Interest Rate applicable to each such Loan.
Monthly Installments. There shall be no monthly installments due under this Note, so long as the Borrower fulfills its obligations under the Loan Documents, until the fifteenth (15th) anniversary of the Term commencement date, when any unpaid and unforgiven principal balance or other charges having been assessed or being due under any of the Loan Documents shall become due.
Monthly Installments. All monthly installments of Annual Rent shall be paid on or before the Due Date in United States Dollars, without prior demand or offset except as specifically permitted under this Lease. Any monthly installment of Annual Rent made more than fifteen (15) days after the Due Date shall bear interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per annum until paid.
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Monthly Installments. During each Contract Year, Lyric shall make monthly installments on account of the Annual Continuing Fee for such Contract Year. The installment for each month shall be equal to 1% of the Lyric Gross Revenues for each month, and shall be paid on or before the 25th day of the following calendar month, subject to Section 5.5.
Monthly Installments. Maker shall pay to Payee six (6) consecutive monthly payments consisting of: (i) a fixed principal payment in the amount of One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Nine and 48/100 Dollars ($1,949.48), plus (ii) interest at the Interest Rate accrued on the Principal Balance (hereinafter individually referred to as “Monthly Installment” and collectively referred to as the “Monthly Installments”), which Monthly Installments shall be due, payable and paid on January 1, 2005 and on the first day of each calendar month thereafter through and including May 1, 2005.
Monthly Installments. Consecutive monthly installments of principal and interest, each in the amount of Eight Thousand Six Hundred Seventy-Seven and 51/100ths Dollars (US $8,677.51), shall be payable on the First Payment Date and on the first day of every month thereafter, until the entire unpaid principal balance evidenced by this Note is fully paid. Any remaining principal and interest shall be due and payable on the Maturity Date. The unpaid principal balance shall continue to bear interest after the Maturity Date at the Default Rate set forth in this Note until and including the date on which it is paid in full.
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