Commissioning definition

Commissioning means the process for determining the need for and for obtaining the supply of healthcare and related services by the Trust within available resources.
Commissioning means pressing into service of the system including the plant(s), equipment(s), vessel(s), pipeline, machinery(ies), or any other section or sub-section of installation(s) pertaining to the work of the CONTRACTOR after successful testing and trial runs of the same.
Commissioning means integrated activity covered under 'Pre-commissioning Operation', 'Initial Operation', 'Trial. Operation' and carrying out 'Performance Tests'.

Examples of Commissioning in a sentence

  • Seller should have well established Installation, Commissioning, Training, Troubleshooting and Maintenance Service group in INDIA for attending the after sales service.

  • Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Configuration, Training (if any - which ever is applicable as per scope of supply) is to be carried out by OEM / OEM Certified resource or OEM authorised Reseller.

  • Installation & Commissioning, Supervision and Demonstration of the goods.

  • The final bill shall be accompanied by a certificate of completion or Commissioning report signed by an official of the Bank.

  • Installation & Commissioning, Supervision, Demonstration, Trial run and Training etc.

More Definitions of Commissioning

Commissioning means, the System shall be considered to have been commissioned, when the entire job, including supply, configuration, successful testing of all hardware & software is executed to the satisfaction of the Purchaser.
Commissioning means the synchronisation of the Plant after all initial adjustments, trials, cleaning, re-assembly required at site if any, have been completed and plant is ready for commercial use.
Commissioning means operation of the System or any Subsystem by the Supplier following Installation, which operation is to be carried out by the Supplier as provided in GCC Clause27.1 (Commissioning), for the purpose of carrying out Operational Acceptance Test (s).
Commissioning means Successful operation of the Project / Works by the Contractor, for the purpose of carrying out Performance Test(s) as defined in RFS.
Commissioning means operation of the Facilities or any part thereof by the Contractor following Completion, which operation is to be carried out by the Contractor as provided in GCC Sub-Clause 25.1 (Commissioning) hereof, for the purpose of carrying out Guarantee Test(s).
Commissioning means the satisfactory operation of the plant or equipment specified herein after all necessary initial checks, adjustments, trials, cleaning and assembly required at site, if any, have been completed and the plant has been in continuous and un-restricted commercial use specified for at least thirty (30) days or as otherwise.
Commissioning means the checking, testing and acceptance of the operational readiness and procedures for each Phase of the Resort by the Committee and the Manager;