First Right Sample Clauses

First Right. LICENSEE (and its Sublicensees) shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to control the conduct and resolution of any adversarial legal proceeding relating to the Patent Rights (including without limitation any declaratory judgment action, patent infringement action or opposition) during the Term and will be responsible for all expenses related thereto. MSK shall join in any such action, at LICENSEE’s request and expense.
First Right. The Company shall not, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of Purchaser, offer, sell, grant any option to purchase, or otherwise dispose of (or announce any offer, sale, grant or any option to purchase or other disposition) any of its Common Stock or securities convertible into Common Stock at a price that is less than the market price of the Common Stock at the time of issuance of such security or investment (a "Subsequent Financing") for a period of three hundred sixty (360) days after the Effective Date, except (i) the granting of options or warrants to employees, officers, directors and consultants, and the issuance of shares upon exercise of options granted, under any stock option plan heretofore or hereinafter duly adopted by the Company, (ii) shares issued upon exercise of any currently outstanding warrants or options and upon conversion of any currently outstanding convertible debenture, in each case disclosed in Section 4.4 or Schedule 4.4, (iii) securities issued in connection with the capitalization or creation of a joint venture with a strategic partner, (iv) shares issued to pay part or all of the purchase price for the acquisition by the Company of a person (which, for purposes of this clause (iv), shall not include an individual or group of individuals), and (v) shares issued in a bona fide public offering by the Company of its securities, unless (A) the Company delivers to Purchaser a written notice (the "Subsequent Financing Notice") of its intention to effect such Subsequent Financing, which Subsequent Financing Notice shall describe in reasonable detail the proposed terms of such Subsequent Financing, the amount of proceeds intended to be raised thereunder, the person with whom such Subsequent Financing shall be effected, and attached to which shall be a term sheet or similar document relating thereto and (B) Purchaser shall not have notified the Company by 5:00 p.m. (New York time) on the fifteenth fifth(5th15th) Business Day after its receipt of the Subsequent Financing Notice of its willingness to provide, subject to completion of mutually acceptable documentation, financing to the Company on substantially the terms set forth in the Subsequent Financing Notice. If Purchaser shall fail to notify the Company of its intention to enter into such negotiations within such time period, then the Company may effect the Subsequent Financing substantially upon the terms and to the persons (or affiliates of such persons) set...
First Right. MorphoSys shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to enforce any Licensed Candidate-Specific Patent or Joint Collaboration Product Invention Patent with respect to all past, present and future during the Term activities or conduct of a Third Party in the Field and the MorphoSys Territory that involve Licensed Products in the MorphoSys Territory within the scope of the license to MorphoSys of Section 4.1 (“Candidate-Specific Patent Competitive Infringement”). The consent of Xencor is not required for MorphoSys to bring such an enforcement action. MorphoSys shall reasonably consider Xencor’s comments, if any, on any such enforcement activities, but for the avoidance of doubt, MorphoSys shall control the litigation in all respects and shall make all decisions in its own discretion, subject only to the provisions regarding settlement provided below in Section 6.5(f). Except as provided in Section 6.5(g), MorphoSys shall bear all costs and expenses for enforcement under this Section 6.5(b)(i) (including the costs of Xencor’s cooperation as required under subsection (e)).
First Right. Merrimack shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to enforce the Licensed Antibody Program Patents against Infringement through [**] (“License-Competitive Infringement”). Merrimack shall reasonably consider Adimab’s comments on any such enforcement activities. Except as provided in subsection (d) or in Section 5.8, Merrimack shall bear all costs and expenses for enforcement under this Section 5.7(b)(i) (including the costs of Adimab’s cooperation as required under subsection (e)).
First Right. Karyopharm shall have the first right to initiate an infringement or other appropriate suit or action in the Antengene Territory against any Third Party with respect to any Competitive Infringement in the Antengene Territory of any Karyopharm Technology with respect to a product competing with a Licensed Product in the Antengene Territory.
First Right. Licensee shall have the first right, but not the obligation, for the initiation, defense, and management of any adversarial legal proceeding relating to the Licensed Patent Rights in the Field of Use and Territory, including without limitation any declaratory judgment action, patent infringement action or opposition (collectively, “Patent Adversarial Actions”) during the Term, and will be responsible for all expenses related thereto. MSK shall provide Licensee with all reasonable assistance and cooperation in conducting and/or defending against any such Patent Adversarial Action, including joining in any such Patent Adversarial Action, at Licensee’s request and expense, provided that in any case Licensee shall at all times have the full control of conducting and/or defending such Patent Adversarial Action. For clarity, Licensee may delegate the foregoing rights to its Sublicensee, in the territory where such Sublicensee has sublicense rights hereunder.
First Right. Genentech shall, at its sole discretion and expense, have the right (but not the obligation) to Prosecute and Maintain Patents claiming Joint New Intellectual Property and Patents claiming the Deliverables New Intellectual Property. In accordance with Section 8.3.4 below, Genentech shall appropriately consult with Arvinas and keep Arvinas reasonably informed of the status of any such Prosecution and Maintenance, and Arvinas will provide all reasonable cooperation and assistance to Genentech at Genentech’s reasonable request and at Genentech’s expense in any such Prosecution and Maintenance of the Joint New Intellectual Property and Deliverables New Intellectual Property, including making data, reports, and scientific personnel reasonably available to prepare and prosecute patent applications.
First Right. JT shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to prosecute Infringement of the JT Patents by activities conducted by Third Parties. Except as otherwise provided in Schedule 6.2 in the case of certain Access Countries, such prosecution shall be at JT’s own expense and responsibility; provided, however, that Gilead may separately represent itself in such prosecution by counsel of its own choice (at Gilead’s own expense), in which case Gilead shall cooperate fully with JT.
First Right. EXACT shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to enforce the Patent Rights so long as MAYO is kept fully informed and given the right and opportunity to advise and comment. MAYO shall reasonably cooperate in any such action at EXACT’s expense but shall not be required to join such action unless: (i) it has agreed to do so in writing prior to commencement thereof, or (ii) EXACT determines that MAYO is a necessary party in the action. EXACT shall pay to MAYO twenty-five percent (25%) of any recovery or damages, net of all reasonable costs and expenses associated with each suit or settlement.
First Right. Representative and the Trust acknowledge that Representative may serve as a representative or agent for other providers of workers' compensation insurance; however, Representative agrees that Representative will at all times attempt to initially place Persons seeking workers' compensation with TIG such that such Persons shall become Program Clients.