P&I Sample Clauses

P&I. Each country in Pi punishes a unilateral deviation by country i by choosing the abatement level qp = pb/c in the period immediately following country i’s deviation, where p ≥ 0. The other signatories including country i (i.e., the countries in M\Pi) xxxxx at the agreed upon level qs. In the subsequent periods all signatories return to the agreed upon level qs. All non-signatories (i.e, j ∈ N\M ) continue to play their best response q1 throughout. Hence, the punishment path of country i ∈ M is: p i s = (qp, . . . , qp, qs, . . . , qs, q1, . . . , q1), ` j˛∈¸Pi x ` j∈M˛¸\Pi x ` j∈N˛¸\M x (qs, . . . , qs, q1, . . . , q1), (qs, . . . , qs, q1, . . . , q1), . . . . ` j˛∈¸M x ` j∈N˛¸\M x ` j˛∈¸M x ` j∈N˛¸\M x Since each non-signatory is playing a best response of the stage game, a deviation from the agreement by a non-signatory requires no punish- ment. Hence, even if a non-signatory unilaterally deviates from as or ps for some i ∈ M , the path in question is simply continued, meaning that any such unilateral deviation is followed by as. Hence, formally, the punishment path of country i ∈ N\M equals as. The simple strategy profile determined by the n + 1 paths (as, ps , . . . , ps , as, . . . , as) (4) i1 im ` j∈N˛¸\M x corresponds to what Xxxxx and Xxxx (2008) refer to as “Penance k” . In Theorem 1 we establish under what conditions this strategy profile is a weakly renegotiation-proof equilibrium. Since the identities of the signatories and the punishing countries do not matter, as all countries are identical, the conditions of Theorem
P&I each Security Party shall comply with any requirements of the protection and indemnity association or other insurer with which a Ship is entered for insurance or insured against protection and indemnity risks (including oil pollution risks); or
P&I. Consumer Price Index ‑ All Urban Consumers ‑ (CPI‑U) ‑ U.S. City AverageAll Items (1982-1984=100)" as published by the U.S. Department of Labor.
P&I. T. was contracted to run it. The government issued a new set of stamps with a large ornamental unit of value enclosed in an oval frame bearing the Russian inscription BOCTOЧHAR KOPPECПOHДEHЦIЯ (Eastern Correspondence). Four values were issued 1,3,5 and 10 kopecs. In 1875 Russia joined the General Postal Union, this led to a reduction in the letter rate from 10 kopecs down to 8 kopecs and the 10 kopecs stamp was overprinted with an 8. During the war between Russia and Turkey the agency in Smyrna was closed between 24th April 1877 until 13th July 1878. After it was re-opened the letter postage rate was reduced to 7 kopecs and the 10 kopecs value was overprinted with a 7 until a new printing of the stamps in 1879. 1880 Envelope to Malden, United States of America In 1900 the numeral issue was replaced with the then contemporary stamps of the Russian Empire. They were overprinted with values in Turkish currency. The reason for this was the continual decline in the value of the Turkish currency and this measure had already been taken by the Austrian, British, French and German post offices. The lowest value 4 paras on 1 xxxxx was in fact an error. It should have been 5 paras. The 4 xxxxx xxxxxx were sold at the Russian post office for 5 paras until the stock was exhausted. To commemorate the Jubilee of the Russian Levant post offices a series of special stamps was prepared for issue in 1907. The design was similar to the current Russian postage stamps, but with a vignette of a steamship and the dates 1857-1907 in place of the Imperial Arms. The political situation in 1907, however, rendered the moment inauspicious for the issue of commemorative stamps and the issue was delayed until 1909. After six months it was decided to add the name of the post office to the currency overprint. In 1911 the new issue of Russian stamps appeared, this time with the overprint applied diagonally added to in 1912 with 5 new values, but this time with the overprint horizontally at the top of the stamp. These definitive tamps were replaced in 1913 by the new pictorial issue of Russia commemorating the Tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty also surcharged with the Turkish currency. The Russian post office in Smyrna was closed in 1914 on the outbreak of the 1st World War. THE TURKISH POST OFFICE The well-established “Tatar” postal system carried the correspondence during the first half of the nineteenth century until in 1839 Abdul Meshid, the son of Xxxxxx XX, took over the government a...

