Other Structure definition

Other Structure means any Other Financed Structure or Other Non-Financed Structure.
Other Structure means any man made structure excluding “protected structures” within or outside the permit areas which includes but is not limited to, gas wells, gas lines, water lines, towers, airports, underground mines, tunnels, bridges, and dams. The term does not include structures owned, operated, or built by the permittee for the purpose of carrying out surface mining operations.

Examples of Other Structure in a sentence

  • The deductible amount indicated above will be applied separately to: (1) each Condominium Unit; (2) each Other Structure; and (3) Personal Property in each Condominium Unit or Other Structure.

  • In addition, the objective of Islamic hedging to reduce risk must only be related to real economic activities.Keywords: hedging, risk management, speculation, shariah1.

  • The deductible amount indicated above will be applied separately to: (1) your manufactured home: (2) each Other Structure; and (3) Personal Property in your mobile home or Other Structure.

  • House Must be Constructed Before any Other Structure xxxi 4-4-16.

  • The deductible amount indicated above will be applied separately to: (1) each Dwelling: (2) each Other Structure; and (3) Personal Property in each Dwelling or Other Structure.

  • The policy may be endorsed to provide expanded Section I coverage and Section II coverage on a permitted incidental occupancy in the dwelling or in an Other Structure on the residence premises.Use Endorsement HO-42 - Permitted Incidental Occupancies Residence PremisesB.

  • If the permitted incidental occupancy is located in an Other Structure, See Rule 514.

  • University campuses will report departmental facility maintenance information from accounts 552630 - R&M Building and Other Structure and 553440 - Construction & Maintenance Supplies.

  • Building or Other Structure used wholly or in part for agricultural purposes.

  • How We Pay For A Loss Under Coverage A – Dwelling Protection, Coverage B – Other Structure Protection and Coverage C – Personal Property Protection, payment for covered loss will be by one or more of the following methods:.

Related to Other Structure

  • Soil structure means the arrangement of primary soil particles into compound particles, peds, or clusters that are separated by natural planes of weakness from adjoining aggregates.

  • Existing structure means any structure that is installed or approved for installation at the time a wireless services provider or wireless infrastructure provider provides notice to a locality or the Department of an agreement with the owner of the structure to co-locate equipment on that structure. "Existing structure" includes any structure that is currently supporting, designed to support, or capable of supporting the attachment of wireless facilities, including towers, buildings, utility poles, light poles, flag poles, signs, and water towers.

  • Support Structure means a structure in a public right-of-way other than a Pole or a Tower to which a Wireless Facility is attached at the time of the Application.

  • advertising structure means any physical structure erected to display an advertisement;

  • utility structure means transmission and distribution lines

  • Sign structure means the assembled components that make up an outdoor advertising display, including, but not limited to, uprights, supports, facings, and trim. A sign structure may contain 1 or 2 signs per facing and may be double-faced, back to back, T-type, or V-type.

  • Certified historic structure means a building that is

  • Parking Structure means a wholly or partly enclosed structure for temporary parking and protection of one or more motor vehicles which are otherwise in active use and which, when accessory to a single family residential building, includes an attached or detached carport or garage or a dedicated space within the principal building; (Bylaw 6833)

  • Accessory structure means a structure that is accessory and incidental to a dwelling located on the same lot.

  • Structure means for floodplain management purposes, a walled and roofed building, including a gas or liquid storage tank that is principally above ground, as well as a manufactured home.

  • Accessory Structure (Appurtenant Structure means a structure located on the same parcel of property as the principal structure and the use of which is incidental to the use of the principal structure. Garages, carports and storage sheds are common urban accessory structures. Pole barns, hay sheds and the like qualify as accessory structures on farms, and may or may not be located on the same parcel as the farm dwelling or shop building.

  • Historic Structure means any structure that is:

  • Residential structure means an individual residential condominium unit or a residential building containing not more than 2 residential units, the land on which it is or will be located, and all appurtenances, in which the owner or lessee contracting for the improvement is residing or will reside upon completion of the improvement.

  • building or structure means a permanent enclosed structure occupying an area greater than 10 square metres, consisting of a wall, roof, and/or floor, or any of them, or a structural system serving the function thereof, which includes, but is not limited to, air-supported structures or industrial tents; a canopy however shall not be considered a building or structure for the purpose of this By-law and shall not attract development charges;

  • Water control structure means a structure within, or adjacent to, a water, which intentionally or coincidentally alters the hydraulic capacity, the flood elevation resulting from the two-, 10-, or 100-year storm, flood hazard area limit, and/or floodway limit of the water. Examples of a water control structure may include a bridge, culvert, dam, embankment, ford (if above grade), retaining wall, and weir.

  • Replacement cost for houses and other structures means the prevailing cost of replacing affected structures, in an area and of the quality similar to or better than that of the affected structures. Such costs will include: (a) transporting building materials to the construction site; (b) any labor and contractors’ fees; and (c) any registration costs.

  • Permanent structure means a permanent building or permanent structure that is anchored to a permanent foundation with an impermeable floor, and that is completely roofed and walled (a door is recommended, but not required). A fabric frame structure is a permanent structure if it meets the following specifications:

  • Occupied structure means any building, vehicle, or other place suitable for human occupancy or

  • Accessory building or structure means any portable, demountable or permanent structure,

  • temporary building or structure means a Building or structure constructed or erected or placed on land for a continuous period not exceeding twelve months, or an addition or alteration to a Building or structure that has the effect of increasing the total floor area thereof for a continuous period not exceeding twelve months;

  • Structures means any building or structure, or part thereof, used for human occupation and intended to be so used, and includes any outhouses and appurtenances belonging thereto or usually enjoyed therewith.

  • Prepricing Information means information relating to the price, pricing speed, benchmark and status of the Notes and the offering thereof;

  • Superstructure means the part of the bodywork which contributes to the strength of the vehicle in the event of a roll-over accident;

  • Charging Structure means the structure to be used in the establishment of the charging model which is applicable to each Call-Off Agreement, which structure is set out in Framework Schedule 3 (Charging Structure);

  • Temporary Structure means a structure constructed purely on temporary basis, wholly within the plot with the approval of Authority for a specific period which shall be demolished on completion of the project or lapse of the approved period.

  • Business Critical means any function identified in any Statement of Work as Business Critical.