Definition of Term Advances

Term Advances means the Tranche A Advances, the Tranche B Advances, the Tranche B1 Advances, the Tranche C Advances, the Tranche C1 Advances and the Tranche D Advances and "Term Advance" means any of them;

Examples of Term Advances in a sentence

The Term Borrowing shall consist of Term Advances made simultaneously by the Term Lenders ratably according to their Term Commitments.
The Borrower may not reborrow any Term Advances that have been repaid.
The Term Facility Amount shall be reduced by the amount of all prepayments of Term Advances pursuant to this subsection and may not be reborrowed.
On the making of the Term Advances on the Closing Date, the Lender's Term Commitment shall be reduced to zero.
Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, each Lender severally (and not jointly) agrees to make an advance (each a "Term Advance" and, collectively with the Term Advance of each other Lender, the "Term Advances") to the Borrower on the first Borrowing Date, but in no event later than September 15, 1997, in an amount not to exceed such Lender's Term Loan Commitment Amount less the amount of such Lender's Mortgage Advance.