Land Area Sample Clauses

Land Area. The ownership of the Project Site shall always remain vested with the Authority. The rights of the Concessionaire in the Project Site shall only be that of a Lessee as provided in this Agreement. It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt that title to the land shall vest exclusively with the Authority and the Concessionaire shall only have the right to develop and use the same in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The ownership of all infrastructure assets, buildings, structures, equipment and other immovable and movable assets constructed, installed, located, created or provided by the Concessionaire in, on, over or under the Project Site pursuant to this Agreement shall, until transfer to the Authority in accordance with this Agreement, be with the Concessionaire.
Land Area. An area of land in accordance with Section 1.09 of these Minimum Standards, on the Airport to provide space for buildings, customer and employee parking, the parking and storage of equipment and access to the Airport’s aircraft parking areas.
Land Area. Except as otherwise provided in this Contract, the Concessionaire, at its sole cost and expense, shall maintain the Premises and the Premises’ improvements, in good condition and repair except as may be worn by normal wear, tear and use, and Landlord shall not have any responsibility therefore. For required maintenance and repairs conducted by Landlord, Concessionaire shall reimburse the Landlord for the labor, equipment, administration and materials expended to perform such work. Concessionaire shall keep the Premises clean and sanitary at all times. Concessionaire shall regularly inspect the Premises as necessary to protect the public from safety hazards, includingtrip and fall” or slippery obstacles or conditions, faulty electrical wiring or connections (including unlawful use of extension cords, bare or broken and exposed wires, etc.) and the like. Concessionaire shall keep the area up to ten (10’) feet outside of the Premises’ perimeter clean of rubbish and litter. No offensive materials, debris, boat maintenance material, bait, inventory, engines of any kind, support equipment or refuse matter nor any substance constituting any unnecessary, unreasonable or unlawful fire hazard or material detrimental to the public health shall be permitted on or within ten (10) feet of the Premises. The Concessionaire shall remove graffiti from the Premises within twenty four (24) hours of discovery by Concessionaire or Landlord, at Concessionaire’s sole expense. Concessionaire shall contract directly with the local utilities to provide metered electrical and gas services to the Premises. Concessionaire shall be responsible for electrical conduits, conductors, grounding equipment, gas lines and all other associated devices downstream of the electric or gas meter serving the Premises. Concessionaire shall be responsible for all mechanical equipment, as well as ancillary connections to the equipment, including, but not limited to, electrical, gas and water, wastewater, other utility service, vents, drains, supporting structures and aesthetic architectural structures. Concessionaire shall be responsible for all sewer plumbing upstream of the final connection to Harbor District lateral forced main sewer pipe near the Premises. Concessionaire is responsible for any required grease traps that are installed and which shall be maintained by the Concessionaire. Concessionaire shall be responsible for all potable water plumbing and natural gas plumbing downstream of the resp...
Land Area. During special events the beverage control area is generally defined as within 22 the area of the marina plaza bordered by the south curb of Solano Street to the south, the north 23 curb prolongation of Sacramento Street to the north from water’s edge to the exterior of the 24 landscape areas, excluding any parking areas. This area may be expanded or contracted as 25 necessary at the time an event permit is issued, to be determined generally by the size and type 1 of the event. 3 area.
Land Area. The land area of the Approved Sector Plan does not change by more than ten percent (10%), excluding the amount of Sector Plan acreage that is added as a Park that is open to the public;
Land Area. The marina land areas include all real property from the foot of the
Land Area. An area of land, in accordance with 1.06D, on the Airport for buildings, customer and employee vehicle parking, and temporary aircraft ramp parking, and access to the Airports Runway/Taxiway System.