Liens and Claims Sample Clauses

Liens and Claims. Tenant will keep the Property and the Complex free from any mechanics’, materialmen’s, designers’ or other liens arising out of any work performed, materials furnished or obligations incurred by or for Tenant or any person or entity claiming by, through or under Tenant. Tenant will upon request record and post notices of non-responsibility or such similar protective notices as Landlord may reasonably request. If any such liens are filed and Tenant, within 15 days after such filing, does not release the same of record or provide Landlord with a bond or other surety satisfactory to Landlord protecting Landlord and the Property and the Complex against such liens, Landlord may, without waiving its rights and remedies based upon such breach by Tenant and without releasing Tenant from any obligation under the Lease, cause such liens to be released by any means Landlord deems proper, including, but not limited to, paying the claim giving rise to the lien or posting security to cause the discharge of the lien. In such event, Tenant will reimburse Landlord, as Rent, for all amounts Landlord pays (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneysfees and costs). To the fullest extent allowable under the Laws, Tenant releases and will indemnify, protect, defend (with counsel reasonably acceptable to Landlord) and hold harmless the Landlord Related Parties and the Property and the Complex from and against any Claims in any manner relating to or arising out of the Tenant Improvements, any of the Work or any other work performed, materials furnished or obligations incurred by or for Tenant or any person or entity claiming by, through or under Tenant.
Liens and Claims. Supplier shall indemnify and hold harmless System Owner, Host Customer, and Lenders and defend each of them from all liens and claims filed or asserted by Supplier’s Subcontractors or other third parties claiming under Supplier against System Owner, the Host Customer, the System or the Premises for services performed or materials and equipment furnished to or by Supplier or its Subcontractors by such third parties, and from all Claims arising out of all such liens or claims. Supplier shall, at no cost to System Owner or Host Customer, promptly release, discharge or otherwise remove any such lien or claim by bonding, payment or otherwise and shall notify System Owner of such discharge, release or removal. If Supplier does not timely cause any such lien or claim to be discharged, released or otherwise removed by payment or bonding or other method approved in advance by System Owner, System Owner shall have the right (but not the obligation) to pay all sums necessary to obtain releases and discharges (including the settlement of any lien or claim). In such event, System Owner shall have the right to deduct all amounts so paid (plus reasonable attorneysfees) from amounts due Supplier hereunder; and upon reasonable demand by System Owner, Supplier shall reimburse System Owner for such amounts not deducted. Supplier shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause its Major Subcontractors to execute an indemnification agreement in favor of the Indemnitees in substantially the same form as this Section 13.2 prior to the start of their performance hereunder.
Liens and Claims. (a) During the Term, Tenant shall not suffer or permit to be enforced against the Development, or any part thereof, any mechanics', materialmen's, contractors', vendors', laborers' or subcontractors' liens growing out of the work, except work by or for Landlord or the City, on any building, construction, repair, alteration, restoration, replacement or improvement, and Tenant shall pay or cause to be paid all of said liens, claims or demands before any action is brought to enforce the same against the Development. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold Landlord and the City and the Development free and harmless from all liability for any and all such liens, claims, demands and actions (collectively the "Liens"), together with reasonable attorney's fees and all costs and expenses in connection therewith. Tenant shall notify Landlord of the filing of a Lien within ten (10) Business Days after Tenant has actual knowledge thereof.
Liens and Claims. During the initial term of this lease and any extension thereof, Tenant shall not suffer or permit any mechanic's liens or any other claims or demands arising from the work caused by Tenant for the repair, alteration or restoration of the building and all improvements to the leased premises, to be enforced against the leased premises or any part thereof, and Tenant agrees to hold Landlord and the leased premises free and harmless from all liability for any such liens, claims or demands, together with all costs and expenses in connection therewith; provided, however, if Tenant shall in good faith contest the validity of any lien, claim or demand, then Tenant shall, at its expense, defend itself and Landlord against the same and shall pay and satisfy any final adverse judgment that may be rendered therein before the enforcement thereof against Landlord or the premises, and Tenant shall name Landlord as additional obligee under any surety bond furnished in any such proceedings.
