Medicinal Product Sample Clauses

Medicinal Product. Any and all pharmaceutical preparations in final form containing the Compound or a Backup Compound whether or not as the sole therapeutically active ingredient or in combination or adjunctive therapy with any other active or inactive ingredient, in any dosage form or formulation or method of delivery. To avoid doubt, the term “Medicinal Product” will, where the context admits and requires, include “Investigational Medicinal Products”.
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Medicinal Product. Any medicine prepared in advance, marketed under a specific denomination and with a particular packaging.
Medicinal Product. Those medicinal products listed below with their respective generic names or compound numbers: Zovirax® Ointment or Zovirax® Cream; each in the presentations and formulations in finished product form, as described below, or as developed by GSK under the terms of the Agreement. Trade Product GSK NDC Pkg Size Zovirax Ointment 3G 0173099341 1 tube Zovirax Ointment 15G 0173099394 1 tube Zovirax Cream 2G TBA* 1 tube * To be assigned upon approval of the Zovirax Cream NDA
Medicinal Product. Any substance or combination of substances presented as having properties for treating or preventing disease in human beings; or Any substance or combination of substances which may be used in or administered to human beings either with a view to restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action, or to making a medical diagnosis. Misuse Use of a medicinal product in a way, which has not been specified by the Company in the product label or as prescribed by the physician. Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR) Periodic safety update reports mean the periodical reports containing the records referred to in Article 104 of Directive 2001/83/EC and in Article 24(3) of Regulation (EC) No 726/2004. A PSUR is intended to provide an update of the worldwide safety experience of a Medicinal Product to Competent Authorities at defined time points post-authorisation. At these times the Marketing Authorisation Holders are expected to provide succinct summary information together with a critical evaluation of the risk-benefit balance of the product in light of new or changing information. This evaluation should ascertain whether further investigations need to be carried out and whether changes should be made to the market authorisation and product information. CMS is responsible for translating, submitting documents and providing documentation of the success of the submission.

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  • Product ACCEPTANCE Unless otherwise provided by mutual agreement of the Authorized User and the Contractor, Authorized User(s) shall have thirty (30) days from the date of delivery to accept hardware products and sixty (60) days from the date of delivery to accept all other Product. Where the Contractor is responsible for installation, acceptance shall be from completion of installation. Failure to provide notice of acceptance or rejection or a deficiency statement to the Contractor by the end of the period provided for under this clause constitutes acceptance by the Authorized User(s) as of the expiration of that period. The License Term shall be extended by the time periods allowed for trial use, testing and acceptance unless the Commissioner or Authorized User agrees to accept the Product at completion of trial use. Unless otherwise provided by mutual agreement of the Authorized User and the Contractor, Authorized User shall have the option to run testing on the Product prior to acceptance, such tests and data sets to be specified by User. Where using its own data or tests, Authorized User must have the tests or representative set of data available upon delivery. This demonstration will take the form of a documented installation test, capable of observation by the Authorized User, and shall be made part of the Contractor’s standard documentation. The test data shall remain accessible to the Authorized User after completion of the test. In the event that the documented installation test cannot be completed successfully within the specified acceptance period, and the Contractor or Product is responsible for the delay, Authorized User shall have the option to cancel the order in whole or in part, or to extend the testing period for an additional thirty (30) day increment. Authorized User shall notify Contractor of acceptance upon successful completion of the documented installation test. Such cancellation shall not give rise to any cause of action against the Authorized User for damages, loss of profits, expenses, or other remuneration of any kind. If the Authorized User elects to provide a deficiency statement specifying how the Product fails to meet the specifications within the testing period, Contractor shall have thirty (30) days to correct the deficiency, and the Authorized User shall have an additional sixty (60) days to evaluate the Product as provided herein. If the Product does not meet the specifications at the end of the extended testing period, Authorized User, upon prior written notice to Contractor, may then reject the Product and return all defective Product to Contractor, and Contractor shall refund any monies paid by the Authorized User to Contractor therefor. Costs and liabilities associated with a failure of the Product to perform in accordance with the functionality tests or product specifications during the acceptance period shall be borne fully by Contractor to the extent that said costs or liabilities shall not have been caused by negligent or willful acts or omissions of the Authorized User’s agents or employees. Said costs shall be limited to the amounts set forth in the Limitation of Liability Clause for any liability for costs incurred at the direction or recommendation of Contractor.

  • Licensed Product The term “Licensed Product” shall mean any product (a) the manufacture, use, importation, sale or offer for sale of which would, in the absence of the license granted by this Agreement, infringe a Valid Claim of any of the Licensed Patent Rights, or (b) that is comprised of, utilizes or incorporates Licensed Biological Materials, or (c) that is discovered, developed or made using a Licensed Process.

  • Licensed Products Lessee will obtain no title to Licensed Products which will at all times remain the property of the owner of the Licensed Products. A license from the owner may be required and it is Lessee's responsibility to obtain any required license before the use of the Licensed Products. Lessee agrees to treat the Licensed Products as confidential information of the owner, to observe all copyright restrictions, and not to reproduce or sell the Licensed Products.

  • Manufacturing License Subject to the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation Section 2.2, Theravance grants to GSK an exclusive license under the Theravance Patents and Theravance Know-How to make and have made API Compound or formulated Alliance Product in the Territory.

  • Manufacture Seller reserves the right to discontinue the manufacture of, or change or modify the design and/or construction of the Products sold pursuant to these terms and conditions, without incurring any obligation to Buyer.

  • RE-WEIGHING PRODUCT Deliveries are subject to re- weighing at the point of destination by the Authorized User. If shrinkage occurs which exceeds that normally allowable in the trade, the Authorized User shall have the option to require delivery of the difference in quantity or to reduce the payment accordingly. Such option shall be exercised in writing by the Authorized User.

  • Competing Products The provisions of Section 21 are set forth on attached Exhibit H and are incorporated in this Section 21 by this reference.

  • Commercialization Intrexon shall have the right to develop and Commercialize the Reverted Products itself or with one or more Third Parties, and shall have the right, without obligation to Fibrocell, to take any such actions in connection with such activities as Intrexon (or its designee), at its discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Products Products available under this Contract are limited to Software, including Software as a Service, products and related products as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their product offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of products awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above. Vendor may not add a manufacturer’s product line which was not included in the Vendor’s response to the solicitation described in Section 1.B above.

  • Manufacturing Services Jabil will manufacture the Product in accordance with the Specifications and any applicable Build Schedules. Jabil will reply to each proposed Build Schedule that is submitted in accordance with the terms of this Agreement by notifying Company of its acceptance or rejection within three (3) business days of receipt of any proposed Build Schedule. In the event of Jabil’s rejection of a proposed Build Schedule, Jabil’s notice of rejection will specify the basis for such rejection. When requested by Company, and subject to appropriate fee and cost adjustments, Jabil will provide Additional Services for existing or future Product manufactured by Jabil. Company shall be solely responsible for the sufficiency and adequacy of the Specifications [***].