July and August Sample Clauses

July and August. This notification must be provided to the district within two (2) weeks of layoff notification.
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July and August i. Tuition paid by District: The District may provide in-service credit (30 clock hours = 1 in-service credit) and/or compensation equal to 50% of the staff development rate. The District will identify the form(s) of compensation available upon receipt and approval of the unit member's request.
July and August. The provisions of this clause which allow for eight (8) days off for twelve month employees, are not intended to create additional accounting. Therefore, the following employees will still be eligible to take the eight (8) days off even though they may not have worked sufficient additional time per day throughout the year:  newly hired twelve month employees;  employees who transfer from a ten month position to a twelve month position; and  employees who return from a paid or unpaid leave of absence. Further, employees will not be reimbursed by the Board for the previously worked additional fifteen (15) minutes per day during the year should the employee:  transfer from a twelve month position to a ten month position;  commence a paid or unpaid leave of absence; or  terminate their employment with, or have their employment terminated by, the Calgary Board of Education for any reason. Breaks from Work
July and August. 9.03 If a common complaint concerning two or more members arises it may be brought forward as a group complaint. It must first be brought up verbally with the members’ Supervisor within two (2) months of the incident giving rise to the complaint. The Supervisor shall give an answer within ten (10) working days after the group has lodged the complaint.
July and August. The District may provide in-service credit and/or compensation at the staff development rate. The District will identify in advance the form(s) of compensation available for each summer in-district staff development course. Unit members will request enrollment and desired compensation if a choice is available. In the event a unit member has taken the maximum allowable professional development courses during the summer and wishes to take additional staff development courses, they may audit the course(s) without compensation upon obtaining the approval of the Association president or designee.
July and August. Vacations may be taken in increments of one (1) week at a time. It is further agreed that an employee may take one (1) week of his/her earned vacation (five (5) days total), one (1) day at a time if the employee has earned two (2) weeks of vacation. An employee may take two (2) weeks of his/her earned vacation (ten (10) days total), one (1) day at a time if the employee has earned three (3) weeks or more vacation. At least forty-eight (48) hours notice will be required (except by mutual agreement) and the Employer will verify the request, forty-eight (48) hours prior to the requested vacation day(s). The number off will be subject to the fifteen percent (15%) provision in Section 7 and the fifteen percent (15%) provision in Section 9. Seniority will control when more requests are made than can be permitted to be off and one (1) week increments will take priority over day(s). During the forty eight (48) hours prior to vacation day(s), no bumping will be permitted.
July and August. Past practice shall prevail both as to the time of taking vacation and the number of employees entitled to be off on vacation at any time provided that a minimum of fifteen percent (15%) of the total number of employees by classification shall be permitted to go on vacation between May 1st and October 1st each year.
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July and August. Vacancies will not be posted during the summer months, with the exception of the first week of July and the last week of August. However, if the employee formally appointed to the position following posting and filling in September started working in the position in the summer and has worked without a break in employment until his/her appointment, they will receive retroactive recognition of the time.
July and August. The senior employee will be given the first choice of the remaining weeks. BEREAVEMENT LEAVE death occurs in the immediate family of an active such employee will benefit from a paid as follows: Five (5) consecutive working days paid leave for Spouse, Children, and Stepchildren of the employee. Three(3) consecutiveworking days paid leave for his Father, Mother, Fatiler-in-law, Mother-in-law, Sister, Brother-in-law,Sister-in-law, Grandparents, in-law, Grandchildren, Step-Mother and Step-Father, of the employee. In order to be entitled to bereavement and pay, the employee must provide evidence of the death to Company. The employee be paid for the number of hours would have normally worked at regular straight time occupational rate.
July and August. With respect to the first shift job classification which requires an employee to be able to drive a delivery truck and also to perform the job responsibilities of warehouse worker III, the Company shall have the sole authority to determine an appropriate number of driver/warehouse worker III positions to be filled. Any subsequent posting for the first shift work assignment shall be posted as a warehouse worker III position only.
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