Stormwater system definition

Stormwater system means constructed and natural features which function together as a system to collect, convey, channel, hold, inhibit, retain, detain, infiltrate, divert, treat, or filter stormwater. “Stormwater system” includes both public and privately owned features.
Stormwater system means any stormwater facilities, including the city's municipal separate storm sewer system, by which stormwater is collected and/or conveyed, including but not limited to any roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, gutters, curbs, inlets, piped storm drains, pumping facilities, retention and detention basins, natural and human-made or altered drainage channels, reservoirs, and other drainage structures. “Stormwater system” includes both public and privately owned features.

Examples of Stormwater system in a sentence

  • Stormwater system design: Construction and Permanent stormwater management.

  • Stormwater system details are to be submitted in accordance with the Waverley Development Control Plan 2006 (Amendment No. 4) - Part G4 prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate.

  • To a lesser degree, posterior regions of the brain also showed longitudinal T1w intensity signal decay when sampled into the GM cortex.

  • Stormwater system design, performance standards and protection criteria shall be provided as prescribed in Table 1 below.

  • All communications concerning this procurement must be addressed to:Jacque Kuch, BuyerDMB, Purchasing Operations 2nd Floor, Mason BuildingP.O. Box 30026Lansing, Michigan 48909 I-C PROJECT MANAGER and CONTRACT ADMINISTRATORDIT and DHS have assigned a Project Manager and a Contract Administrator who have been authorized by Purchasing Operations to administer the resulting Contract(s) on a day-to-day basis during the term of the Contract.

More Definitions of Stormwater system

Stormwater system means a stormwater system in its entirety or any integral part thereof used to collect, control or dispose of stormwater and an associated stormwater management program. It includes all facilities, structures and natural water courses used for collecting and conducting stormwater to, through and from drainage areas to the points of final outlet, including, but not limited to, any and all of the following: Inlets, conduits, corals, outlets, channels, ponds, drainage ways, easements, water quality facilities, catch basins, ditches, streams, gulches, flumes, culverts, siphons, retention or detention basins, dams, floodwalls, pipes, flood control systems, levies and pumping stations. The term "stormwater system" does not include highways, road and drainage easements or stormwater facilities constructed, owned or operated by the West Virginia Division of Highways.
Stormwater system means infrastructure for the provision and management of stormwater
Stormwater system means all facilities owned or maintained by the City for collecting, detaining, conveying, reusing, infiltrating or treating stormwater from any parcel or place upstream or up gradient of any point of discharge to a river or creek not maintained by the City for conveyance of stormwater or flood control. Stormwater system shall also mean all facilities owned by or maintained by the City for purposes of flood control. (Ord. No. 12294, § 2, 10-6-09; Ord. No. 12377, § 1, 4-20-10)
Stormwater system means the existing sanitary sewage collection, treatment and disposal system owned and operated by the Authority, including all related facilities heretofore acquired and/or constructed or hereafter acquired and/or constructed by the Authority, together with all appurtenant facilities and properties which the Authority has acquired or hereafter shall acquire in connection therewith, including all property, real, personal and mixed, rights, powers, licenses, easements, rights of way, whatsoever nature used or useful in connection with such facilities, and together with all additions, extensions, alterations and improvements which may be made or acquired, from time to time.
Stormwater system means a method or means of carrying stormwater, including ditches, swales, sewers, drains, canals, ravines, gullies, pumping stations, retention ponds, streams, watercourses, floodplains, ponds, springs, creeks, streets or private roads, roadways or driveways;
Stormwater system means the storm sewers; outfall sewers;