Adequate service definition

Adequate service means having sufficient capacity to meet the maximum estimated requirements of the customer to be served during the year following the commencement of permanent service and to meet the maximum estimated requirements of other actual customers to be supplied from the same lines or facilities during such year and to assure such customers of reasonable continuity of service;
Adequate service means having sufficient capacity to meet the maximum
Adequate service means the combination of the number of collections, number of containers, and the size of containers necessary so as not to cause the accu- mulation of solid waste to a level that exceeds the lowest top edge of the container and disallows the container lid to completely shut or causes the accumulation of solid waste outside of collection containers.

Examples of Adequate service in a sentence

  • Following the Proposed Acquisition, KU Will Continue to Provide Adequate Service at Just and Reasonable Rates.

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Adequate service means, collectively, the requirements of the applicable statutes and rules and regulations of the FCC regarding adequate service (47 CFR 24.203(b)).

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  • Adequate security means protective measures that are commensurate with the consequences and probability of loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to, or modification of information.

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  • State service means an organisation listed in Schedule 1 of the State Service Act 2000.

  • alerting service means a service provided to notify appropriate organisations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid, and assist such organisations as required;

  • graduate psychiatric nurse means a person whose name is entered on the register of graduate psychiatric nurses of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. The terms of this Agreement shall be applicable to the graduate nurse, the graduate practical nurse, graduate psychiatric nurse, and graduate nurse practitioner, except as otherwise specified in the Collective Agreement.

  • Service means the Internal Revenue Service.

  • 911 Service means a universal telephone number which gives the public direct access to the Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”). Basic 911 service collects 911 calls from one or more local exchange switches that serve a geographic area. The calls are then sent to the correct authority designated to receive such calls.

  • the Academy means the school referred to in Article 4 and established by the Academy Trust;

  • Service in the uniformed services means the performance of duty on a voluntary or involuntary basis in a uniformed service under competent authority and includes active duty, active duty for training, initial active duty for training, inactive duty training, full-time national guard duty including state-ordered active duty, and a period for which a person is absent from a position of employment for the purpose of an examination to determine the fitness of the person to perform any such duty.

  • financial service means a service of a financial nature, including insurance, and a service incidental or auxiliary to a service of a financial nature;

  • Service life means the expected period of viable, technical and economic life of an asset;

  • Diagnostic Service means an examination or procedure performed to obtain information regarding the medical condition of an outpatient.

  • The Service means any object of procurement other than works and goods.

  • Community services means any type of counseling and advice, emergency assistance, medical care,

  • Adult day services means adult day services as defined in section 231D.1.

  • 900 service means an inbound toll telecommunications service purchased by a subscriber that allows the subscriber's customers to call in to the subscriber's prerecorded announcement or live service, and which is typically marketed under the name "900 service" and any subsequent numbers designated by the federal communications commission. "900 service" does not include the charge for collection services provided by the seller of the telecommunications service to the subscriber, or services or products sold by the subscriber to the subscriber's customer.

  • Internet service means a service that enables users to access proprietary and other content,