Definition of Term Loan Advance

Term Loan Advance means any Term Loan funds advanced under this Agreement.
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Examples of Term Loan Advance in a sentence

Lender shall fund the Term Loan Advance in the manner requested by the Advance Request provided that each of the conditions precedent to such Term Loan Advance is satisfied as of the requested Advance Date.
The principal balance of each Term Loan Advance shall bear interest thereon from such Advance Date at the Term Loan Interest Rate based on a year consisting of 360 days, with interest computed daily based on the actual number of days elapsed.
Once repaid, a Term Loan Advance or any portion thereof may not be reborrowed.
No amount repaid in respect of a Term Loan Advance may be reborrowed.
Borrower will pay interest on each Term Loan Advance on the first (1st) Business Day of each month, beginning the month after the Advance Date.