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  • Pendahuluan Perdagangan Internasional adalah perdagangan antar negara yang melibatkan dua negara atau lebih, terdiri atas ekspor xxx impor. Pengertian perdagangan luar negeri atau perdagangan internasional dalam UU No.7 Tahun 2014 Pasal 1 ayat 4, yaitu “Perdagangan luar negeri adalah perdagangan yang mencakup kegiatan ekspor/impor atas barang atau xxxx xxxx melampaui batas wilayah negara”. Perdagangan Internasional mencakup ekspor xxx impor, “Ekspor adalah kegiatan mengeluarkan barang dari daerah pabean” menurut UU No. 17 tahun 2006 pasal 1 ayat 14. Pada pasal yang sama dalam ayat 13 “Impor adalah kegiatan memasukkan barang ke dalam daerah pabean”. Hambatan perdagangan internasional dapat berupa tarif maupun non-tarif. Beberapa xxx xxxx menjadi hambatan dalam perdagangan internasional misalnya regulasi pemerintah yang mencakup tarif bea cukai xxx kuota impor (Apridar 2012:121). Tarif beacukai merupakan regulasi yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah untuk mengatur bea masuk sebuah produk impor. Kuota impor menurut Xxxxxxxxx (2014:206) “adanya pembatasan kuantitas impor pada suatu negara”. Hambatan dalam perdagangan internasional sebenarnya diterapkan oleh pemerintah untuk melindungi pengusaha dalam negeri dari serangan perusahaan negara lain. Hambatan tersebut juga dapat menyulitkan pengusaha/pelaku perdagangan dalam negeri untuk memasuki pasar suatu negara. Tarif beacukai akan berpengaruh terhadap harga produk impor, begitu juga dengan diterapkannya kuota impor akan menaikkan harga produk impor tersebut. Hal inilah yang mendorong pemerintah setiap negara untuk mengurangi hambatan tersebut dengan membuat Free Trade Agreement. Free Trade Agreement merupakan salah satu bentuk hasil dari globalisasi dibidang perekonomian. Menurut Apridar (2009:268) “globalisasi perekonomian merupakan suatu proses kegiatan ekonomi xxx perdagangan, dimana negara-negara di seluruh dunia menjadi satu kekuatan pasar yang semakin terintegrasi dengan tanpa rintangan batas teritorial negara”. Globalisasi ekonomi telah menyebabkan terjadinya peningkatan xxxxxx ketergantungan antar negara yang mana juga setiap negara bersaing untuk mengambil dampak positif dari globalisasi xxx menghindari dampak negatif terhadap negara mereka sendiri. Pada xxxx xxxx, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) semakin berkembang xxx dilakukan secara bilateral ataupun regional. Hal ini adalah dampak dari lambannnya proses liberalisasi perdagangan di tingkat global, sementara dalam situasi yang sama terjadi pergerakan barang yang sangat pesat antar negara. FTA hanyalah perjanjian yang difungsikan untuk menghapus hambatan tarif xxx non tarif untuk perdagangan internasional. Sementara dalam kegiatan perekonomian internasional tidak hanya menyangkut tentang perdagangan, namun juga Investasi luar negeri xxx kerjasama tenaga kerja, sehingga FTA berkembang menjadi FTA plus. Menurut Badan Xxxxxx xxx Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementrian luar negeri (2010) “FTA plus sering disebut dengan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) atau CEP (Closer Economic Partnership)”. Salah satu bentuk Free Trade Agreement plus adalah IJEPA (Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement), yaitu perjanjian untuk melakukan kegiatan perdagangan bebas antara Indonesia xxx Jepang. IJEPA adalah sebuah perjanjian kerjasama di bidang ekonomi antara pemerintah Indonesia dengan pemerintah Jepang yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan perdagangan antarnegara xxx investasi baik di Indonesia maupun Jepang. Menurut Badan Xxxxxx xxx Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementrian luar negeri (2010) “ IJEPA merupakan perjanjian bilateral yang pertama bagi Indonesia xxx menempatkan Indonesia sejajar dengan negara pesaing di pasar Jepang”. Komoditas utama ekspor Indonesia ke Jepang adalah batubara, karet alam, minyak bumi xxx olahannya, rumput laut, udang dll (id.emb- xxxxx.xx.xx/ diakses tgl 17 Desember 2016). Sedangkan komoditas impor Indonesia dari Jepang umumnya adalah produk otomotif seperti komponen mesin xxx xxxx cadang, transportasi publik, produk elektronik, dll.

