Initiation Fees Sample Clauses

Initiation Fees. During the life of this Agreement, and in accordance with the terms of the form "Initiation for Union Membership," the Employer agrees to deduct such initiation fee from the pay of any Employee who authorizes such deduction by signing the initiation fee form.
Initiation Fees. Initiation fees for membership in the Union shall be an amount not to exceed the maximum prescribed by the Constitution of the International Union, and which is uniformly required of each applicant for membership in the Local Union.
Initiation Fees. (2013) In compliance with the Provisions of Section 101 of the Province of Alberta Labour Act, the Management will honor a written request-from-an-employee occupying a position coming within the scope of the Agreement, on approved form provided by the union to deduct from wages due him/her on the pay period which contains the 24th calendar day of the month, such initiation fees as specified therein. The company agrees to remit such form to the Local Union office.
Initiation Fees. The Company agrees that upon receipt of written authorization in the form of a signed Union Membership Card, it will deduct from the wages of employees joining the Union after the ratification of this Agreement, the initiation fee due from him/her to the Union on the first pay-day of the following calendar month and shall remit the same to the Financial Secretary of the Union on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the calendar month. The initiation fee will not exceed $50.00.
Initiation Fees. Upon execution of this agreement, Member shall pay to the Club, an initiation fee of $ . The initiation fees are non-transferable.
Initiation Fees. Each Site Owner shall pay a one time initiation fee of up to Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750) per Site as determined by the Association upon accepting the original deed from the Declarant. The amount of the initiation fee shall be set by the Board of Directors and be due and payable to the Association at the time grantee closes on the property with the Declarant.
Initiation Fees. The Newark Public Schools agrees to deduct initiation fees from new employ- ees covered by this agreement. The Union shall provide written notice to the Newark Public Schools, along with signed authorization from the employee no later than thirty (30) days after the employee is hired. Deduction of initiation fee shall begin with the second pay period of the month after the notice described above is received. The initiation fee shall be deducted in four (4) equal installments, one install- ment each in four (4) pay periods, and shall be remitted to the union by estab- lished dues deduction procedures. The Union agrees that it shall be the employeesresponsibility to complete payment of initiation fees, or any part thereof directly to the union, if he/she does not receive a pay check due to circumstances beyond the Newark Public Schools control.
Initiation Fees. All employees covered by the terms of this agreement,will be required to complete and sign a Union Membership Application and Authorization for check off of dues and initiation fee (Form supplied by the union, and shall remain members of the union as a condition of employment. All present employees of the Company pay union dues and initiation fees as a condition of employment. All new employeeshired shall also, as a conditionof employment,have deducted from their pay the monthly union dues, or an equivalent sum, and shall, at the completion of the probationary period, have deducted their pay the union initiation fee, which will be checked off by the Company.
Initiation Fees. If notified in writing by the Union and with the acknowledgement of the initiate, the Employer will be required to withhold initiation fees for any initiate (Apprentice or post- apprentice) and remit them to the Union on a monthly basis.