Natural State definition

Natural State means the state of the Land as described in the Report with:
Natural State means towards the pristine end of the artificial/polluted to pristine continuum.
Natural State means the state of the Covenant Area as described in the Report;

Examples of Natural State in a sentence

  • Samuel Pufendorf's On the Natural State of Men: The 1678 Latin Edition and English Translation.

  • The water take shall not be from a Natural State water body, wetland or lake (excluding artificial lakes, hydro electricity reservoirs, Lake Rotoaira and Lake Taupo.

  • Discharges in Natural State water management zone* or Site of Significance - Aquatic are regulated by Rule 13-23.

  • Approved one-year contract renewals with Central Arizona Landscape Management, Natural State Landscaping LLC, Reyes and Sons Landscaping LLC, Somerset Landscape Maintenance, Inc., and Westquip LLC for as-needed, miscellaneous landscape maintenance services.

  • A river or stream where the water quality classification is Natural State (River) (as shown on the Water Quality Classification map),Is a prohibited activity from the date that this regional plan becomes operative.

More Definitions of Natural State

Natural State means a wild, primitive state untouched by civilization or, in the case of restoration, a state substantially similar thereto.
Natural State means unfinished or unprocessed agronomic or horticultural crops originating in Arkansas from the first point of severance to a point in the state at which they first undergo any finishing, processing, preparation for processing, conversion, or transformation.
Natural State means that portion of any lot or parcel which cannot be subjected to grading, removal of vegetation or building development.
Natural State means the topography that existed prior to any disturbance of land as certified by a licensed surveyor.
Natural State means the state of the Land as described in the attached Gabriola Commons Baseline Report Overview.
Natural State means the state of the Land as described in the Baseline Report.
Natural State means Natural State Communications Company, an Arkansas corporation.