For Phase Sample Clauses

For Phase. I-B of the Agreement, with a maximum term of 36 (thirty-six) months from the Effective Date of the Agreement, the Concessionaire shall make the necessary investments to adjust the infrastructure and to restructure the service level in order to provide the permanent systems that enable the provision of adequate service to Users, as follows:
For Phase. 2: A Ceiling Price to be converted into a Firm Fixed Price (as defined in Section 3 of Annex II to the GCC). It is the joint intention of the Customer and ESA that this conversion will be made before completion of the preceding Phase 1 (and after submission by the Customer to ESA of a proposal to this effect, including ESA forms PSS-A2, PSS-A8, and A15). This Ceiling Price is deemed to include (i) price escalation for the period in which the work is scheduled to be performed and (ii) all applicable fees for licences to be purchased and delivered under the Contract. The Ceiling price assumes (i) critical payload performance is demonstrated in phase 1, (ii) EU to UK exchange rates do not vary by more than 20% between EDC and conversion of phase 2 price conversion and (iii) to the payload computer procurement does not total to more than €1.5M. In order to assist the Customer to effect the conversion of the aggregate Ceiling Price to a Firm Fixed Price under the ESA Contract, the Contractor shall provide to the Customer (i) a draft proposal for the conversion of its ceiling price to a firm fixed price no later than -one (1) months- before S-PDR followed by (ii) a binding proposal for the conversion of its ceiling price to a firm fixed price -one week after- closure of S-PDR, which binding proposal shall inter alia provide justification for any price delta from the draft proposal. Any proposed changes accepted by the Customer shall be introduced into this Contract by means of Contract Change Note prior to the initiation of Phase 2.

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  • Design Phase All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement with the exception of Interdisciplinary Document Coordination Review, conducting a Card Trick session, Value-Engineering services, Estimating services. Bidding Phase • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement. Construction Phase • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement. Post-Construction • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement.

  • PRE-COMMENCEMENT PHASE Part 1 - Pre-commencement Phase Services Part 2 - Construction Documents and Site Plan SECTION 3 – CONSTRUCTION PHASE Part 1 - Construction Phase Services Part 2 - Changes to the Work Part 3 - Time. Part 4 - Correcting the Work, Inspections, Covering and Uncovering Work Part 5 - Subcontractors, Trade Contractors, and Suppliers

  • Development Phase contractual phase initiated with the approval of ANP for the Development Plan and which is extended during the Production Phase while investments in wells, equipment, and facilities for the Production of Oil and Gas according to the Best Practices of the Oil Industry are required.

  • Construction Phase Part 1 –

  • Design Development Phase 1.3.1 Based on the approved Schematic Design Documents, model(s) and any adjustments to the Program of Requirements, BIM Execution Plan or Amount Available for the Construction Contract authorized by the Owner, the Architect/Engineer shall prepare, for approval by the Owner and review by the Construction Manager, Design Development Documents derived from the model(s) in accordance with Owner’s written requirements to further define and finalize the size and character of the Project in accordance with the BIM Execution Plan, “Facility Design Guidelines” and any additional requirements set forth in Article

  • Construction Phase Fee Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee is the maximum amount payable to Contractor for any cost or profit expectation incurred in the performance of the Work that is not specifically identified as being eligible for reimbursement by Owner elsewhere in this Agreement. References in the UGSC to Contractor’s “overhead” and “profit” mean Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee. The Construction Phase Fee includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Construction Phase Services The Construction Phase shall be deemed to commence upon the date specified in a written Notice to Proceed issued by Owner after approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal and shall continue until Final Completion of all Work. Pre-Construction Phase Services may overlap Construction Phase Services. Contractor shall not incur any Subcontractor costs for construction of the Project prior to issuance by Owner of written authorization to commence such Work. Contractor shall perform the following Construction Phase Services:

  • Pre-Commencement Phase Services The services required to be provided by the Contractor for the Pre- Commencement Phase of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents.

  • Work Week The work week for full-time regulars shall be forty (40) hours per week, eight (8) hours per day within ten (10) consecutive hours, provided, however, that in all offices with more than 100 full-time employees in the bargaining units the normal work week for full-time regular employees will be forty hours per week, eight hours per day within nine (9) consecutive hours. Shorter work weeks will, however, exist as needed for part-time regulars.

  • Commissioning Functional testing and certification is complete. Forms and documentation which record the certification and performance of building systems, utility systems and equipment are fully executed and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System.