Liens and Claims. During the construction of the Interior Improvements and the installation of Tenant’s trade fixtures, Tenant shall keep the Premises and the Property free from any liens arising out of any work performed, materials furnished or obligation incurred by Tenant. In the event that Tenant shall not, within twenty (20) days following notice of the imposition of any such lien, cause the same to be released of record. Tenant may bond such lien with a bond in accordance with applicable California law to pay off said lien(s). In the event Tenant does not remove said lien as provided herein, Landlord shall have, in addition to all other remedies provided herein and by law, the right, but not the obligation, to cause the same to be released by such means as Landlord shall deem proper, including payment of the claim giving rise to such lien. All sums paid by Landlord for such purpose, and all expenses incurred by Landlord in connection therewith, shall be payable to Landlord by Tenant within five (5) business days after demand with interest at the highest interest rate allowable by law or Landlord may at its option, draw or make a demand under the Security Deposit and/or Letter of Credit to pay said Lien and have said Lien removed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall have the right to contest any lien so filed, however, Tenant must have said lien removed by a bond as described above or otherwise removed from the Premises within twenty (20) days as referenced above.
Liens and Claims. Lessee shall not suffer or cause to be enforced against Lessor or the Property, or any improvements thereon, or any part thereof, any lien, claim or demand arising from any work of construction, repair, restoration, maintenance or removal as herein provided, or otherwise arising (except liens, claims or demands suffered by or arising from the actions of Lessor), and Lessee shall pay all such liens, claims and demands before any action is brought to enforce the same against the Property, and Lessee agrees to hold Lessor and the Property free and harmless from all liability for any and all such liens, claims or demands, together with all costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneysfees and court costs incurred by Lessor in connection therewith. Lessee shall give Lessor written notice not less than ten (10) days in advance of the commencement of any construction, alteration, addition, improvement or repair exceeding $1,000.00 in value so that Lessor may post and maintain on the property notice of Lessor’s non-responsibility or such other notices as may be necessary to protect Lessor against liability for all such liens or otherwise.
Liens and Claims. 13.01 If, at any time, there is any lien or claim of any kind whatsoever filed against the Project by a Trade Contractor or anyone claiming under or through Construction Manager for work performed or materials, supplies or equipment furnished in connection with the Work for which Owner shall have paid or reimbursed Construction Manager, and Construction Manager shall not have reimbursed such Trade Contractor or other person or entity, then, Construction Manager shall, within fourteen (14) days after notice from Owner, cause such lien or encumbrance to be canceled and discharged of record by bonding or otherwise as a General Conditions expense as provided in Section 3.01.
Liens and Claims. Licensee shall not permit to be recorded against the Properties any mechanics’, materialmens’, contractors’ or subcontractorsliens or any claim for damage arising from the Licensee’s entry on or investigation of the Properties pursuant to this Agreement. If any such lien shall be recorded, Licensee shall cause the same to be removed by payment, bonding, or other means reasonably acceptable to Licensor.
Liens and Claims. Contractor shall indemnify and hold Company harmless from all liens on account of debts or claims alleged to be due from Contractor or its subcontractors to any Person, including subcontractors, and on behalf of Company and in Company’s name, shall defend at its own expense any claim or litigation in connection therewith.
Liens and Claims. Subcontractor shall, as and when requested, furnish evidence satisfactory to Direct Contractor and the Owner that claims for labor and materials furnished by Subcontractor in connection with performance of this Subcontract have been paid, including payroll taxes and employee benefits. Subcontractor shall furnish Direct Contractor releases of bond rights and lien rights by persons who have furnished labor, materials or other things in the performance of this Subcontract, it being agreed that payment of money otherwise due Subcontractor need not be made by Direct Contractor until such releases are furnished. Subcontractor shall take all necessary steps to ensure that no claims, liens, lawsuits, stop payment notices, or other liens are asserted in connection with the Project by any of its subcontractors or suppliers (regardless of tier), its or their employees, trust funds, taxing authorities or other creditors, and pursuant to the duties set forth herein shall fully defend, hold harmless and indemnify Owner and Direct Contractor against all such claims at Subcontractor’s sole expense. At Subcontractor’s sole expense, upon Direct Contractor’s request, Subcontractor shall within a reasonable period not to exceed five (5) calendar days, bond around any stop payment notices or liens, so that the job and any funding therefor shall remain free from encumbrances and liens, and Subcontractor shall take such other and further steps as may be necessary to remove the effect of any liens, stop payment notices or claims from the Project or any funds for the Project.