  • CONTRACT XXXXXXXX Contractor and the distributors/resellers designated by the Contractor, if any, shall provide complete and accurate billing invoices to each Authorized User in order to receive payment. Xxxxxxxx for Authorized Users must contain all information required by the Contract and the State Comptroller. The State Comptroller shall render payment for Authorized User purchases, and such payment shall be made in accordance with ordinary State procedures and practices. Payment of Contract purchases made by Authorized Users, other than Agencies, shall be billed directly by Contractor on invoices/vouchers, together with complete and accurate supporting documentation as required by the Authorized User. Submission of an invoice and payment thereof shall not preclude the Commissioner from reimbursement or demanding a price adjustment in any case where the Product delivered is found to deviate from the terms and conditions of the Contract or where the billing was inaccurate. Contractor shall provide, upon request of the Commissioner, any and all information necessary to verify the accuracy of the xxxxxxxx. Such information shall be provided in the format requested by the Commissioner and in a media commercially available from the Contractor. The Commissioner may direct the Contractor to provide the information to the State Comptroller or to any Authorized User of the Contract.

  • NO HARDSTOP/PASSIVE LICENSE MONITORING Unless an Authorized User is otherwise specifically advised to the contrary in writing at the time of order and prior to purchase, Contractor hereby warrants and represents that the Product and all Upgrades do not and will not contain any computer code that would disable the Product or Upgrades or impair in any way its operation based on the elapsing of a period of time, exceeding an authorized number of copies, advancement to a particular date or other numeral, or other similar self-destruct mechanisms (sometimes referred to as “time bombs,” “time locks,” or “drop dead” devices) or that would permit Contractor to access the Product to cause such disablement or impairment (sometimes referred to as a “trap door” device). Contractor agrees that in the event of a breach or alleged breach of this provision that Authorized User shall not have an adequate remedy at law, including monetary damages, and that Authorized User shall consequently be entitled to seek a temporary restraining order, injunction, or other form of equitable relief against the continuance of such breach, in addition to any and all remedies to which Authorized User shall be entitled.

  • Agreement Xxx 0000 Part 3 Provisions relating to Balmoral South Iron Ore Project and certain other matters Division 1 Preliminary provisions s. 7

  • Vlastnictví Zdravotnické zařízení si ponechá a bude uchovávat Zdravotní záznamy. Zdravotnické zařízení a Zkoušející převedou na Zadavatele veškerá svá práva, nároky a tituly, včetně práv duševního vlastnictví k Důvěrným informacím (ve smyslu níže uvedeném) a k jakýmkoli jiným Studijním datům a údajům.

  • Xxxxxxxx Tobacco Co a case filed in September 2007 in the Circuit Court, Miami-Dade County, Florida, a jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, found the plaintiff to be 45% at fault and RJR Tobacco to be 55% at fault, and awarded $8.55 million in compensatory damages. Punitive damages were not at issue. The plaintiff alleged that as a result of using the defendant’s products, he suffers from bladder cancer and emphysema, and sought an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages. The court entered final judgment against RJR Tobacco in the amount of $4.7 million in October 2012, and in August 2013, the court entered an amended final judgment against RJR Tobacco in the amount of $5 million. RJR Tobacco filed a notice of appeal to the Third DCA and posted a supersedeas bond in the amount of $5 million in October 2013. Oral argument occurred on September 3, 2014. A decision is pending.

  • Contract Management 6.1 The Department employee responsible for maintaining the contract file for this ACS is: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Contract Manager FL Department of Management Services Division of State Purchasing 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxx. 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Telephone: 000-000-0000 E-mail: xxxxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx

  • SHOP XXXXXXX (a) The Union may elect or appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards to represent the employees and the Union shall notify the Company as to the name or names of such Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards. The Company agrees that no Shop Xxxxxxx shall suffer any discrimination by reason of holding such office.

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Policy The terms of the Partnership’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxx policy with respect to Units are incorporated herein by reference.

  • Working Xxxxxxx An employee who is in charge of a crew not more than five men including himself, engaged in line clearance work. (In the application of Article X, the Company need not consider the application for promotion to this classification from any employee having less than one year of experience in the Climber classification.)