Grievability Sample Clauses

Grievability. Denial of a petition for reinstatement is grievable. The grievance may not be based on information other than that shared with the Employer at the time of the petition for reinstatement.
Grievability. The only issues to be addressed in a grievance filed pursuant to the Article on Grievance Procedure alleging violation of this Article are whether there is unlawful discrimination under Article 6, or whether there is an arbitrary and capricious application of the provisions of one or more sections of this Article.
Grievability. The decision to not reappoint is not grievable except, an employee who receives written notice of non-reappointment may, according to Article 20 Grievance Procedure and Arbitration, contest the decision because of an alleged violation of a specific term of the Agreement or because of an alleged violation of the employee's constitutional rights. Such grievances must be filed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the statement of the basis for the decision not to reappoint pursuant to Section E above or receipt of the notice of non-reappointment if no statement is requested.
Grievability. Applicable to the University-wide Nonsupervisory, Supervisory, Health Care Professional/Laboratory Technical, HMC Technical, and UW Medicine Contact Center bargaining units: Employee performance evaluations are grievable only through Step Two of the Grievance Procedure. Applicable to the Research Technologist and Research Technologist Supervisor bargaining units: The procedural aspects of the employee performance evaluation process are grievable only through Step Two of the Grievance Procedure. Procedural aspects include alleged violations of this contract or University policy. Disagreement over the supervisory marks assigned to a specific employee shall not be grievable and will be addressed via the actions described in Subsection 34.4.
Grievability. The University and AFSCME understand that nothing in this Article precludes or in any way limits or restricts the University’s right to develop, implement, or otherwise manage training or apprenticeship of its employees. Therefore, any claim by an employee or AFSCME concerning this Article shall not be subject to the Grievance Procedure of this Agreement.
Grievability. 12.5. 11.1 No grievance may be filed in regard to any decision of the Sabbatical Leave Committee other than for alleged procedural violation.