Ground water definition

Ground water means water below the land surface in a zone of saturation.
Ground water means water in a saturated zone or stratum beneath the surface of the land or below a surface water body.
Ground water means water in the soil beneath the surface of the ground, including but not limited to water in wells and in underground streams, and percolating waters.

Examples of Ground water in a sentence

The surface runoff rain water harvesting and other water conservation measures of long term basis are to be taken in consultation with central/State Ground water Board.

The current HRS evaluates four pathways: Ground water, surface water, soil exposure and subsurface intrusion, and air.

Ground water production will be increased to 16.13 MLD after rehabilitation of the tube wells and centralization of the tube wells to CWR.

NoParametersGround waterSurface water Ground water samples collected was analyzed as per the Standard methods and the water quality of the study area is found within the permissible limits of IS: 10500- 2012 3.6 NOISE ENVIRONMENTNoise level monitoring was carried out at eight locations during the period of March to May, 2019.

Ground water exploration has been carried out in various phases and so far 5 exploratory wells, 15 slim holes and 15 piezometers have been constructed in the district.

More Definitions of Ground water

Ground water means any water, except capillary moisture, beneath the land surface in the zone of saturation or beneath the bed of any stream, lake, reservoir or other body of surface water wholly or partially within the boundaries of this Commonwealth, whatever the subsurface geologic structure in which such water stands, flows, percolates or otherwise occurs.
Ground water means that part of the subsurface water that is at or below the saturated zone.
Ground water means water occurring beneath the surface of the ground that fills available openings in rock or soil materials such that they may be considered saturated.
Ground water means all water occurring in an aquifer.
Ground water means any water below the surface of the earth in a zone of saturation.
Ground water means any water naturally found under the surface of the earth.
Ground water means water beneath the surface of the ground, whether or not flowing through known and definite channels.