Individual Insurance Sample Clauses

Individual Insurance. Any Party may procure and maintain at its own cost and expense such other insurance as it shall determine and any such insurance shall inure solely for the benefit of such Party procuring the same; provided, however, that each such insurance policy shall contain a waiver an the part of the insurance carrier of all rights, by subrogation or otherwise, against each Party not named as an insured in such policy or if such waiver is not secured the insured shall indemnify and hold harmless each Party not named as an insured in such policy against any claim of the insurance carrier arising against such Party by subrogation or otherwise.
Individual Insurance. By virtue of taking title to a Unit subject to the terms of this Declaration, each Owner covenants and agrees with all other Owners and with the Association that each Owner shall carry blanket all-risk casualty insurance on the Unit(s) and structures constructed thereon meeting the same requirements as set forth in Section 1 of this Article V for insurance on the Common Area, unless the Neighborhood Committee or Neighborhood Association for the Neighborhood in which the Unit is located or the Association carries such insurance (which they are not obligated to do hereunder). Each Owner further covenants and agrees that in the event of a partial loss or damage and destruction resulting in less than total destruction of structures comprising his Unit, the Owner shall proceed promptly to repair or reconstruct the damaged structure in a manner consistent with the original construction or such other plans and specifications as are approved in accordance with Article X of this Declaration. The Owner shall pay any costs of repair or reconstruction which is not covered by insurance proceeds. In the event that the structure is totally destroyed the Owner may decide not to rebuild or to reconstruct, in which case the Owner shall clear the Unit of all debris and return it to substantially the natural state in which it existed prior to the beginning of construction and thereafter the Owner shall continue to maintain the Unit in a neat and attractive condition consistent with the Community-Wide Standard. A Neighborhood Association may impose more stringent requirements regarding the standards for rebuilding or reconstructing structures on the Unit subject to its jurisdiction and the standard for returning the Units to their natural state in the event the structures are not rebuilt or reconstructed. Each Owner shall also obtain liability insurance covering his or her property in reasonable amounts in line with current market standards as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Individual Insurance. The insurance companies for which deductions will be made shall be restricted to those companies for which deductions are being made as of the ratification date of this Agreement. A new company may only be added when five (5) or more employees indicate a desire for the addition of a particular company.
Individual Insurance. Insurance for a person, which may include in its cover the family unit or a group of people that live together or, alternatively, is a joint insurance covering one or more members; Group Insurance: Insurance covering a group of people, linked among themselves and to the Policyholder by a bond or common interest; Policy: The document that authorises the contract signed between the Policyholder and the Insurer, bearing the General and Special Conditions, if there are any, and the Specific Conditions agreed;
Individual Insurance. If local, state or federal law requires bargaining unit members to maintain insurance as a condition of employment, the Employer shall pay all costs associated with the purchase of such insurance. If the Employer is in any way prohibited from paying for insurance required as a condition of employment, bargaining unit members shall be reimbursed for any costs incurred in the maintenance of such insurance.
Individual Insurance. Based upon the premiums for comprehensive individual medical, vision and dental insurance ("Insurance Premiums"), the Board shall contribute:
Individual Insurance. The guarantee is exclusively acquired for a mobile device (telephone) belonging to and/or used by the insured party and purchased new in the context of an Orange subscription.
Individual Insurance the insurance including a natural person specified in the agreement;

Related to Individual Insurance

  • Dental Insurance The State agrees to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the employee premium of a dental insurance program for full-time employees. The benefit levels of this program shall provide one hundred percent (100%) coverage for preventive care and eighty percent (80%) coverage for general service care. The State agrees to provide payroll deduction for dental insurance, provided such arrangements are agreed to by the insurance carrier. Dependent coverage will be available provided there is sufficient employee participation in the dental insurance program. Dependent coverage will be at the employees' expense.

  • TOOL INSURANCE 426. As applicable, the City agrees to indemnify employees covered under this Agreement for the loss or destruction of the employee's tools subject to the following conditions:

  • Basic Medical Insurance All regular Employees may choose to be covered by the medical plan for which the British Columbia Medical Plan is the licensed carrier. Benefits and premiums shall be in accordance with the existing policy of the plan. The Employer will pay one hundred percent (100%) of the regular premium.

