Leased Land definition

Leased Land means land which is the subject of a lease granted under section 60 or 93G; S. 3 def. of "lessee" amended by No. 39/1997 s. 4(2)(b).
Leased Land means land which is the subject of a lease granted under section 60 or 93G;
Leased Land means the land described in Exhibit A attached hereto.

Examples of Leased Land in a sentence

  • Number of Leases: A total number of two Leases have been entered into with respect to the lease of the Leased Land and Properties under the 2024 Lease Agreements.

  • The right-of-use assets represent the Lessees’ rights to use the Leased Land and Properties over the lease term, and the leased liability represents the obligation of the Lessees to make lease payments (i.e., the rent).

  • The Leased Land and Properties consist of land and buildings located in the Samroung Tong District, Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia and are used by the Group as its operational premises.

  • Historically, the Lessees have been leasing land and properties from the Landholding Company to use as production facilities, office premises, warehouses, function rooms, dormitories and employee canteens, and the Group intends to continue with this leasing arrangement through the entering into of the 2024 Lease Agreements and leasing the Leased Land and Properties.

  • On 11 December 2023, MFEC and Xxxx Xxx (both wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company) and the Landholding Company entered into the 2024 Lease Agreements, under which the Landholding Company agreed to lease the Leased Land and Properties to MFEC and Xxxx Xxx upon the terms and conditions under the respective agreement.

More Definitions of Leased Land

Leased Land means, collectively, the Marina Lease and any other land that is now or hereafter subject to a Facility Lease.
Leased Land means land that is the subject of a lease granted under section 103;
Leased Land refers to the land leased to Seller pursuant to the Land Leases.
Leased Land that portion of the Site that is subject to the Greenhouse Master Lease.
Leased Land means the real estate and interests in real estate described in Exhibit A attached hereto and by reference made a part hereof, together with the buildings, additions, improvements and facilities thereon and appurtenances thereto, including, but not limited to all other rights and easements appurtenant to the land, the building, and other improvements such as parking lots and common areas. However, the Leased Land does not include that part of the building or the land underneath that part of the building that is not included as part of the Hospital as set forth in Exhibit A.
Leased Land means the land underlying xxx components of the Tax-Exempt Project marked on Exhibit A to the IDB Lease Agreement.
Leased Land means, in the case of Xxxxxx, the land described in ----------- Schedule A annexed hereto as Parcels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and any and all easements, ---------- rights-of-way, strips and gores of land, waters, water courses, water rights, mineral, gas and oil rights and all power, air, light and other rights, estates, titles, interests, privileges, liberties, servitudes, licenses, tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever, in any way demised under the Mortgaged Leases or belonging, relating or appertaining thereto, or any part thereof, or which hereafter shall in any way be demised under the Mortgaged Leases or belong, relate or be appurtenant thereto.