Field of Use definition

Field of Use means all fields of use.
Field of Use means all fields.
Field of Use means all uses.

Examples of Field of Use in a sentence

  • For clarity, Xxxxx’s rights under this Section 5.4 may be exercised solely as is necessary to support filing for, obtaining and maintaining Regulatory Approval for a Licensed Product for use in the Field of Use in the Kaken Territory.

  • Kaken will solely and exclusively own all Regulatory Materials with respect to such Licensed Product for use in the Field of Use in the Kaken Territory, including [***] by Kaken solely with respect thereto.

  • With respect to any such costs and expenses borne by Kaken, if any of the data and related CMC information, that are generated by the CMC Activities paid for by Kaken, are later utilized by CymaBay or any of its licensees in the CymaBay Territory or outside the Field of Use in the Kaken Territory, then CymaBay will promptly notify Kaken of such utilization [***].

  • Subject to the oversight of the JSC and to the other terms and conditions of this Section 4.1 and of this Agreement, Kaken will be responsible for all Commercialization activities relating to the Licensed Products in the Field of Use in the Kaken Territory, at its sole cost and expense, in accordance with the Kaken Territory Commercialization Plan and the Harmonization Principle.

  • Kaken, at its sole cost and expense, will be solely responsible for all regulatory matters relating to Licensed Product for use in the Field of Use in the Kaken Territory.

More Definitions of Field of Use

Field of Use means all human healthcare and research applications.
Field of Use means the field(s) of use described in section 2 of the EPLA.
Field of Use means use by Kinexus and its Affiliates and Academic Collaborators of data from the Report for research and commercial purposes relating to the creation and interpretation of knowledge about the composition, architecture and operation of cell signalling networks, improving its Proteomics Services, and the compilation of databases that may become accessible to Third Parties on-line over the Internet.
Field of Use means the relevant market segments for products tested by a particular TCK for a Java Environment Specification as specified in the applicable Exhibit A(s).
Field of Use means the field indicated as the Field of Use identified in Section 1 of the Patent & Technology License Agreement.
Field of Use means surgery.
Field of Use means a particular disease state or set of related disease states.