Future Development Sample Clauses

Future Development. Buyer is aware that the Property may be affected by future development of property in the neighborhood or surrounding areas and the Property may be subject to building and development restrictions and conditions. Buyer is advised to consult with appropriate government agencies and shall rely solely upon Buyer’s own investigations to determine future development or planning and its potential impact on the Property. Buyer is advised that the Universal Studios and Xxxxxx Ranch areas are in the process of major expansion at this time as are other areas located within City and County jurisdiction.
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Future Development a. LESSOR reserves the right to further develop or improve the Airport in LESSOR's sole discretion, regardless of the desires or opinions of XXXXXX, except Lessor cannot cause material devaluation of Xxxxxx's property by said development. XXXXXX further reserves the right to take any action it considers necessary to protect the aerial approaches to the Airport against obstructions, together with the right to prevent LESSEE from erecting or causing to be erected any building or other structure on the leased premises which, in the opinion of the LESSOR and in its sole discretion, would limit the usefulness of the Airport or constitute a hazard to aircraft, subject to LESSEE's right to Quite Enjoyment of the leased premises under paragraph 9 herein.
Future Development. Borrowers shall not undertake any on-site construction, demolition or rehabilitation work at any Property (other than tenant improvements under leases approved by Agent or under leases which do not require Agent's consent and capital improvements on the Properties done in the ordinary course of business) without the prior written consent of Agent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Future Development. 3.1 The Owner agrees to restore and rehabilitate the brick heritage building for residential use prior to the subdivision and development phasing plan outlined in Schedule “B”.
Future Development. Party Two shall not directly or indirectly acquire any interest in, or design, create, manufacture, sell or otherwise deal with any item or product, based upon or derived from the Confidential Information provided by Party One, except as may be expressly agreed to in writing by Party One .
Future Development. It is recognized that all activities related to preliminary work, construction, operation and maintenance of the powerhouses and dams of the Great Whale Complex, including the appurtenant works, construction facilities, quarries and borrow pits, transmission lines and sub- stations, and to the possible port site approximately eight miles (8 mi.) southeast of Great Whale River may be carried out in Great Whale River Cree Category II lands as if such lands were part of Category Ill lands. Furthermore, it is understood that the above Category II lands shall be subject to servitudes, if required, for the construction of a railroad and road from the coast to the Great Whale Iron Ranges, for transmission lines from the Great Whale Complex, and for the road extension from LG 2 to the Great Whale Complex. However, the above-mentioned servitude for the road to the Great Whale Complex shall include provisions for an eight mile (8 mi.) corridor as in the case of Fort Xxxxxx Category II lands, and the lands within such corridor shall be replaced with an equivalent amount of Category II lands elsewhere. If such a road passes through Category I lands, there shall be a corridor of five hundred feet (500 ft.) on both sides of the road, which corridor shall form part of Category II lands. There shall be replacement of Category I lands within such corridor, in accordance with the land regime set forth at Section 5. It is also recognized that a transmission line corridor five hundred and fifty feet (550 ft.) wide may pass through Category I lands. The lands required for this corridor shall also be replaced in accordance with the regime set forth at Section 5.
Future Development. If, at any time during the Term, Xxxxxx intends to develop or further expand the School on the Premises, then Lessee must (i) give written notice to Lessor of such intention and back up information and documentation reasonably acceptable to Lessor containing the details of the intended development or expansion, and (ii) first offer to Lessor the opportunity to be the developer of such development or expansion. Within ninety (90) days of receipt of such notice from Lessee, Lessor will deliver to Lessee the scope of services to be performed by Lessor and the fee that Lessor will charge for its development services (the “Lessor Proposal”). Within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Lessor Proposal, Lessee, if it intends to move forward with the project, will execute a development agreement with Lessor, in a form reasonably acceptable to both Parties, provided that Lessee may choose another developer during such thirty (30) day period for the development or expansion only if the scope of services from the other developer equals or exceeds those presented in the Lessor Proposal and the development fee with the alternate developer is less than the development fee proposed in the Lessor Proposal. [Signatures Appear on Following Pages] The Parties hereto have executed this Lease as of the Effective Date. LESSOR: RED HOOK CAPITAL PARTNERS IV LLC, a Delaware limited liability company By: Name: Title: Managing Member [Signatures Continue on Next Page] LESSEE: , a By: Name: Its: EXHIBIT A Description of Premises All of that certain real property located in the County of Xxxxx, State of Nevada, more particularly described as follows: LOT [ ] OF FINAL MAP OF [ ], AS SHOWN BY MAP THEREOF ON FILE IN BOOK [ ], OF PLATS, PAGE [ ], IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY RECORDER OF XXXXX COUNTY, NEVADA. APN: [ ] EXHIBIT B Determination of Base Rent
Future Development. Tenant hereby acknowledges that Landlord may desire to develop the approximately 38 acres of land adjacent to the Land, as more fully described in Exhibit B attached hereto (the “Traville Future Development Land”) by constructing one or more buildings or other improvements thereon (the “Expansion Buildings”). In the event Landlord desires to construct the Expansion Buildings, Landlord shall give notice to Tenant describing its proposed development plan and consult with Tenant concerning such development; provided, however, Landlord shall make the final decision with respect to any such proposed development, in its sole and absolute discretion. In the event Landlord elects, in its sole discretion, to sell or transfer any right with respect to the future development of the Land, Landlord may do so in its sole discretion.
Future Development. Upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, the District shall be free to sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of the spaces which are the subject of this Lease. However, it is understood by the parties that (a) the District shall have all the same rights and obligations with respect to the development of the spaces as any other developer, and (b) the City shall have the same rights and responsibilities as it would normally have in reviewing and considering any development project that would come before it.
Future Development. If, after the Seventh Amendment Effective Date, the parties mutually desire for MobiTV to perform additional development for the MSO TV Services, the parties may add a statement of work to this Amendment by executing a statement of work that (1) is executed by authorized representatives of each party, (2) specifically references this Amendment, and (3) sets forth the applicable development efforts and corresponding delivery schedule, acceptance criteria, and financial terms. MobiTV will then use commercially reasonable efforts to further develop the MSO TV Services in accordance with such statement of work. If MobiTV deliverables under such statement of work are dependent on information, testing, and feedback from Sprint, Sprint will cooperate in good faith with MobiTV to timely provide such information, testing, and feedback.