CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means punitive measures against an individual and/or organization through a court of law.19A. “DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION-DEP” shall mean theState of Maine Environmental Agency.
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means all procedural activities conducted by the prosecuting bodies, and in cases envisaged in this Code, the injured party, with the purpose of revealing the action prohibited by criminal law, identifying the personality of its actor, determining whether he is guilty of a crime, and ensuring that the criminal is punished or subjected to other compulsory measures;
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means any government action for enforcement of criminal laws, including offenses, conviction for which could result in imprisonment.

Examples of CRIMINAL PROSECUTION in a sentence

  • If the police and/or Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) decide not to charge the individual with an offence, or decide to administer a caution, or a Court acquits the person, the police aim to pass all information they have which may be relevant to a disciplinary case to the school as quickly as possible after the decision.

  • The circumstances that give rise to a Claim will begin immediately the Insured or the Insured’s accountant is first aware, or should reasonably have been aware, that an HMRC Investigation will occur.Cover Event 3 Criminal Prosecution DefenceA criminal prosecution brought against the Insured Person.

  • The Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) defines 'up skirting' as a colloquial term referring to the action of placing equipment such as a camera or mobile phone beneath a person’s clothing to take a voyeuristic photograph without their permission.

  • See,e.g. Brennan, The Criminal Prosecution: Sporting Event or Quest for Truth, 1963 Wash.U.L.Q. 279; Everett, Discovery in Criminal Cases—In Search of a Standard, 1964 Duke L.J. 477; Fletcher, Pretrial Discovery in State Criminal Cases, 12 Stan.L.Rev.

  • For article, "Constitutional Issues in the Criminal Prosecution of Law Enforcement Officers", see 33 Colo.


CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means prosecution for a violation of any of the following based on conduct that pertains or relates to obtaining or possessing naloxone or to administering naloxone to a person suffering from an apparent opioid-related overdose:
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means a proceeding that is prosecuted by the State or the United States against a public safety employee or inspector charged with a public offense
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means any governmental enforcement of criminal laws, including offenses or convictions, which could result in imprisonment.
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means legal proceedings or a properly constituted enquiry in respect of an alleged breach of criminal law commenced or advised during the Period of Insurance arising out of the Insured’s Business.
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION means criminal proceedings brought against the Insured in respect to an alleged breach of any construction industry statutory regulation in the provision of the Professional Services, but does not mean any criminal proceedings in connection with a failure by any Insured to be properly licensed, registered or accredited to conduct its business of building, construction, installation or engineering contractors or to perform the Professional Services.
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. ’ means a prosecution for a