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For Phase. I-B of the Agreement, with a maximum term of 18 (eighteen) months from the Effective Date of the Agreement, the Concessionaire shall make the necessary investments to adjust the infrastructure and to restructure the service level in order to provide the permanent systems that enable the provision of adequate service to Users, as follows:
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For Phase. 2 of the Project, the Contract Awarder shall issue a formal written notice to the Contractor to commence the Works (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice to Proceed"), whereupon the Contractor shall forthwith mobilize its personnel and belongings necessary for the due performance of Phase 2 of the Project.
For Phase. 2: A Ceiling Price to be converted into a Firm Fixed Price (as defined in Section 3 of Annex II to the GCC). It is the joint intention of the Customer and ESA that this conversion will be made before completion of the preceding Phase 1 (and after submission by the Customer to ESA of a proposal to this effect, including ESA forms PSS-A2, PSS-A8, and A15). This Ceiling Price is deemed to include (i) price escalation for the period in which the work is scheduled to be performed and (ii) all applicable fees for licences to be purchased and delivered under the Contract. The Ceiling price assumes (i) critical payload performance is demonstrated in phase 1, (ii) EU to UK exchange rates do not vary by more than 20% between EDC and conversion of phase 2 price conversion and (iii) to the payload computer procurement does not total to more than €1.5M. In order to assist the Customer to effect the conversion of the aggregate Ceiling Price to a Firm Fixed Price under the ESA Contract, the Contractor shall provide to the Customer (i) a draft proposal for the conversion of its ceiling price to a firm fixed price no later than -one (1) months- before S-PDR followed by (ii) a binding proposal for the conversion of its ceiling price to a firm fixed price -one week after- closure of S-PDR, which binding proposal shall inter alia provide justification for any price delta from the draft proposal. Any proposed changes accepted by the Customer shall be introduced into this Contract by means of Contract Change Note prior to the initiation of Phase 2.
For Phase. 2 Services, Owner shall pay Design-Builder in accordance with Article 7 of the General Conditions of Contract a contract price (“Contract Price”) equal to the Lump Sum amount set forth in Section 7.2 hereof or in the Contract Price Amendment, or equal to the Design-Builder’s Fee (as defined in Section 7.4 hereof) plus the Cost of the Work (as defined in Section 7.5 hereof), subject to any GMP established in Section 7.6 hereof or as set forth in the Contract Price Amendment and any adjustments made in accordance with the General Conditions of Contract.

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  • Construction Phase Part 1 –

  • Commissioning Commissioning tests of the Interconnection Customer's installed equipment shall be performed pursuant to applicable codes and standards. If the Interconnection Customer is not proceeding under Section 2.3.2, the Utility must be given at least ten (10) Business Days written notice, or as otherwise mutually agreed to by the Parties, of the tests and may be present to witness the commissioning tests.

  • Base Term Commencing on the Expansion Premises Commencement Date, the defined term “Base Term” on page 1 of the Lease is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

  • Maintenance Training 16.8.1 The Seller will provide maintenance training for the Buyer’s ground personnel as further set forth in Appendix A to this Clause 16. The available courses will be as listed in the Seller’s Customer Services Catalog current at the time of the course. The practical training provided in the frame of maintenance training will be performed on the training devices in use in the Seller’s Training Centers.

