Financial Exigency Sample Clauses

Financial Exigency. 25.1 The parties agree that the process of long-range planning should obviate the possibility of a financial exigency occurring. However, the parties further agree that in the unlikely event of a financial exigency, in view of the ramifications to the careers of academic staff members, an orderly and equitable way of dealing with the situation is essential.
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Financial Exigency. 23.3.1 A financial exigency is a condition of projected deficit in the College’s budget of such an order of magnitude that a reduction of faculty members is necessary. The Board of Trustees may declare a state of financial exigency, and authorize the following processes for reducing the size of the faculty, only after broad consultation with the academic administration, the faculty, and the UFE. As part of this process, the College shall make available budget and other relevant data to allow all parties to assess the financial exigency.
Financial Exigency. Provided that Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining is in force, the criteria and procedures for any alteration in the conditions of appointment of any faculty member because of financial exigency in the University will be negotiated by collective bargaining between the Parties in accordance with the provisions of that agreement.
Financial Exigency. A reduction in force (RIF) due to financial exigency must be documented. Financial exigency is defined as a serious financial crisis that jeopardizes the University's mission and effective operation. The Administration will consult with the Faculty Association to demonstrate the existence and extent of the University's financial problems. The NMHU Faculty Association and Faculty Senate will be apprised of the situation in a timely manner in order to be able to have time to study the documentation used to demonstrate the need for the RIF. Common causes of financial exigency include decreasing enrollment, inadequate funding, and increased operating costs. Data and other evidence used to establish the need for faculty reductions will be shared with the faculty. In cases of termination because of financial exigency, the place of the faculty member involved will not be filled by a replacement within a period of three years unless the released faculty member has been offered re-instatement and a 20-day period in which to accept or decline it. The Administration will work with the Faculty Association to explore other cost saving options before implementing a RIF affecting tenured faculty. When implementing a RIF is necessary due to financial exigency, the Administration will give top priority to instructional requirements and institutional needs. These will be decided in consultation with the NMHU Faculty Association and Faculty Senate. If a faculty member affected by a Reduction in Force is re-hired, all rights and benefits accrued at the time of the separation will be restored upon re-employment.
Financial Exigency. 10.1 No Member shall be terminated, dismissed or otherwise penalized with respect to terms and conditions of employment and/or rights or privileges relating to employment for financial reasons except in accordance with this Article.
Financial Exigency. 22.1 The first duty of the University must be to ensure that its academic priorities remain paramount, particularly in regard to the quality of instruction and research. The Governors, when faced with budgetary restrictions, will ensure the primacy of the University's educational functions by considering cuts in academic programs or resultant cuts of Board appointments only after all practicable cuts have been made in all other budgetary areas of the University.
Financial Exigency. 14.3.1 There must be an official declaration of financial exigency by the Board of Trustees before any faculty member may be terminated due to financial exigency.
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Financial Exigency. Following a declaration of financial exigency in accordance with Regents' Policy 04.09.060, unit members are entitled to written notice of termination a minimum of sixty calendar days in advance of the cessation of their employment.
Financial Exigency. 14.01 The termination of the employment of any Employee because of financial exigency shall only occur after a declaration of financial exigency by the Board of Governors.
Financial Exigency. 17.1 A state of financial exigency exists if there is a sufficiently grave financial situation that endangers the continued functioning of the University, and if reductions are required in the budgetary allocation for salaries and benefits of members.
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