Min Sample Clauses

Min. 10.0 Min. 10.0
Min. With respect to each MERS Designated Mortgage Loan, a MIN has been assigned by MERS and such MIN is accurately provided on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule. The related assignment of Mortgage to MERS has been duly and properly recorded;
Min. 8.0 Desired 9.0 8.0* 8.5 9.0 16.015.0* 20.016.0 20.018.0 23.0 23.0 23.0 23.0 23.0 23.0 ** 63.0 63.0 ** 63.0 63.0 * For compact stalls only. No more than 50 percent of the required minimum number of parking stalls may be compact spaces.
Min. 184 hrs. < 6 8 hr. 96 hrs.
Min operating Vdd: [***]
Min number of optical channels See response to added/dropped to/from direction east 1.2.9 above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13.
Min. Table 6.4b: Response Time Compliance RequirementsNon-medical 5150 Response Response Times Measurement: Response Priority MPDS Dispatch Category Minimum Ambulance Personnel Configuration Metro Suburban Rural/Open Space FD First Response Ambulance FD First Response Ambulance FD First Response Ambulance Table 6.6.4b: Response Code/Configuration Requirements – Non-Medical 5150 Response EMS Supervisor or Operations Supervisor Response Delayed Response Notifications Response Time Zone Changes Response Time Reporting System Calculating Response Times Changes in Call Priority Upgrades - If a call is upgraded, prior to the arrival on scene of the emergency ambulance (e.g., from a Priority 2 to a Priority 1), Contractor’s compliance and penalties will be calculated based on the shorter of:
Min number of optical channels See response to aggregate west to agg. east 1.2.9 above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11.
Min number of optical channels See above IR IR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Min number of optical channels 2 supporting 4 IR IR wavelengths ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------