Compassionate leave definition

Compassionate leave is defined in section 104 of the Fair Work Act 2009 with provisions also outlined in clause 6.9 of this Agreement.
Compassionate leave is defined in section 104 of the Act with provisions also outlined in clause 8.10 (Compassionate Leave) of this Agreement.
Compassionate leave means a temporary release to visit a member of the inmate's immediate family who is in danger of death, or to attend the funeral services or other last rites of a member of the inmate's immediate family;

Examples of Compassionate leave in a sentence

  • Employees are entitled to Compassionate Leave in accordance with the NES.

  • In the event of birth complications affecting either the mother or child, Compassionate Leave may be used to extend the Paternity Leave.

More Definitions of Compassionate leave

Compassionate leave means compassionate leave to which an
Compassionate leave is ill and the absence is not related to any routine appointment as per Article 14.01 b) and no other family is available, the employee may use up to two (2) days with pay taken from the employee’s sick leave accumulation per school year.
Compassionate leave means leave granted for the purposes and for the periods as determined and adopted by the Business Committee as a policy of the National Assembly;
Compassionate leave means leave for compassionate purposes as set out in Section 13.8.
Compassionate leave is defined in section 12 of the Fair Work Act 2009 and means, for the purposes of this Agreement:
Compassionate leave means the period of time a regular employee is permitted to be absent from work with or without pay because of the serious illness of a parent, spouse, or child. Requests for compassionate leave must be in writing and be approved by the Manager of Human Resources or designate. The Board shall give reasonable consideration to special requests for compassionate leave regarding persons outside of immediate family.
Compassionate leave. The superintendent or delegate may, upon request and the presentation of a medical certificate or some other proof satisfactory to the superintendent or delegate, grant a temporary leave of absence with pay up to a total of four days and allow for a maximum of two days travel, where necessary, when such absence is necessitated for reasons of critical illness and/or death of a member of the teacher's family. The word "family" shall be interpreted as meaning: husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, parent, guardian, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparents or other relative who is a member of the teacher's household. of Collective Bargaining Agreement Fort Vermilion School Division No le: /My I Personal Leave: Leave with pay for up to three days per school year for personal reasons may be granted to teachers at the discretion of the school principal provided the educational program of the school is not disrupted and subject to the following: