Until Completion Sample Clauses

Until Completion. Cadbury Schweppes shall (subject always to applicable competition law) procure (and Coca-Cola UK shall do nothing to prevent Cadbury Schweppes so procuring) that the Purchaser and Coca-Cola UK, their agents and representatives are on reasonable notice given reasonable access during normal business hours to the Properties and to the books and records of the Companies, in the case of the Purchaser, to the extent reasonably necessary for the Purchaser to prepare for the business of the Companies to be carried on after Completion, and, in the case of Coca-Cola UK, for any purpose connected with this agreement, provided that any information obtained as a result of such access shall be used only for such purpose, and shall not be passed to any officer or employee of the Purchaser or Coca-Cola Enterprises or Coca-Cola UK, except for such purpose.
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Until Completion. (a) Until Completion, the Sellers and the Company must ensure that:
Until Completion the Seller shall not transfer or otherwise encumber the Shares or seek to do so.
Until Completion the Seller shall use reasonable endeavours to procure that any insurances of a Group Company which are due to expire prior to Completion are renewed. The Buyer shall indemnify the Seller (for itself and as trustee for each member of the Seller’s Group) on demand from and against all and any costs incurred by the Seller or any other member of the Seller’s Group (other than the Group Companies) in connection with the renewal of those insurances.
Until Completion the Seller shall exercise all rights and powers available to it so as to procure that, except with the written consent of the Purchaser (which shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned), it shall not, in relation to the conduct of the Business (other than in the ordinary course of the investment activities related to the Business):

Related to Until Completion

  • Final Completion The full and final completion of all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.

  • Substantial Completion “Substantial Completion” means the stage in the progress of the Work when the Work, or designated portions thereof, may still require minor modifications or adjustments but, in the Owner’s opinion, the Work has progressed to the point such that all parts of the Work under consideration are fully operational and usable for intended purposes, as evidenced by a Certificate of Substantial Completion approved by the Owner. If a Certificate of Occupancy is required by public authorities having jurisdiction over the Work, said certificate shall be issued before the Work or any portion thereof is considered substantially complete. When the Contractor considers that the Work, or a portion thereof which the Owner agrees to accept separately, is substantially complete, the Contractor shall notify Owner’s Designated Representative (sometimes referred to as the “ODR”) and request a determination as to whether the Work or designated portion thereof is substantially complete. If the ODR does not consider the Work substantially complete, the ODR will notify the Contractor giving reasons therefore. Failure on the Owner’s part to list a reason does not alter the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all Work in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. After satisfactorily completing items identified by Owner’s Designated Representative, the Contractor shall then submit another request for the ODR to determine Substantial Completion. If The ODR considers the Work substantially complete, The ODR will prepare and deliver a certificate of Substantial Completion which shall establish the date of Substantial Completion, shall include a punch list of items to be completed or corrected before final completion and final payment, shall establish the time within which the Contractor shall finish the punch list, and shall establish responsibilities of the Owner and the Contractor for security, maintenance, heat, utilities, damage to the Work, warranty and insurance. Failure to include an item on the punch list does not alter the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all Work in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The certificate of Substantial Completion shall be signed by the Owner and the Contractor to evidence acceptance of the responsibilities assigned to them in such certificate. Substantial Completion (as defined in this agreement) for all stages of the Work shall be achieved on or before the following Substantial Completion date: DATE FOR SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION: TBD Under no circumstances will the time for Substantial Completion exceed this date without a written amendment to this Agreement. THE TIMES SET FORTH IN THE CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS ARE AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF THE AGREEMENT. TIME LIMITS STATED IN THE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS ARE OF THE ESSENCE OF THIS AGREEMENT.

  • Project Completion The Project and the Work are complete.

  • Commencement and Completion 5.1 The Owner agrees to commence the Restoration Works, Landscaping Works, and Works and Utilities requirements and Inspection Services requirements forthwith upon adoption of City of Kelowna Heritage Revitalization Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. and to complete all such Works no later than December 31st, 2004.

  • Construction Completion The related Construction shall have been completed substantially in accordance with the related Plans and Specifications, the related Deed and all Applicable Laws, and such Leased Property shall be ready for occupancy and operation. All fixtures, equipment and other property contemplated under the Plans and Specifications to be incorporated into or installed in such Leased Property shall have been substantially incorporated or installed, free and clear of all Liens except for Permitted Liens.

  • DATE OF COMMENCEMENT AND SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION § 3.1 The date of commencement of the Work shall be: (Check one of the following boxes.) [ « » ] The date of this Agreement. [ « » ] A date set forth in a notice to proceed issued by the Owner. [ « » ] Established as follows: (Insert a date or a means to determine the date of commencement of the Work.) « » If a date of commencement of the Work is not selected, then the date of commencement shall be the date of this Agreement.

  • Completion Date The Work under this Contract shall be completed by midnight of the date required in the Contract as the Material Completion and Occupancy Date unless extended by approved requests for extension of time.

  • At Completion the Buyer shall:

  • Substantial Completion Date Substantial Completion of the Work as defined in Article 6.1.2 of the General Conditions to the Continuing Contract for Construction Management shall be achieved by July 31, 2022.

  • Project Completion Date It is agreed between the Parties that the Project Completion Date is <END DATE, YEAR>. If the Project is not completed by such date then, subject to an amendment agreed to between the Parties, Alberta Innovates may elect to terminate this Investment Agreement. In such event, Alberta Innovates will notify the Applicant of its decision to terminate as soon as reasonably practical and shall advise the Applicant of the effective date of termination. Alberta Innovates will have no liability or obligation to reimburse the Applicant for any Project Costs incurred after the effective date of termination and may require the Applicant to return any portions of the Investment which were spent on Ineligible Expenses. Additionally, any portion of the Investment not used and accounted for in accordance with this Agreement as of the Project Completion Date or earlier termination is repayable by the Applicant to AI at AI’s request.

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