Standards and Specifications definition

Standards and Specifications means the “Standards and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public and Private Improvements” as adopted and amended by the City from time to time.
Standards and Specifications means such written standards, procedures, specifications and policies of the Company that apply to the Work or the obligations of the Contractor under this Agreement, as such may be established, added or amended by the Company from time to time, whether before or during the Term, on reasonable notice to the Contractor;
Standards and Specifications means the standards and specifications, as applicable to Project Configuration, relating to the quality, quantity, capacity and other requirements for the Project as set forth in Schedule-C and read together with Schedules B, D, E and F and any modifications thereof, or additions as included in the design and engineering for the Project submitted by the Concessionaire to and expressly approved by the Authority;

Examples of Standards and Specifications in a sentence

  • Establish, to NRCS Standards and Specifications ,conservation practices or activities described in this Contract as scheduled, to operate and maintain these practices or activities for the intended purpose and life span identified in this Contract, and to comply with the terms and conditions of this Contract and all applicable Federal, State, Tribal, and local laws.

  • The applicant shall have the complete sets of engineering plans (as described above) prepared by their own professional engineer(s), and such engineering plans shall be prepared by or under the direct supervision of a professional engineer licensed in the State of Texas, as required by State law governing such professions and in accordance with this Ordinance and the City’s Technical Construction Standards and Specifications (TCSS).

  • The City of Seagoville’s Technical Construction Standards and Specifications for the construction of subdivision improvements, a copy of which is maintained and available for inspection at the City Hall, and which is incorporated herein by reference.

  • Standards and Specifications The Operator shall procure and deploy Buses in accordance with the specifications and standards of Buses provided in Schedule-B.

  • Compliance towards the provisions of PNGRB (Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for Natural Gas Pipelines) Regulations, 2009.

More Definitions of Standards and Specifications

Standards and Specifications means all the standard specifications and standard detailed drawings prepared by the responsible city departments and the city engineer that have been approved by resolution of the city council.
Standards and Specifications means the "2011 Maryland Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control" or any subsequent revisions.
Standards and Specifications means the standards, specifications, terms and conditions which must be strictly adhered to by the Concessionaire in relation to the implementation of the Project and shall include the following: (i) Construction Conditions; (ii) Operating Conditions; (iii) project plan; (iv) Milestones and (v) any other condition that may be specified by State Govt necessary for the effective implementation of the Project; and such Standards and Specifications shall be provided in detail in Schedule I of this Concession Agreement.
Standards and Specifications means the standards and specifications, including but not limited to, Ministry Activity Standards Documents, FFT Activity Standards Documents, FIA Activity Standards Documents, and administrative direction as posted on the FFT website or as approved in writing by the Ministry Representative;
Standards and Specifications means the 2011 Maryland Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control and any subsequent revisions.
Standards and Specifications means the City of Burlington’s standard construction specifications and drawings, as amended, including but not limited to those for sewers, as prescribed by the Director of Engineering Services;
Standards and Specifications means a list of tests, references to analytical procedures or methods, investigations, quality release and acceptance criteria that are numerical limits, ranges, or other criteria for the quality release of Clinical Vaccine which will be defined by TGC and reviewed and approved by IAVI and modified as required with the written approval of both Supply Parties.