Journeyman definition

Journeyman means a worker who has attained a level of skill, abilities and competencies recognized within an industry as having mastered the skills and competencies required for the occupation.
Journeyman means an individual who is properly certified by the electrical bureau or the mechanical bureau, as required by law, to engage in or work at the certified trade;

Examples of Journeyman in a sentence

Prior to being awarded a job in the Gas Department, an employee who has not previously held a Gas Journeyman classification must successfully pass the Gas Evaluation (Gas EVs) administered by the Company.

Gas Operations vacancies shall be filled by employees currently holding Journeyman classifications within the Gas Operations Work Groups covered by this agreement.

Only Contractor employees that meet the requirements of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker's standards for Journeyman Lineman and who have successfully completed a Metro-North power orientation class shall be considered for the work of this Section.

A Gas Journeyman selected by the Union will be present when the Gas EV Test is given to the employee.

At least two (2) Shop Testers and/or Journeymen will be assigned to work the second shift, however, should illness or other unforeseen absence of a scheduled Shop Tester or Journeyman occur, no violation of this provision will be considered.

More Definitions of Journeyman

Journeyman means a person who:
Journeyman means an employee who has completed a contract of apprenticeship under the Manpower Training Act, 1981, or a contract of apprenticeship recognised by the Council in any one of the classes of work specified under Rate A or category 5 in Schedule G or under Group Z in Schedule F of Part II of this Agreement, or an employee who is over 21 years of age and in possession of a certificate recognised or issued by the Council enabling him to be employed as a journeyman;
Journeyman means a person who performs journeyman's work and who -