Hour Workweek Sample Clauses

Hour Workweek. For the purpose of calculating overtime, the normal workweek consists of an average 40 hours. Overtime pay or compensatory time off shall be calculated for Command Officers who work a straight 40-hour workweek for qualified time in excess of 40 straight-time hours. Command Officers on multiple-week cycles shall receive overtime pay or compensatory time off for qualified time in excess of the average 40 straight-time hours per week during the cycle.
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Hour Workweek. The Employer and the Union, through negotiations, may agree in writing to establish a forty (40) hour workweek. Either party may initiate these negotiations by notice to the other party of its interest in such negotiations. Issues unresolved by negotiations shall not be subject to the grievance or arbitration procedure. Forty (40) hour workweeks shall not be established unilaterally. A forty (40) hour schedule shall not be established with individual employees on a voluntary or compulsory basis without the agreement of the Union, as outlined above. The Office of Labor Relations shall be the State’s representative in all such negotiations. If an agreement is reached between the parties to implement a forty (40) hour workweek, such agreement may be implemented without any additional legislative approval required. Any such agreement requires the signature of the Director of Labor Relations and the Executive Director of the Union. The parties may negotiate over any other schedule in excess of a thirty-five (35) hour workweek. Such negotiations will be governed by the procedure outlined above.
Hour Workweek. (i) Except as hereinafter provided, 35 hours shall constitute the basic workweek.
Hour Workweek. (1) Employees will be paid time and one-half for their regularly hourly rate of pay for all authorized hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a workweek or over twelve (12) hours in one day.
Hour Workweek. The County shall make every reasonable effort to operate its projects so as to maintain a forty (40) hour week.
Hour Workweek. 31 Upon completion of the regular one-hundred eighty (180) day school year, the workweek and shift of 32 each employee in the Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial and Technical classification(s) may, with 33 mutual agreement of the employee and the District, consist of four (4) consecutive days of ten and one- 34 half (10 ½) hours a day, including a thirty (30) minute uninterrupted and uncompensated lunch period 35 as near the middle of the shift as is practicable, and also including a twenty (20) minute first half and a 36 twenty (20) minute second half rest period, both of which rest periods shall occur as near the middle of 37 each half shift as is practicable.
Hour Workweek. The Employers may create a 4/10 hour workweek for certain of its employees if the Employers determine that such workweeks are appropriate or helpful for its operation. In that event, the parties agree that the daily overtime provisions of the Grocery Agreement and Meat Agreement shall be applicable after ten (10) hours worked. The rest periods provided for in both Agreements will be scheduled to provide for a ten minute and fifteen minute rest period on either side of the Employer’s scheduled meal period. Holiday pay shall be applied on the basis that the employee shall receive eight (8) hours’ pay for each holiday the employee is eligible for, unless the employee is scheduled for thirty (30) hours during the holiday week, and in that event the employee shall receive ten (10) hours’ holiday pay.
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Hour Workweek. All bargaining unit employees shall work a 40 hour workweek.
Hour Workweek. Pursuant to a long history of the bargaining unit performing their work within a full-time thirty-five (35) hour workweek, and in recognition of the need to preserve the option of a thirty-five (35) hour workweek going forward, the PAO agrees that no request for an alternative work schedule will be unreasonably denied. Decisions to grant or deny such requests will be informed by equity and fairness. Furthermore, PAO hereby acknowledges that a thirty-five (35) hour workweek is presumptively reasonable and workable for all classifications within the bargaining unit. If the request is not approved, the Employer shall provide written notice to the employee of the reasons why the request for an alternative work schedule was not approved. Thirty-five-hour workweek requests are not subject to Section 3 below.
Hour Workweek. In the event that a 3 X 12 hour workweek is introduced, it will only be implemented on a voluntary basis in Sales and Distribution and the following guidelines shall apply.
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