Rehabilitation Program definition

Rehabilitation Program means a written vocational rehabilitation program:
Rehabilitation Program means an established program to identify, assess, treat, and resolve employee drug or alcohol abuse.
Rehabilitation Program means a program approved by the

Examples of Rehabilitation Program in a sentence

  • After this review, AUL may elect to offer and pay for a reasonable and necessary Rehabilitation Program.

  • Any incidents concerning drugs and/or alcohol shall be dealt with in accordance with the policy of the Building Industry Group Drug and Alcohol Safety and Rehabilitation Program as detailed in Appendix D of this Agreement.

  • If the department identifies additional resources that may be used to maximize federal matching funds for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, the department shall submit a budget amendment prior to the expenditure of the funds, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 216, Florida Statutes.

  • AUL’s Rehabilitation Program specialists, who coordinate with a Person’s Physician and other specialists, complete an initial review.

  • After this review, AUL may elect to offer and pay for a reasonable and necessary Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

More Definitions of Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program means a specialized, intensive program for rehabilitation or assimilation at an accredited medical facility specializing in research, surgery, and training of persons with Accidental Dismemberment Covered Losses as outlined in the Schedule of Covered Losses.
Rehabilitation Program means an evidence-based program designed to address underlying criminogenic factors; (“programme de réadaptation”)
Rehabilitation Program means a written program, plan, or course of vocational training or education. A Rehabilitation Program may be proposed by you or us. The terms, conditions, and objectives of the Rehabilitation Program must be accepted by you and approved by us before we will pay for any costs connected with it. An approved Rehabilitation Program may include our payment of some or all of the expenses you incur in connection with the plan. Such expenses may include workplace, vehicle or home modifications, training and educational expenses, family care expenses, job-related expenses, and/or job search expenses. We will pay the reasonable costs of a Rehabilitation Program that are not otherwise covered by any other plan, policy, or program. We will periodically review the Rehabilitation Program and your progress; and we will continue to pay the agreed upon costs for as long as we determine that the Rehabilitation Program is meeting the mutually agreed upon objectives. Your participation in a Rehabilitation Program is not required by this policy. If you decide to participate and you later cease to participate in the Rehabilitation Program, we will continue paying any Disability Benefits you are eligible to receive. B180AMR(9/16)NY Page 5 If you’re receiving disability benefits, you won’t have to worry about paying your premium. This benefit allows you to maintain your coverage even though you’re not making premium payments, as long as disability benefits are payable. The person you choose will receive a survivor benefit if you die while disability benefits are being paid. The amount of the benefit will equal three times the policy’s basic monthly benefit.
Rehabilitation Program. A “rehabilitation program” is a program, beyond that provided by the EAP, which is designed to assist an employee to become alcohol or drug free. The District can condition such an employee’s continuing employment upon an agreement that the employee shall be drug and alcohol free during the entire period of employment. The cost of any rehabilitation program is borne by the employee in conjunction with benefits afforded by any provider of available health and welfare benefits of which the employee is a subscriber.
Rehabilitation Program means a program that is capable of providing expert identification, assessment, and resolution of employee drug or alcohol abuse in a confidential and timely service.
Rehabilitation Program means an established program capable of providing expert identification, assessment, and resolution of employee drug or alcohol abuse in a confidential and timely service. This service shall in all cases be provided by the persons licensed or appropriately certified as health professionals to provide drug or alcohol rehabilitative services.
Rehabilitation Program means the program for rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage infrastructure included in the PIP;