Interconnection Provider definition

Interconnection Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission.
Interconnection Provider means the FERC-regulated or United States Department of Energy entity with whom the Facility has contracted for interconnection to the electric transmission grid; in the event Interconnection Provider is PacifiCorp, PacifiCorp would be the Interconnection Provider operating in its regulated transmission function, and not as the party hereto.
Interconnection Provider means the service provider to whose network an interconnection is sought for providing telecommunication services.

Examples of Interconnection Provider in a sentence

  • The Parties recognize that Seller will enter into the Generation Interconnection Agreement with the Interconnection Provider.

  • Seller shall be responsible for paying or satisfying when due all costs or charges imposed in connection with the scheduling and delivery of Net Output up to and at the Point of Delivery, including transmission costs, Transmission Service, and transmission line losses, and any operation and maintenance charges imposed by Interconnection Provider and Transmission Provider for the Interconnection Facilities.

  • Seller shall have no claims hereunder against PacifiCorp, acting in its merchant function capacity, with respect to any requirements imposed by or damages caused by (or allegedly caused by) acts or omissions of the Transmission Provider or Interconnection Provider, in connection with the Generation Interconnection Agreement or otherwise.

  • Recommendation 1It is recommended that as a matter of urgency, the Navalimpianti Tecnimpianti Group alert all owners of vessels fitted with the SPTDL-150P stored-power telescopic lifeboat davits of the circumstances of this accident and issue instructions on what immediate inspections and maintenance should be carried out to prevent a failure of wire rope falls for the same or similar reasons.

  • Except as otherwise provided in the Interconnection Agreement (and in such case, only vis-à-vis Interconnection Provider), Counterparty shall bear all costs and expenses, including those incurred by PacifiCorp, relating to all metering or other equipment installed to accommodate Counterparty’s Facility.

More Definitions of Interconnection Provider

Interconnection Provider means a public network operator who receives a request to provide interconnection under the Act or Regulations;
Interconnection Provider means Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. “KW” means kilowatt.
Interconnection Provider means, with respect to any Project, the provider of interconnection services for such Project under the Interconnection Agreement for such Project.
Interconnection Provider means the Buyer or another person or entity that owns and/or operates the distribution and transmission lines and the other equipment and facilities to which the Seller interconnects at the Point of Delivery. Seller must have a Generation Interconnection Agreement with the Interconnection Provider.
Interconnection Provider means the Concessionaire which is providing interconnect services to an interconnecting concessionaire;
Interconnection Provider means SDG&E for the Chula Vista Facility, and SDG&E for the Escondido Facility.
Interconnection Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission. “KW” means kilowatt.