Prior to the Termination Date Sample Clauses

Prior to the Termination Date the Employee may, upon 30 days written notice to the Company, terminate Employee's employment with the Company, and in such event, Employee shall not be entitled to any Compensation or Severance Package Compensation following the date of such termination.
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Prior to the Termination Date if transfer of the Project is to occur at the expiration of the full Term; or
Prior to the Termination Date. (as hereinafter defined) of this Letter of Credit, you may draw from time to time an amount not exceeding the Stated Amount, on the conditions set forth herein against presentation of this Letter of Credit in the manner provided herein and your sight draft on us (marked "Drawn under Letter of Credit No. L/C ") accompanied by a signed Drawing Certificate in the form attached hereto as Annex A appropriately completed (such sight draft and Drawing Certificate being referred to hereinafter collectively as the "Documents"). Presentation of this Letter of Credit and such draft and certificate shall be made at our office, __________________________________________________ (fax no. __________) Attn: Letter of Credit Department, either by physical delivery of such documents or by facsimile transmission of such documents to the office stated above. Upon such presentation, the payment
Prior to the Termination Date. Buyer shall consider, at its sole discretion, whether to purchase the assets (or a portion of such assets) used by the Stop & Shop Entities exclusively in connection with the Bradlees Entities and all assets used by the Stop & Shop Entities and not needed by such entities after the Termination Date (collectively, "Excess Assets") (or, if such equipment is leased by the Stop & Shop Entities, whether such lease shall be assigned to Buyer if such assignment can be effected without breaching such lease) for a price equal to the value of such equipment on the books of the Stop & Shop Entities at such time (or, in the case of the leases, Buyer shall assume, and the Stop & Shop Entities shall be released from, all obligations under such leases). Prior to the Termination Date, the Stop & Shop Entities shall provide to the Buyer a list of Excess Assets including the book value of such Excess Assets or the remaining lease payments for such Excess Assets. The parties hereto will cooperate with one another to minimize the adverse effects to both parties of compliance with this Section 11.
Prior to the Termination Date the Fund Manager will use reasonable endeavours to complete the realisation of all unrealised Investments expeditiously on the basis set out in the Agreement.
Prior to the Termination Date the Fund Manager may retain or realise such Investments as may be required to settle transactions already initiated and to pay your outstanding liabilities, including fees, costs and expenses payable under paragraph 9 above, the details of which are set out in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.
Prior to the Termination Date. On each Settlement Date prior to the Termination Date the Administrator, on behalf of the Secured Parties, shall apply the funds received by the Administrator pursuant to Section 1.03 and this Section 3.01 to the items specified in the subclauses below, in the order of priority of such subclauses:
Prior to the Termination Date. Prior to the Termination Date, and so long as ACC or a Participating Successor Servicer is the Servicer, the Trustee shall on each Distribution Date, based on the Servicer Disbursement Advice, withdraw amounts comprising Additional Funds from the Reimbursement Account and distribute such amounts in the following order of priority:
Prior to the Termination Date. 6.9.1 the Contractor will erase from any computers, storage devices and storage media that are to be retained by the Contractor after the Termination Date all Authority Data unless required under the provisions of Schedule 14 (Audit and Record Provisions);
Prior to the Termination Date. (a) Each of the CMS Parties agrees that it shall, and shall cause its applicable Representatives to, appear in person or by proxy at each Shareholders Meeting and to vote all shares of Common Stock beneficially owned by such person and over which such person has voting power at the meeting in favor of each nominee and each proposal recommended by the Board and against each nominee and each proposal not recommended by the Board, as set forth in the Company’s definitive proxy statement filed in respect of each such Shareholders Meeting.