Health & Welfare Benefits Sample Clauses

Health & Welfare Benefits. Executive shall be eligible to participate in all health and welfare benefits provided generally to other employees of the Company.
Health & Welfare Benefits. Executive shall be entitled to all health and welfare benefits offered generally to employees of Company.
Health & Welfare Benefits. (i) During the twenty-four (24) months following the Termination Date (the “Continuation Period”), the Company shall continue to keep in full force and effect all programs of medical, dental, vision, accident, disability, life insurance, including optional term life insurance, and other similar health or welfare programs with respect to the Executive and [her/his] dependents with the same level of coverage, upon the same terms and otherwise to the same extent as such programs shall have been in effect immediately prior to the Termination Date (or, if more favorable to the Executive, immediately prior to the Change in Control), and the Company and the Executive shall share the costs of the continuation of such insurance coverage in the same proportion as such costs were shared immediately prior to the Termination Date (or, if more favorable to the Executive, immediately prior to the Change in Control) or, if the terms of such programs do not permit continued participation by the Executive (or if the Company otherwise determines it advisable to amend, modify or discontinue such programs for employees generally), the Company shall otherwise provide benefits substantially similar to and no less favorable to the Executive in terms of cost or benefits (“Equivalent Benefits”) than [she/he] was entitled to receive at the end of the period of coverage, for the duration of the Continuation Period.
Health & Welfare Benefits. The Officer is eligible to participate in all health and welfare benefits provided to other employees of the Company (other than any severance plans) as required by law in the country of residence of the Officer, or as is required in the country he or she are travelling to and doing business in.
Health & Welfare Benefits. 1. The Hospital shall make monthly contributions for the purpose of providing health and welfare benefits for each resident employed within the CIR/SEIU bargaining unit and their eligible dependants to the Voluntary Hospitals House Staff Benefits Plan (VHHSBP) on the first day of each month. The contributions shall be made for the purpose of providing each Resident and their eligible dependants with hospital, medical, major medical, dental, life (participant and spouse only), dismemberment (participant only), disability (participant only) coverage, and legal services (through the CIR Legal Services) and any other benefit as defined in the Summary Plan Description to participants in the VHHSBP, and the VHHSBP shall thereupon provide such benefits (“the covered benefits”).
Health & Welfare Benefits. 21.01 The Company agrees to continue the health and welfare plans in force at the time of the signing of this Agreement and, where applicable, as more particularly set out in Article 21.02. The benefits available to employees shall be as more particularly described and set forth in the respective plan documents and policies of insurance. The Union shall be notified whenever there is a change to the carrier of any benefit coverage. It is understood that the Company may at any time substitute another carrier for any of the benefit plans set out in Article 21.02 provided the benefits conferred thereby are, in aggregate, relatively comparable.
Health & Welfare Benefits. (continued) 2 In order to be eligible for insurance benefits, employees must work no less than a 3 sixty percent (60%) assignment. All part-time employees covered by this agreement 4 hired after July 1, 2002, working less than a full-time (100%) contract but working at 6 insurance benefits premiums paid by the District covering the employee only. Eligible 7 part-time employees desiring District insurance coverage for dependents shall complete a 8 District payroll deduction form for the additional premium cost.
Health & Welfare Benefits. 2 Insurance Plans 3 For the period of January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2022, the District will 4 provide each qualified employee with hospital, accident, major medical, vision, and 5 dental insurance plans for employees and dependents, and life insurance for employees. 6 Employees who work at least a 60 percent assignment shall qualify for insurance