  • Maintenance and Operation Member-Generator agrees to maintain their system and facilities in accordance with applicable manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and standard prudent engineering practices. Member-Generator covenants and agrees to operate their system, facilities and equipment so as to minimize the likelihood for a malfunction or other disturbance, damaging or otherwise affecting or impairing Cooperative’s electrical system. Member-Generator shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, zoning, building codes, safety rules and other environmental regulations or restrictions applicable to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the Member-Generator's System. Member-Generator must, at least once every year, conduct a test to confirm that Member-Generator’s System automatically ceases to energize the output (interconnection equipment output voltage goes to zero) within two (2) seconds of being disconnected from Cooperative’s electrical system. Disconnecting the Member-Generator’s System from Cooperative’s electrical system at the visible disconnect switch and measuring the time required for the unit to cease to energize the output shall satisfy this test. Member-Generator shall maintain a record of the results of these tests and, upon request by Cooperative, shall provide a copy of the test results to Cooperative. If Member-Generator is unable to provide a copy of the test results upon request, Cooperative shall notify Member- Generator by mail that Member-Generator has thirty (30) days from the date Member-Generator receives the request to provide Cooperative with the results of a test. If Member-Generator does not provide Cooperative with the test results within the thirty (30) day time period or if the test results provided to Cooperative show that Member-Generator’s net metering unit is not functioning correctly, Cooperative may immediately disconnect Member-Generator’s System from Cooperative’s electrical system. If Member-Generator’s equipment ever fails this test, Member-Generator shall immediately disconnect Member-Generator’s System from Cooperative's electrical system. Member-Generator’s System shall not be reconnected to Cooperative's electrical system by the Member-Generator until Member-Generator’s System is repaired and operating in a normal and safe manner. Cooperative shall have the right to have a representative present and informed when any such tests are conducted. Cooperative does not warrant the testing procedures or results by the presence of its representative. Member-Generator is responsible for protecting their equipment from transient high voltage spikes caused by lightning and/or transient low voltage conditions caused by faults or short circuits, and from any other causes or events. Therefore, Cooperative shall not be responsible for damage to Member-Generator’s equipment allegedly caused by transient high voltage spikes caused by lightning and/or transient low voltage conditions caused by faults or short circuits or other causes or events. Member-Generator agrees to notify Cooperative no less than thirty (30) days prior to modification of the components or design of the Member-Generator’s System that in any way may degrade or significantly alter the System’s output characteristics. Member-Generator acknowledges that any such modifications will require submission of a new Application and Agreement to Cooperative.

  • System Maintenance The Trust understands that USBFS will perform periodic maintenance to the System(s), which may cause temporary service interruptions. To the extent possible, USBFS shall notify the Trust of all planned outages and will perform any necessary maintenance during non-business hours.

  • Reverse Engineering The Customer must not reverse assemble or reverse compile or directly or indirectly allow or cause a third party to reverse assemble or reverse compile the whole or any part of the software or any products supplied as a part of the Licensed System.

  • Term of Engagement This Agreement will remain in effect for 12 months from the date of this Agreement. The parties hereto may terminate or extend this Agreement at any time by written consent.

  • Delivery; Acceptance of Premises; Commencement Date Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to deliver the Premises to Tenant on or before the Target Commencement Date, with Landlord’s Work Substantially Completed (“Delivery” or “Deliver”). If Landlord fails to timely Deliver the Premises, Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for any loss or damage resulting therefrom, and this Lease shall not be void or voidable except as provided herein. If Landlord does not Deliver the Premises within 45 days of the Target Commencement Date for any reason other than Force Majeure delays and Tenant Delays, this Lease may be terminated by Tenant by written notice to Landlord, and if so terminated by Tenant: (a) the Security Deposit, or any balance thereof (i.e., after deducting therefrom all amounts to which Landlord is entitled under the provisions of this Lease), shall be returned to Tenant, and (b) neither Landlord nor Tenant shall have any further rights, duties or obligations under this Lease, except with respect to provisions which expressly survive termination of this Lease. As used herein, the terms “Landlord’s Work,” “Tenant Delays” and “Substantially Completed” shall have the meanings set forth for such terms in the Work Letter. If Tenant does not elect to void this Lease within 10 business days of the lapse of such 45 day period, such right to void this Lease shall be waived and this Lease shall remain in full force and effect. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, if Tenant does not terminate this Lease pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence, Base Rent shall be abated 1 day for each day after such 45 day period (as extended by Force Majeure delays and Tenant Delays) that the Premises are not Delivered to Tenant.

  • PHASE is a distinct portion of the Work to be provided under this Agreement, as specified in the Statement Of Work.

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