Project Completion Date Sample Clauses

Project Completion Date. It is agreed between the Parties that the Project Completion Date is <END DATE, YEAR>. If the Project is not completed by such date then, subject to an amendment agreed to between the Parties, Alberta Innovates may elect to terminate this Investment Agreement. In such event, Alberta Innovates will notify the Applicant of its decision to terminate as soon as reasonably practical and shall advise the Applicant of the effective date of termination. Alberta Innovates will have no liability or obligation to reimburse the Applicant for any Project Costs incurred after the effective date of termination and may require the Applicant to return any portions of the Investment which were spent on Ineligible Expenses. Additionally, any portion of the Investment not used and accounted for in accordance with this Agreement as of the Project Completion Date or earlier termination is repayable by the Applicant to AI at AI’s request.
Project Completion Date. The Applicant shall complete the Project by the last Milestone End Date specified in Schedule B. ("Project Completion Date"). If the Applicant terminates or stops work on its part of the Project for any reason prior to the Project Completion Date, it shall provide Notice to Alberta Innovates immediately.
Project Completion Date. If the Project, in the sole judgment of the Department, is not completed on or before the Project Completion Date.
Project Completion Date. The Recipient agrees to carry out the Project in a diligent and professional manner using qualified personnel, and complete same on or before the Project Completion Date.
Project Completion Date. The approved grant activities must be completed by June 30, 2023 (“Project Completion Date”). By the Project Completion Date, all Project activities must be completed, including submission of the Project Completion Report that is the attached Exhibit D and all cash requests.
Project Completion Date. The Project’s Completion Date shall be based on the Design-Builder’s Proposal, more specifically the number of calendar days past the Notice to Proceed (NTP) date issued by the Authority. The number of calendar days past the NTP is found on the Schedule of Contract Durations Form SCD, SCD-1 as part of the Design-Builder’s Proposal. See DB Section 101 for the definition of “Project Completion”. No extension beyond the Project Completion Date fixed by the terms of this Contract shall be effective unless in writing signed by the Authority. Any extension shall be for such time and terms and conditions as shall be fixed by the Authority, which may include the assessment of liquidated damages and a charge for engineering, inspection, or other expenses. Notice of application for such extension shall be filed with the Authority’s Project Manager at least 15 days prior to the Project Completion Date fixed by the terms of this Contract. The Design-Builder shall pay the Authority liquidated damages as provided in Article 15 of this Agreement for failure to achieve Project Completion by the Project Completion Date.
Project Completion Date. The Project Completion Date shall have occurred.
Project Completion Date. 7.1 The Organization will complete the Project on or before March 29, 2004 (the “Project Completion Date”).
Project Completion Date. (11) The County where the Project is located or, if it is located in more than one county, where it is primarily located.
Project Completion Date. The Recipient shall achieve Project Completion with respect to Projects financed/supported by its entire CMF Award by the date set forth in Schedule 1 of this Assistance Agreement, which date shall be five (5) years after the Effective Date of this Assistance Agreement, unless otherwise determined in writing by the CDFI Fund, and as further specified in Section 3.8.