Misuse Sample Clauses

Misuse. The Licensee shall use the licensed space under the agreement only for those services provided therein as permissible under CMRL (O&M) administration, except activities and banned items listed at Annexure-II of this agreement and shall not use the same for any other purposes. In case, the Licensee carries on any business or uses the said premises for any other purposes the license shall deemed to have been misused and CMRL (Licensor) shall immediately terminate the said agreement. All liabilities for misuse charges and misuse proceedings; if so initiated shall be that of the Licensee only. The Licensee shall indemnify and keep indemnified CMRL for any losses/ penalties on this account levied by any judicial/statutory authorities/courts.
Misuse. Any misuse of sick leave could subject the employee to any or all of the following:
Misuse. Agency agrees to use P1 LERMS for its intended law enforcement purpose and acknowledges that any misuse of the application may result in consequences including, but not limited to, termination of user accounts.
Misuse. The following are specific items that are considered misuse. They could result in immediate disconnection of your Internet connection without notice, and/or other sanctions as deemed appropriate by Residence Life staff. • Uploading, downloading or sharing of any copyrighted materials including, but not limited to, movies, music, games, and software. • Setting up of any server including, but not limited to, DHCP, SQL, FTP, WSeb, File and IIS. • Scanning the network for any reason. • Malicious hacking in any form. • Sharing of any material deemed inappropriate or offensive. • Tampering with or removing wireless access points in residence, or any other network hardware in residence. • Any activity that degrades the performance, or impacts the security, of the network. • Broadcasting a wireless network of any sort, including access point wireless printers. • Spoofing, or imitating, any official University of Waterloo networks such as eduroam or uw-wifi-setup-no-encryption. Problems arising from use for purposes other than those intended by the University of Waterloo will be seen as misuse. If you feel that ResNet does not meet your needs, you are welcome to arrange for an outside Internet Service Provider (ISP) at your own expense. Prior to arranging an alternative ISP, the Residence IT Service Desk should be consulted to ensure the required infrastructure exists. The University of Waterloo reserves the right to disconnect (without notice) any port if misuse is suspected. Misuse could ultimately result in disciplinary action up to and including eviction from residence and/or referral for academic disciplinary action. Commercial or criminal use of network resources is strictly prohibited, as is any use that may impact the performance of the network. Students are expected to comply fully with both the letter and the spirit of the law with respect to copyright and patents and thereby honour intellectual property rights.
Misuse. Any misuse of the account will result in suspension of the account privileges. In addition, disciplinary action may be imposed for inappropriate usage of an account. Misuse shall include, but is not limited to:
Misuse. In the event of evidence of misuse, school authorities may request verification by medical statement from a reputable physician certifying that the employee was unable to be on duty during a sick leave of absence due to personal or family illness.
Misuse. If you use, or attempt to use the Service for purposes other than those provided for in this Agreement, including but not limited to tampering, hacking, modifying or otherwise corrupting the security or functionality of the Service, your account will be terminated and you will be subject to damages and other penalties, including criminal prosecution where available.
Misuse. FM Tools and PTP Tools shall be used for their intended purpose only, in strict compliance with the operating instructions and other instructions issued by Hilti. Where damage is caused by improper use, repair, or use other than the normal purpose, the Customer shall be liable for the loss, damage or repair costs. FM Tools and PTP Tools shall only be used with the corresponding tool inserts, parts, accessories and consumables of Hilti or with other products of equivalent quality. The Customer will not offer the FM Tools and PTP Tools for rental, in whole or in part or otherwise make them available to third parties for use, without the express prior written consent of Hilti.
Misuse. Use of a Medicinal Product in a way that is not in accordance with its Regulatory or Marketing Authorisation accompanied by harmful physical and/or psychological effects.
Misuse. This Agreement may be terminated immediately if TRX misuses (including, but not limited to, infringement, disparagement and dilution) the name Expedia or any other trademark, service xxxx, logo, trade name or symbol of Expedia.