Long Term Care Insurance Sample Clauses

Long Term Care Insurance. The University offers full-time faculty the opportunity to purchase Long-Term Care Insurance through a voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance policy. Faculty members are responsible for 100% of the premium, which may be remitted through payroll deduction.
Long Term Care Insurance. The County will provide long-term-care insurance provided the employee picks up the cost of premiums.
Long Term Care Insurance. The University agrees to provide an option for Bargaining Unit Members to purchase long-term care insurance through an outside vendor via payroll deduction, direct billing or automatic bank withdrawal, provided such insurance is generally available with commercially reasonable scope, terms, and conditions. Any costs associated with the insurance will be paid by the Bargaining Unit Member. The scope, terms and conditions of the coverage, including the costs, are subject to change based on the selection of a vendor to provide the coverage, which selection shall be within the University’s sole discretion.
Long Term Care Insurance. Employer shall provide Executive and Executive’s spouse with coverage under, and shall pay the premiums with respect to, long term care insurance in accordance with the terms, and subject to the conditions, as the Employer shall provide to other senior executive officers. The Executive acknowledges that this benefit shall be subject to the continued availability of such long term care insurance from the insurer under which this benefit is provided to other senior executives from time to time.
Long Term Care Insurance. For the duration of this Agreement, effective on the first day of the month, 30 days following Board approval, the District shall pay a maximum of $8.00 per month towards the premium of long term care insurance for benefit eligible bargaining unit members. The coverage provided in the plans shall meet the specifications agreed to by the District and POA and on file at the District Business Office.
Long Term Care Insurance. For faculty members working 75% or more of a full-time faculty contract, the District shall pay a maximum of $8.00 per month toward the premium for long-term care insurance. Any unused portion of the $8.00 may be used for employee-paid voluntary coverage for spouses. Coverage provided shall meet the specifications on file at the District Business Office.
Long Term Care Insurance. Employees shall be eligible to participate in the voluntary, employee-paid Long Term Care insurance plan made available to Port non-represented employees. Eligibility and participation of employees shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such plan including any plan amendment, revision or possible cancellation. It is further agreed that the content of the plan itself, plan administration and any determination made under the plan shall not be subject to the grievance procedure or to any other provisions of this agreement or to negotiation by the Union.
Long Term Care Insurance. Bargaining Unit members may purchase group long term care insurance, on an after-tax basis, which provides for skilled and custodial nursing care, home nursing care and adult day care. Evidence of insurability is required if the Bargaining Unit member does not enroll when first eligible, and is always required for enrollment of the spouse, domestic partner, parents, and parents-in-law.
Long Term Care Insurance. A. The Board of Education will provide a guaranteed issue, mandatory coverage long-term care insurance plan to all teachers employed by the school district on June 1, 2019. Anyone employed after June 1, 2019 will not be offered the long-term care plan.
Long Term Care Insurance. Long-term care insurance is offered to employees with the premiums to be paid by the employee.