EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. (A) Equipment is defined as an article of nonexpendable, tangible personal property having a useful life of at least two years and an acquisition cost of $1,000 or more per unit or a combined value of $1,000 for components which are assembled into a larger unit. An item that meets these criteria, but is permanently embedded or attached to pavement, structure or other infrastructure in such a way as to result in irreparable damage to the item itself or the article to which it is attached shall not be classified as equipment.
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EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. (A) All equipment and instrumentation to be purchased under this agreement shall be identified specifically in the UPWP. Equipment or instrumentation mean an article of nonexpendable, tangible personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost which equals $5,000 or more. Grantee's approved procurement procedures may be used provided assurance is given that they conform to applicable Federal statutes, executive orders and regulations in accordance with 2 C.F.R. Part 200 and Missouri statutes.
EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. It is agreed that any items of special equipment which are not identified specifically in the proposal require specific approval by the Commission prior to purchase. Items of equipment and instrumentation as listed in the proposal are approved by the Commission and the cost, therefore, is included in the Agreement price. The Contractor certifies that no item listed has been included in the indirect costs that are approved for this project. Title to such equipment and instrumentation shall vest with the Commission. If, at the conclusion of the project, the Contractor desires to acquire the equipment and instrumentation, the Commission shall be allowed a credit equal to the current value at that time. This current value will be determined by mutual Agreement between the Contractor and the Commission.
EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. 13.1 In order to perform the required work under a Task Order, it may be necessary for the Research Agency to acquire, through purchase or manufacture, apparatus and/or equipment. The cost of acquisition or manufacture will be included in the budget of the Task Order. All apparatus and equipment purchased or manufactured for use by the Research Agency under a Task Order and having been specifically authorized in the Task Order and for which reimbursement is sought shall be used exclusively on the assigned research task and shall remain the property of WSDOT; however, the Research Agency shall be the custodian and will be responsible for maintaining such equipment in working order.
EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. All apparatus and equipment, including tools, shall be used exclusively on the Work Program. The total funds for purchase of minor items of apparatus and equipment listed in the work Program shall not be exceeded without prior approval from the State. Major items of apparatus and equipment which are not identified specifically in the Work Program shall be approved by the State prior to purchase. A major item of apparatus or equipment is non- expendable and costing $5,000. The ownership of all equipment or tools built, manufactured, or assembled by the Contractor shall upon the completion of this Agreement become vested in the Contractor, subject to the obligations and conditions set forth in 2 CFR 200.313.
EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. All apparatus and equipment purchased or manufactured for which reimbursement is sought shall be used exclusively on an assigned Research Task and shall remain the property of the State; however, the Research Agency shall be the custodian and will be responsible for maintaining current inventories of nonexpendable items until disposition has been made by the State. The Research Agency shall comply with all Federal and State laws and regulations, including Title 6, Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Exhibit C), that pertain to affirmative action when purchasing materials, supplies, and equipment for a Research Task. All Major items of equipment and apparatus for which reimbursement is sought and which are not identified specifically and approved as part of the Task Order require written approval by the State prior to purchase. A major equipment or apparatus item is one costing $2,000 or more and has a life expectancy of one year or more. The Research Agency shall maintain an inventory of all major equipment or apparatus items. The inventory shall also include “small and attractive” nonexpendable equipment items with an acquisition cost less than $2,000, as specified in X.X.X. X00-00, (7-88). A complete inventory of all nonexpendable equipment and apparatus acquired by the Research Agency for research and other assigned tasks shall be submitted to the State on or before July 1 of each year until notice of disposition has been issued. The following shall be furnished for each inventory item:
EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION. The following equipment have been identified for likely use in this task. • Gamry potentiostats: PC4/750mA/DC105/EIS300, PCi4/750mA/DC105/EIS300 • Thermocouple thermometers: Type J, K, and R • Digital multimeter • Calibrated electrical resistors • pH meters: Xxxx-Xxxxxx or Oakton • Immersion heating baths with digital temperature controllers • Weighing Scales / Balances • Class A volumetric glassware: Volumetric flasks and pipettes • Tube furnace with digital temperature controller • Box furnace with digital temperature controller • Data Logger • Metallurgical sample preparation equipment • Digital caliper • Optical Microscope • Scanning Electron Microscope / EDS • Transmission Electron Microscope / EDX • X-Ray Diffractometer • Electron beam microprobe • Hardness testing (macro) • Microhardness testing All M&TE will be controlled and calibrated according to QAP-12.0, “Control of Measuring and Test Equipment.” All these are in-house equipment and are dedicated for UCCSN/DOE Cooperative Agreement tasks; they are not available for public use. Password protection will be placed on all computers and PC-based potentiostats. All computers to be used have password protection capability. Physical access to calibrated instruments and test materials will be restricted whenever possible by storage in locked cabinets, in locked offices, or locked laboratories where they are being used. Some instruments will be user calibrated by following applicable IP’s. Some will be calibrated by qualified suppliers.
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  • Equipment and Facilities For On-Site Courses, you will supply the facility and equipment as set forth at If Red Hat agrees to provide the training facilities and hardware, you will be liable for any loss or destruction of this equipment and hardware used in connection with the Training.

  • Equipment and Property A. The Grantee must ensure equipment with a per-unit cost of $5,000 or greater purchased with grant funds under this award is used solely for the purpose of this Grant or is properly pro-rated for use under this Grant. Grantee must have control systems to prevent loss, damage, or theft of property funded under this Grant. Grantee shall maintain equipment management and inventory procedures for equipment, whether acquired in part or whole with grant funds, until disposition occurs.

  • Equipment and Supplies Independent Contractor, at Independent Contractor's sole expense, shall provide all equipment, tools and supplies necessary to perform the Service.

  • Equipment and Materials Contractor at its sole cost and expense shall provide and furnish all tools, labor, materials, equipment, transportation services and any other items (collectively, "Equipment") which are required or necessary to perform the Services in a manner which is consistent with generally accepted standards of the profession for similar services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, District shall not be responsible for any damages to persons or property as a result of the use, misuse or failure of any Equipment used by Contractor of the Contracted Parties, even if such Equipment is furnished, rented or loaned to Contractor or the Contracted Parties by District. Furthermore, any Equipment or workmanship that does not conform to the regulations of this Agreement may be rejected by District and in such case must be promptly remedied or replaced by Contractor at no additional cost to District and subject to District’s reasonable satisfaction.

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