Definition of Point of Delivery

Point of Delivery means the point of interconnection between the Facility and the System, as specified in the Generation Interconnection Agreement and as further described in Exhibit 9.2.
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Point of Delivery means PacifiCorp's 161 kV busbar at the Goshen Substation,
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Point of Delivery shall mean:
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Examples of Point of Delivery in a sentence

IMBALANCES Except to the extent Point of Receipt and Point of Delivery imbalances are reconciled and resolved pursuant to Rate Schedule(s) TABS-1 and/or MBA, as applicable, imbalances shall be reconciled and resolved pursuant to Section 8 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions.
Buyer shall be responsible for the installation and operation of adequate safety equipment downstream of the Point of Delivery so as to relieve or control pressure variations within the limits described above that may, for any reason through malfunction of Seller's equipment or otherwise, occur on Buyer's side of the "Delivery Point".
The Point of Delivery for all gas delivered hereunder shall be at the outlet side of Seller's measuring and regulating equipment.
In the event that Replacement Customer selects a new Primary Point of Delivery that is located within the acquired contract path, the portion of the path no longer covered by that contract is deemed to be unsubscribed capacity that may be sold by Algonquin for the term of the capacity release agreement.
Title and risk of loss to the electricity shall pass from Producer to Company at the Point of Delivery.

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Point of Delivery means the LEU Meter.
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