Right to Control Sample Clauses

Right to Control. Consultant shall have the right to control and determine the method and means of performing the above services; MSC shall not have the right to control or determine such method or means, being interested only in the results obtained, and having the general right of inspection and supervision in order to secure the satisfactory completion of such services.
Right to Control. In addition to STAFFING FIRM’S duties and responsibilities set forth in paragraph 1, STAFFING FIRM, as the common law employer, has the right to physically inspect the work site and work processes; to review and address, unilaterally or in coordination with CLIENT, Assigned Employee work performance issues; and to enforce STAFFING FIRM’s employment policies relating to Assigned Employee conduct at the worksite. CLIENT
Right to Control. Microsoft has the sole right to, and at its discretion may, control any action concerning the Microsoft Marks and any other Microsoft names or trademarks. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate or modify this license to use the Microsoft Marks and any other Microsoft names or trademarks at any time. Company may not assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer its rights under this section without Microsoft’s prior written consent.
Right to Control. The Company shall have no right to control or direct the details, manner or means by which Contractor or its affiliates provide the Services, except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement. Contractor agrees to not take any action that is detrimental to, or not in the best interest of, the Company.
Right to Control. The Party undertaking the legal action or lawsuit shall have the right to control such action, notwithstanding the right of the other Party to join voluntarily any lawsuit or legal action and to participate at its own expense. The Party controlling any lawsuit or legal action may not settle or consent to a judgement without the express written consent of the non-controlling Party, such consent not to be unreasonable withheld or delayed.
Right to Control. The right to control means that the Employer shall provide - within the scope of LC - all necessary documentation needed for the pursuit of the right to control. Findings made pending the check will be negotiated (by the Employer) with LUC. Basically, the LUC and bodies entrusted therewith, have the right to carry out checks in two areas: ∗ Observance of labor-law rules, wage rules, and of commitments ensuing from the Collective Agreement ∗ Safety & health protection a ● a 3 Rights and obligations ensuing from labor-law relations‌
Right to Control. If [***] intends to not bring or cease taking legal action or take other action to terminate such actual or potential Infringement Action of such [***], it shall notify [***] of such intent within [***] ([***]) days. In such event, [***] shall have the right, but not the obligation, to bring and control any legal action or take such other actions, at its sole cost and expense.
Right to Control. Administrator has right to undertake audits, including inspections, in order to check, whether processing of entrusted personal data takes place in accordance with the Agreement and GDPR. Processor is obliged to allow undertaking such audits and take part in audits. Audits will be undertaken by written requests from Administrator concerning information about processing of entrusted personal data. Processor answers to such Administrator’s request in 7 days from obtainment of the request.