Internet service provider definition

Internet service provider. (ISP) is an Enhanced Service Provider that provides Internet Services, and is defined in paragraph 341 of the FCC’s First Report and Order in CC Docket No. 97-158.

Examples of Internet service provider in a sentence

It is then up to the Internet service provider to block the illegal activity.

The Quick Installation Guide provides instructions for quick Internet setup, while this guide contains details of each function and demonstrates how to configure them.When using this guide, please notice that features of the extender may vary slightly depending on the model and software version you have, and on your location, language, and Internet service provider.

Moreover, JD invites Tencent, the largest Internet service provider in China, to jointly support Yonghui Supermarket on the fresh foods new retail estab- lishment.

If your Internet service provider didn’t issue a fixed IP address, you can use a third-party dynamic DNS provider to map your current IP address to a fixed IP address.

If the Internet service provider does not comply with a request from the Danish Gaming Authority to block illegal online activities, an injunction is issued against the service provider in accordance with the Danish Administration of Justice Act Chapter 57.83 Thus, if the service provider wishes a review of the decision it must be done in accordance with the abovementioned rules concerning injunctions.

More Definitions of Internet service provider

Internet service provider means a private for-profit or a not-for-profit service provider who acts as a gateway to the Internet and its successors.
Internet service provider means a person engaged in the business of
Internet service provider means the company or organisation, i.e. the gateway, used by the TARGET2 participant for the purpose of accessing their TARGET2 account using internet-based access.
Internet service provider means any internet access service provider and/or any other parties that provides Internet access to the Customer.
Internet service provider means a person who provides end-users, by means of a Dial-up Telephone Number, with connection to the Internet in the ordinary course of its business.
Internet service provider or “provider” means a business that provides broadband Internet access service to any person in Vermont.
Internet service provider means a person who provides an internet access service;