Financial concerns definition

Financial concerns means that the proposed uses within the territory proposed to be annexed do not have the capacity to provide sufficient taxes, fees, and charges, including connection fees, if any, to pay for the full cost of providing services, including capital costs. Cost allocation shall be based on generally accepted accounting principles and shall be subject to all constitutional and statutory limitations on the amount of the tax, fee, or charge.
Financial concerns means that the proposed uses within
Financial concerns. ( ) means -

Examples of Financial concerns in a sentence

  • Financial concerns are justified by the need for economic sustainability rather than profit maximization (Becchetti and Garcia, 2011; Becchetti et al., 2011; San-Jose et al., 2011).

  • There is an alternative definition of coercion based on a counterfactual that is a polar opposite to the individual-in-society approach illustrated in the figure.

  • Financial concerns, employment obligations, family illness or commuting distances normally involve no element of extraordinary circumstances.

  • For Financial concerns, the student may request an appeal to the Student Financial Appeals Committee (SFAC).

  • Advising the Trustees in relation to the functioning of the Academy and bringing to their attention matters of concern relating to the Academy, which had hitherto been raised with the Headteacher but not acted upon, such as: - Financial concerns or irregularities.

  • Financial concerns – Residents had questions and concerns about the financial costs of switching to alternate water supplies (bottled water and/or filtration systems).

  • Financial concerns put the brakes on UN PKOs with only two small missions initiated between September 1965 and September 1973.The UN needed to develop a permanent financing solution for supporting PKOs not reliant on voluntary contributions or the UN regular budget.3 This solution assumed the form of the UN General Assembly Resolution 3101, passed on Decem- ber 11, 1973, which established nonvoluntary assessment accounts that assigned members fixed shares of UN annual peacekeeping expenses.

  • Financial concerns also play a large role in determining whether or not rural and remote students will pursue their aspirations.

  • Financial concerns are thus strongly perceived in the initial stage and may keep some students from developing an intent to study abroad; however, once the intent is developed the financial constraints are still noticeable.

  • Financial concerns were regularly raised, both regarding the cost of transport for users and for the cost of providing service to vulnerable populations and areas.

Related to Financial concerns

  • Financial Consequences means a financial sanction imposed for an anti-doping rule violation or to recover costs associated with an anti-doping rule violation; and

  • Financial Contract of a Person means (i) any exchange-traded or over-the-counter futures, forward, swap or option contract or other financial instrument with similar characteristics or (ii) any Rate Management Transaction.

  • Financial Contracts means any arrangement that:

  • Financial Contribution means a contribution from an implementing partner in the form of own risk-taking capacity that is provided on a pari passu basis with the EU guarantee or in another form that allows an efficient implementation of the InvestEU Programme while ensuring appropriate alignment of interest;

  • Hazardous financial condition means that, based on its present or reasonably anticipated financial condition, a risk retention group, although not yet financially impaired or insolvent, is unlikely to be able:

  • Financial Conduct Authority means the registering authority for societies registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and the Credit Unions Act 1979 set up in terms of the Financial Services Act 2012 or its successor body.

  • Financial Proposal means the Contractor’s Financial Proposal dated (Financial Proposal date).

  • Financial Statement has the meaning set forth in Section 4(g) below.

  • Informed Financial Consent means the medical provider advises you of any out-of-pocket costs before your admission. This is called Informed Financial Consent.

  • Special Condition means an additional airworthiness standard(s) prescribed by the FAA or EASA when the airworthiness standards for the category of product do not contain adequate or appropriate safety standards due to novel or unusual design features. Special Conditions contain such safety standards as the FAA or EASA find necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established in the applicable regulations.

  • Financial Parties The Noteholders and the Certificateholders.

  • Special Conditions means those conditions, if any, set forth in Section 13 of the Loan Authorization Agreement.

  • Financial Commitment means the legally binding undertaking of the Operator to mobilize the financial requirements of the project, for ensuring the completion of the project;

  • Financial Crime means money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption, tax evasion, fraud, evasion of economic or trade sanctions, and/or any acts or attempts to circumvent or violate any Laws relating to these matters.

  • Financial Package means the financing package indicating the total capital cost of the Project and the means of financing thereof, as set forth in the Financial Model and approved by the Lenders, and includes Equity and all financial assistance specified in the Financing Agreements;

  • Operations means all the activities conducted by PURCHASER under this contract, including project work, logging, or post harvest activities; or the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract.

  • Financial Monitoring Report or “FMR” means each report prepared in accordance with Section 4.02 of this Agreement;

  • Financials means the annual or quarterly financial statements, and accompanying certificates and other documents, of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries required to be delivered pursuant to Section 5.01(a) or 5.01(b).

  • Financial Centre means such financial centre or centres as may be specified in relation to the relevant currency for the purposes of the definition of “Business Day” in the ISDA Definitions or indicated in the Final Terms or, in the case of Covered Bonds denominated in euro, such financial centre or centres as the Calculation Agent may select.

  • Financial Projections has the meaning provided in Section 5.07(b).

  • Financial Debt means a debt along with interest, if any, which is disbursed against the consideration for the time value of money and includes—

  • Consolidated Total Liabilities means, as of any date of determination, the total liabilities of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis, as determined in accordance with GAAP.

  • Financial Instrument” shall mean the Financial Instruments under the Company’s CIF license which can be found in the document “Company Information” on the Website. It is understood that the Company does not necessarily offer all the Financial Instruments which appear on its CIF license but only those marketed on its Website from time to time.

  • Pro Forma Financial Statements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(b) hereof.

  • Accounting Information means (a) the annual audited consolidated financial statements of the Group and (b) the quarterly unaudited consolidated financial statements of the Group, each as provided or (as the context may require) to be provided to the Bank in accordance with clause 5.1.4;