  • Group Dental Insurance Not available to part-time Station Attendants. Group insurance coverage for temporary full-time employees will be in accordance with XXX #1. Such benefits, once established, are retained even if an employee's status reverts back to part-time, providing that employment has been continuous.

  • General Insurance Requirements During the Term, Tenant shall at all times keep each Leased Property, and all property located in or on any Leased Property, including Leasehold Improvements, Fixtures and Tenant’s Personal Property, insured with the kinds and amounts of insurance described below. This insurance shall be written by companies authorized to do insurance business in the State in which the applicable Leased Property is located, provided, however, that the insurers or reinsurers issuing policies covering general liability and/or professional liability claims (or providing reinsurance coverage with respect to such claims) need only to have such authorizations to do insurance business as are required by applicable law. All companies providing insurance required by the terms of this ARTICLE XIII (including, without limitation, any Captive Insurance Company) must have a rating at least as high as the rating required by any applicable Facility Mortgagee. The policies must name as loss payee (i) the holder of any mortgage, deed of trust or other security agreement (“Facility Mortgagee”) securing any Encumbrance placed on the applicable Leased Property in accordance with the provisions of ARTICLE XXXVIII (“Facility Mortgage”) by way of a standard form of mortgagee’s loss payable endorsement or (ii) if no such Facility Mortgage encumbers the applicable Leased Property, Lessor and, in the case of any commercial general liability and/or umbrella liability insurance coverages, must name Lessor and any Superior Mortgagee(s) as additional insureds. Losses shall be payable to Lessor and/or Superior Mortgagee as provided in ARTICLE XIV. Any loss adjustment shall require the written consent of Lessor, Tenant, Leasehold Mortgagee and Facility Mortgagee whenever the loss exceeds twenty percent (20%) of the Facility’s Fair Market Value. Evidence of insurance shall be deposited with Lessor and, if requested, with any Superior Lessor, Leasehold Mortgagee and Facility Mortgagee(s). If any provision of any Facility Mortgage requires deposits of insurance premiums to be made with such Facility Mortgagee, Tenant shall either pay to Lessor monthly the amounts required and Lessor shall transfer such amounts to each Facility Mortgagee, or, pursuant to written direction by Lessor, Tenant shall make such deposits directly with such Facility Mortgagee. The policies on each Leased Property, including the Leasehold Improvements, and Fixtures and Tenant’s Personal Property, shall insure against the following risks:

  • Additional Insurance In addition to the insurance described above, Tenant shall maintain such additional insurance upon notice from Landlord as may be reasonably required from time to time by any Facility Mortgagee and shall further at all times maintain adequate workers’ compensation coverage and any other coverage required by Legal Requirements for all Persons employed by Tenant on the Leased Property in accordance with Legal Requirements.

  • Pool Insurance Compliance Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Servicer shall at all times comply with all applicable Pool Insurance policy requirements so as to assure the full benefit of such Pool Insurance policy to the Trustee.

  • INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE COVERAGE The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of Title 51 RCW, Industrial Insurance. If the Contractor fails to provide industrial insurance coverage or fails to pay premiums or penalties on behalf of its employees, as may be required by law, Agency may collect from the Contractor the full amount payable to the Industrial Insurance accident fund. The Agency may deduct the amount owed by the Contractor to the accident fund from the amount payable to the Contractor by the Agency under this contract, and transmit the deducted amount to the Department of Labor and Industries, (L&I) Division of Insurance Services. This provision does not waive any of L&I’s rights to collect from the Contractor.

  • Travel Insurance The Employer shall provide and pay the full cost for travel insurance to cover all members of the bargaining unit for all modes of travel, in the amount of $200,000.00. The travel insurance policy shall also cover employees while on union business.

  • Medical Insurance The Company shall provide to Executive, Executive's spouse and children, at its sole cost, such health, dental and optical insurance as the Company may from time to time make available to its other executive employees.