Labour Sample Clauses

Labour. 1. Recognising that each Contracting Party has the right to determine its own labour standards of protection and to adopt or modify laws accordingly its ad hoc, each Contracting Party shall endeavour to ensure that its legislation provides labour standards consistent with the internationally recognized labor rights set forth in paragraph 6 of article 1 and will continue to improve those standards.
Labour. The Contractor shall, unless otherwise provided in the Contract, make his own arrangements for the engagement of all staff and labour, local or other, and for their payment, housing, feeding and transport. The Contractor shall, if required by the Engineer, deliver to the Engineer a return in detail, in such form and at such intervals as the Engineer may prescribe, showing the staff and the numbers of the several classes of labour from time to time employed by the Contractor on the Site and such other information as the Engineer may require.
Labour. The Lessee shall at all times comply with the Applicable Laws (including labor laws) and be responsible for construction and maintenance of necessary hutments for its labour within the Leased Land along with providing power, drinking water, sanitation and other facilities at its own cost. The Lessee shall demolish all such hutments and remove the debris from the Leased Land at its own cost and expenses before the Schedule Project Completion Date.
Labour. 1. Recognising the right of each Contracting Party to establish its own domestic labour standards, and to adopt or modify accordingly its labour legislation;
Labour. No material labour dispute with the employees of the Corporation or the Subsidiaries currently exists or, to the knowledge of the Corporation, is imminent. Neither the Corporation nor the Subsidiaries is a party to any collective bargaining agreement and, to the knowledge of the Corporation, no action has been taken or is contemplated to organize any employees of the Corporation or the Subsidiaries;
Labour. (a) The Vendors are not party to any labour or collective bargaining agreement and there are no labour or collective bargaining agreements which pertain to employees of the Vendors.