Directory Listing definition

Directory Listing means the inclusion of Customer’s activated TN in the United States or Canada and associated subscriber name in a relevant public database for directory listing.
Directory Listing means a listing of all of Buyer's numbers and the inclusion of Buyer's main billing number in the public directory in either electronic or paper format. ·
Directory Listing means the listing of a Customer’s telephone number in the ILEC directory for a market.

Examples of Directory Listing in a sentence

  • Go to the bottom page under MWBE Directory Listing and click the “Certified MWBE Listing”.

  • Liability arising under any indemnification provision contained in a separate agreement or Tariff related to provisioning of Directory Listing or Directory Assistance Services.

  • CLEC will provide accurate subscriber listing information of its subscribers to AT&T-21STATE via a mechanized feed of the directory listing information to AT&T-21STATE’s Directory Listing database.

  • Directory Listing Definitions Primary Listing - One listing, termed the primary listing, is included with each Customer's service with the primary line of a line hunting group and with each Joint User service.

  • Directory Listing: One Directory Listing for each main office line in the present LEC telephone directories as directed by the State.

  • It is desirable that per call rates be $0.00.Directory Assistance: Operator assistance allowing the caller to connect to a human operator who can assist callers to obtain telephone numbers and instruction them in the dialing method to connect to remote locations.Directory Listing: One Directory Listing for each main office line in the present LEC telephone directories as directed by the State.

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  • CLEC will work directly with a third party vendor in order to make its Directory Listing available to any and all publishers.

  • OLSP issues LSR to NNSP-L/DSP to remove old Directory Listing on a stand-alone UNE listing account, after port.

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More Definitions of Directory Listing

Directory Listing means the names, addresses and phone numbers of Customer’s End Users that are published in what is commonly known as white pages and in directory assistances databases.
Directory Listing. Listing: Phone: YP Heading: SIC Code: YPH Code: You agree and understand that prices do not include taxes, fees or surcharges, which may include government imposed fees and taxes, government program fees (such as 911, LNP, TRS and universal service),and non-governmental fees and charges (such as the Broadcast TV surcharge and other programming cost recovery fees, subscriber line charges, line fees, access charges and carrier service fees and will vary depending upon your service location and the services to which you subscribe. The taxes,fees and surcharges may be changed at any time. During the initial term, your quoted MRC for Internet and Phone services will not change. Video service prices are subject to annual increases.

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  • Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.