Paid or Unpaid Leave of Absence Sample Clauses

Paid or Unpaid Leave of Absence. For purposes of determining the vesting of RSUs under this Agreement, a paid or unpaid leave of absence that has been approved by the Company shall not constitute a termination of your employment with the Company and its Subsidiaries. During such paid or unpaid leave of absence, until a termination of your employment with the Company and its Subsidiaries occurs, the RSUs shall continue to vest as set forth in this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, vesting of your award during any notice period relating to any termination of your employment by the Company (and, if applicable, by any Subsidiary for whom you are employed) other than for Cause is determined under Section 8(j) of this Agreement.
Paid or Unpaid Leave of Absence. The District reserves its right to place an employee on paid administrative leave pending resolution of a disciplinary matter, which shall result in no loss in pay and benefits, and shall not be considered a break in service. The District shall notify the employee of his/her placement on paid administrative leave, the reasons and terms of the leave, and that the leave does not in any way restrict the employee's right to be represented by or otherwise discuss the matter with the Association. The Association is entitled to receive a copy of the notice. An employee may be placed in unpaid status if charged with a mandatory or optional leave of absence criminal offense, as provided in the Education Code. (Education Code‌ §§ 44940, 44940.5, 45304.)

Related to Paid or Unpaid Leave of Absence

  • Unpaid Leave of Absence If an employee is on an unpaid leave of absence, then vacation leave, compensatory time, or sick leave cannot be used for the purpose of maintaining eligibility for an Employer Contribution by keeping the employee on a State payroll for one (1) working day per pay period.

  • Paid Leave of Absence Upon request an employee shall be granted a leave of absence with pay for:

  • Unpaid Leaves of Absence A. A leave of absence shall be granted to any teacher, upon application, for the purpose of participating in exchange teaching programs in other school districts, states, territories or countries; foreign or military teaching programs; the Peace Corps, Teachers’ Corps or Job Corps as a full-time participant in such program; or a cultural travel or work program related to his/her professional responsibilities; provided said teacher states his/her intention to return to the school system.

  • LEAVE OF ABSENCE With respect to the Award, the Company may, in its sole discretion, determine that if you are on leave of absence for any reason you will not be considered as having terminated employment with the Company; however, your rights to the Restricted Stock Units during a leave of absence will be limited to the extent to which those rights were earned or vested when the leave of absence began.

  • Extended Leave of Absence Professional employees who have attained renewable contract status may request extended leaves of absence for one (1) year without pay under any one of the circumstances listed in this section. All requests for such extended leave of absence will be applied for and granted or rejected in writing. Such application will be reviewed by the principal and superintendent. If the latter approves, he/she will recommend that the leave be granted by the Board. An employee returning from an extended leave will be assigned to the same position as that which he/she held before assuming the leave, providing that position still exists. By mutual agreement between the employer and the employees, he/she may be given a different assignment. Extended leaves of absence may be requested under, but not limited to, the following:

  • Unpaid Leave Requests by employees for unpaid leave of absence shall be made in writing to the department supervisor and may be granted at the Employer's discretion. The employee shall give at least seven (7) days' notice to minimize disruption of staff. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to comply with such requests. Notice of the Employer's decision shall be given in writing as soon as possible.

  • Parental Leave of Absence A Parental Leave of Absence will be granted, subject to the following:

  • Unpaid Leaves A. Leaves of absence without pay or benefits up to one [1] year in duration may be granted upon written request from a bargaining unit member. Requests for leaves of absence shall include the reason for the leave along with the notification of the beginning and ending dates of said leaves. Parental/Child Care leave requests shall also include a statement from the attending physician indicating the anticipated date of birth of the child, where applicable. A bargaining unit member returning from a leave of absence shall be reinstated to the same position and classification he/she held when the leave began. At least thirty [30] calendar days prior to the date a leave is scheduled to expire, the bargaining unit member shall notify the employer of his/her intent to return to work.

  • Union Leave of Absence An employee on an unpaid Union leave of absence shall have her wages, benefits and seniority continued by the Employer, and the Union agrees to reimburse the Employer for the costs of such wages and benefits. Employees requesting leave under this article will provide the Employer with as much advance notice as possible of the dates of the leave. Where there are less than fifteen (15) regular employees at a workstation at the time the leave request is submitted, and subject to operational requirements, unpaid Union leave of absence will be granted to one employee for the purpose of conducting Union business. This would be an additional person on Union leave at worksites where the position of the Union President or Council member has been backfilled for the duration of their term of office. A leave of absence without pay shall be granted to an employee who is a member of the Union and who is:

  • Return from Leave of Absence (a) Before a Nurse may return to work from a leave granted under Article 9.00, she or he must provide a minimum of four (4) weeks written notice of the specific date of his or her return to work, or such shorter time as mutually agreed.