Rehabilitation Program definition

Rehabilitation Program means a written vocational rehabilitation program:
Rehabilitation Program means an established program to identify, assess, treat, and resolve employee drug or alcohol abuse.
Rehabilitation Program means a program approved by the

Examples of Rehabilitation Program in a sentence

  • A Social Rehabilitation Program, including a Housing and Construction Program.

  • The will confirm the Company and the Union’s agree- ment in principle to form a joint Management/Union Committee to establish a policy regarding a Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

  • The Drug Screening and Rehabilitation Program is coordinated by the Canisius College Department of Athletics, with assistance from the Head Team Physician, the Head Athletic Trainer/Director of Sports Medicine and the Sports Medicine staff.

  • Resolution authorizing the Release of a Mortgage with Wayne Gordon and Judy Gordon for Gordon’s Auto Body located at 3001 Correction- ville Road under the Community Development Block Grant Commercial Rehabilitation Program.

  • A May 1997 article from the Alberta WCB entitled ‘New Rehabilitation Program To Begin May 5' states: ‘A recent evaluation of Work Hardening and Pain Management Programs demonstrated the need to modify the delivery of these services to better meet the needs of injured workers and the WCB.

More Definitions of Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program means a specialized, intensive program for rehabilitation or assimilation at an accredited medical facility specializing in research, surgery, and training of persons with Accidental Dismemberment Covered Losses as outlined in the Schedule of Covered Losses.
Rehabilitation Program means an evidence-based program designed to address underlying criminogenic factors; (“programme de réadaptation”)
Rehabilitation Program means a structured treatment program designed to redu ce the likelihood of a person who has committed a family violence offence re- offen ding;
Rehabilitation Program means any program with the purpose of returning a Totally Disabled Participant to remunerative employment, as described in Article 5.3.