Journey Sample Clauses

Journey. Any trip, other than a period of Secondment over 12 months, described in the Schedule of Benefits and including a Charity Trip or Incentive Trip, which:
Journey was made to get Treatment overseas.
Journey along the “way” (cf. Isa 40:3);
Journey. Lufthansa and Air China offer direct flights between Munich and Beijing, which is the most convenient way to reach Beijing. Cost amount to roughly 600€ to 650€ return. Whether or not you already want to book a return ticket is up to you, flexible return date might be a pricy but valuable option. Stop-over flights to Beijing exists as well, I thought the British Airways service via Heathrow to be an offer of great value, approximately 150€ less for additional three hours. Other ways include Polish Lot, via Warsaw, Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi and Russian Aeroflot via Moscow. The flight times range between 13 and 17 hours and cost around 350 Euro. Once arrived at the Beijing Airport, one can reach campus by subway (about 1 -1.5 hours) or Taxi (1 hour), Taxi is strongly recommended. Going by subway is allot cheaper and tickets can be bought by cash. The taxi will be around 10 – 20 Euro depending on the traffic. Be sure to take a real taxi at the official taxi stand and don’t react to random at the airport offering you a taxi ride (fake taxis) which cost three to five times the price. The trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing may also be considered, indeed a lengthy travel, but surely a great experience.
Journey. Do is a connected growth platform, based on 25 years of research for how people best learn and create value in their lives, designed to help people grow on paths that are meaningful to them, within a supportive community.The focus is on supporting positive change, by powering your team to be seen, connected, valued, and validated for their growth and impact as a parole officer. The first 90 days will include the specific library build, identifying and documenting necessary procedures and policies specific to Texas Juvenile Justice Department, a deep dive into the system and any necessary modifications to the library build before staff begin their modules. At 120 days, each parole officer will be given a user guide, login, and a tutorial on how to navigate the system. 3SGF will provide continual and ongoing technical support, project and contractual management, and program impact analysis and revision services.
Journey. A journey is a stay of over one day outside the person's normal place of residence or a stay of shorter duration at a location at least 30 km from the person's legal residence discounting routes to work. The max- imum duration of a journey is a total of 365 days.
Journey. Business Address32 JOURNEY
Journey. Any trip undertaken for the purpose of the Business outside the city, town or municipal limits of the place where the Business is situated. The CoverIn the event of loss of or Damage to accompanied and or checked in Baggage due to Accident whilst on and journey, anywhere in the world, the company will pay the actual value of the Baggage at the time of happening of the Damage, provided always that no liability will arise for any claim which is otherwise indemnifiable by a contract of affreightment for accompanied or checked in baggage. Limit of LiabilityCompany’s liability under this Section shall not exceed the Limit of Liability stated in the Schedule. ConditionLoss of Damage to baggage covered under this sub-Section should be reported to Police within 24 hours of discovery and a written report obtained. ExclusionsThis Section does not cover1. First Rs.500/- (five hundred only) in each and every claim.2. Damage due to cracking, scratching or breakage of lenses or glass whether part of any equipment or otherwise or of china marble, gramophone records or other articles of a brittle or fragile nature, unless such Damage arises from an accident to any vessel, train, vehicles or aircraft by which such property is conveyed.
Journey title poster.” Journey. Thatgamecompany, 2012. Source:Wikipedia,
Journey. By Train: Up to 2 tier A/C (Ticket should be produced.)• By Air: As per eligibility (Boarding pass should be produced). If the flight ticket is booked through a travel agent, Service charge/ tax paid by the agent can also be claimed. • By Road: If private vehicles are hired, original printed and stamped receipts along with printed trip sheet with vehicle number will only be accepted.field visits, if the journey commences from Chennai, effort should be made to hire the vehicle through Logistic Centre. Written permission to hire a vehicle should be obtained from CSRC before the journey.