Migration Sample Clauses

Migration. MCK shall provide all requisite assistance as is reasonably requested by NewCo in order to migrate the Services from MCK’s personnel, facilities and environment to NewCo’s (or its designee’s) personnel, facilities and environment, provided, that, other than as expressly set forth in the Service Schedule, NewCo shall be responsible for all third-party costs incurred by MCK and its Affiliates to migrate such Services and, provided further, that, NewCo shall be responsible for all costs associated with operational decisions made by NewCo for its set-up costs and costs to procure items (e.g., selection of Customer Relationship Management software). For the avoidance of doubt, NewCo will be responsible for migration to any new NewCo Data Center, including design, implementation and testing. MCK will provide reasonable support in such efforts. MCK will provide to NewCo an electronic copy in the then-current format of all data that is owned by NewCo (a) a written description of processes and procedures used by MCK in connection with the provision of Services to the Core MTS Business to the extent such descriptions exist, (b) a written description of all system documentation, architecture diagrams and business process diagrams for the systems, processes and controls used in the Core MTS Business to the extent such descriptions exist and (c) written training and onboarding materials used in the Core MTS Business to the extent such materials exist. In addition, MCK will, upon NewCo’s reasonable request, make available knowledgeable MCK personnel for knowledge transfer and discussion at a mutually agreed upon time with respect to the Services and the processes, procedures and systems used in the provision of the Services. The parties will meet in person to establish, within two (2) weeks following the Closing Date, a planning process for the migration of the Services from MCK’s personnel, facilities and environment to NewCo’s (or its designee’s) personnel, facilities and environment. During such meetings, the parties will identify workstreams and workstream leaders, staff project teams for each workstream, identify roles and responsibilities for project team members and create a project charter that will serve collectively as the basis for developing more detailed timelines and specific deliverables for each of the workstreams. At a minimum, there will be a workstream for each functional area that is the subject of Schedules. Each workstream will report to the Projec...
Migration. (a) The Parties agree to use, and to cause their respective Affiliates that are Providers or Recipients to use, their reasonable good faith efforts to cooperate with and assist each other in connection with the migration of the Business or the Acquiror Entities from the Parent and the Seller to the Acquiror, in each case and to the extent reasonably agreed by the Parties, taking into account the need to minimize both the cost of such migration and the disruption to the ongoing business activities of the Parties and their respective Affiliates. In furtherance thereof, to the extent that the Parties have not already done so prior to the Closing Date, the Parties shall (i) identify the respective tasks to be accomplished by each Party in connection with the orderly migration from the performance of any Service or provision of access to any Facility by a Provider to the performance of such Service and provision of access to such Facility by a Recipient, its Affiliates or a third Person (“Migration Services”), (ii) agree upon the terms of Provider providing such Migration Services and (iii) agree to a schedule pursuant to which the Migration Services are to be completed. The Migration Services shall terminate on the date which is three (3) months after the last date of any Scheduled Term or Additional Service Term with respect to any Service or access to a Facility under this Agreement. Any disputes between the Parties as to the identification of, terms of or schedule for Migration Services shall be rapidly and timely escalated and resolved in accordance with Section 7.09(a)(i) hereof on an expedited basis.
Migration. 1. The Parties reaffirm the importance of joint management of migration flows between their territories.
Migration. 1. The Parties agree to strengthen and intensify cooperation in the areas of the illegal migration, smuggling and trafficking in human beings, as well as the inclusion of the migration concerns in the national strategies for economic and social development of the areas from which migrants originate.
Migration. 18.1 Philips standard migration tool set-up service (Migration Tool Set-Up Service) consists of Philips installing a migration solution tool, configuring the migration interface, testing the migration solution tool, and training the Customer to operate and manage the migration tool for Customer to perform the data migration (Migration Set-up Tool Activities). For the purposes of clarification, Migration Set-Up Activities do not include Philips performing the migration, including starting and stopping the migration tool process, loading off-line media, monitoring the process, and correcting the migrated data (and not any Data Migration Project Management Consulting Service).
Migration. You will have the option to migrate the policy to other Health Insurance products/plans offered by the company by applying for migration of the policy at-least 30 days before the policy renewal date as per IRDAI guidelines on Migration. If You are presently covered and has been continuously covered without any lapses under any Health Insurance product/plan offered by the Company, then You will get the accrued continuity benefits in waiting periods as per IRDAI guidelines on Migration. For detailed guidelines on Migration. Kindly refer the link xxxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxx.xx/ADMINCMS/cms/frmGeneral_NoYearList.aspx?DF=RL&mid=4.2
Migration. No later than the third month of the six month notice period specified in Section 6.4, the Provider will: